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Waiting at the airport.

10865217_550885131713845_834776406_nOn my way to Chicago for Christmas!


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Brit Brit

Oops! She did it again!

Britney is bringing her famous tummy back in the latest January/February 2015 issue of Women’s Health magazine!! 

The Vegas showgirl and mother of two (Preston, 9, and Jayden, 8) reveals what it really took for her to bounce back post-baby to look as fit as she does. 

7Sound off below! What do you think of Brit Brit’s new cover?

britney-spears-womens-health-cover-inlineI think this calls for an old school Britney music video, don’t you agree??


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Christmas Gifts For Him

Graceful-bling-three-xmas-treeThe tree is up, the lights are hung, and the final countdown to Christmas is almost here!!!


buddyIf you are on the hunt for some last minute gifts or stocking stuffers for your man, than look no further as I’ve listed a few ideas that will put your mind at ease.

orig-21139623.jpg1.) Herschel Backpack

I am obsessed with my Herschel backpack and highly recommend it for that special person in your life. The Herschel Co. has a variety of styles and prints for the guy on the go. Whether he is traveling abroad or heading to the gym, a Herschel bag will be just right for him. Many of their products are designed with cool compartments for a laptop/electronics and features a special liner that will handle life’s wear and tear.

10394451_1957857_10002.) iHome Bluetood Mini Speaker

If your boyfriend is a big fan of music than he will love this little wireless speaker! It has the ability to stream music from his iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The perfect gift for the outdoor, camping, tailgating, beach-bum kind of guy.

3.) The Art of Shaving

I received a gift certificate to the Art of Shaving barber shops in Los Angeles last year. It was one of the best experiences I had because you are treated like royalty. There are plenty of locations throughout the US for your man to go and pamper himself or you can order their beard loving products online!

art-of-shaving4.) Baseball Stiches Cufflinks

Salute his passion for the game with cuff links handmade from baseballs used in the big leagues! Created from authentic game-used Major League Baseballs, the baseball cuff links feature iconic red stitches and unique scuffs and scratches earned in the journey from hand to bat to glove. He can even look up what game the ball was played in using the authentication number on the back of each cuff link.

BaseballCufflinks-7005.) The Nike Ultimatum Hybrid PrimaLoft Jacket

The winter weather should not stop your man from working out! If you boyfriend/husband enjoys his fitness than he will totally appreciate this insulated Nike jacket! It has a water-resistant fabric and strategically placed stretch panels that offer enhanced range of motion during cold-weather workouts.

Nike-Ultimatum-Hybrid-PrimaLoft-Mens-Training-Jacket-543354_011_A_PREM6.) Brilliant Sky Bakery Goodies

My boyfriend and I are chocolate chip cookie monsters. When we discovered Brilliant Sky Bakery’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip creations we were hooked! A box of these one of a kind cookies would be a super sweet idea to put in his stocking this holiday! Let’s be honest, nothing says, “I love you” than a homemade treat.

CU CC7.) Alternative Apparel Hoodie

Every man I know loves a good hoodie. Men practically live in their favorite hoodie all year round. Alternative Apparel makes the most comfortable and cozy zip up in the world. It is light weight and perfect for layering. You will be stealing this from his closet because it is that lovely – I promise!

8128952_fpx.tif8.) Terre D’Hermes Cologne by Hermes

Your guy better smell good! This has been one of my favorite colognes for awhile as it is masculine – yet contemporary. This amazing scent includes a mixture of cedar, grapefruit, orange, gunflint, silex, pepper, rose, geranium, and benzoin. Go to Sephora – take a sniff and you’ll get what I’m talking about.


9.) Philips Norelco – Cordless Nose Hair Trimmer

I’m sorry but this is a necessity. He will (should) thank you for adding this little gadget to his stocking.

71Na66kEeBL._SL1500_10.) A Netflix Subscription

Um. This would be the best gift for the both of you.

film_netlifxHappy Shopping!!!!


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A  Sunday stroll down Sunset Blvd!

A beautiful night for a chocolate milkshake.


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Bad Day Blues

1945703-white-world-map-outlines-isolated-on-black-background-abstract-art-illustrationThe world can be a crazy place. One bad day can turn into three and by the time you know it, your whole week has turned to shit.

tumblr_inline_mwqt391Xrw1rdobneWhy does this happen?

giphyThere is no black and white reason why life sometimes works out really good at times while other moments can feel like a dark cloud has casted over your days.

IMG_2843 IMG_2845 What you can do to get through those gray periods is to focus your attention elsewhere. You have to keep a level head and not overreact to the rain storms that suddenly appear.

7bc2bd626ba2e8188fa497c1c77d6f0aa7e10779ea63e0713112083f7d8ba8e0Are you good at managing your own emotions?

688847Angry_GIF_2Or are you a walking volcano ready to erupt as soon as someone or something pisses you off?

tumblr_inline_mrysc2ZDne1qz4rgp 76348-skyler-shut-up-gif-Breaking-Ba-HX9zTry and avoid feeding into problems that are not worth getting angry over. Whether it is a nasty coworker, a flat tire, traffic, a rude stranger, etc. Everyone has issues and challenges that you know nothing about. Instead of obsessing over how life is not working out, or how crappy your day was, concentrate on the areas that ARE working. 

tumblr_m8k04u04ld1rd7z3mo1_500We all want our life to go “perfect” but that is not a reality. Perfection is simply not attainable, everyone makes mistakes, life throws us curveballs, and hiccups come up out of the blue.

Out-of-the-Blue-1140You have to learn to let go of the idea that each day is going to go 100% smoothly. 

Some days will be super incredible, some days will be good, and some days will feel like dog poop.

Everyone has those monkey wrench moments in life.


The good news is that you are in charge of how you deal with those types of surprises.

i-got-this tumblr_m4avehCNMQ1qkhge7o1_r1_500_largeThe key is to take each obstacle in stride, not take every little word or action personally, and focus on what you can control.


You CAN control the way you treat others, the way you live your OWN life and the way you DEAL with the unexpected.

01-16-09-no-problem[1]Next time you are feeling frustrated, try to control your mind, filter through the negativity and cool down your anxiety.

giphyJust keep reminding yourself that the clouds always clear away.


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Happy Holidays

Let me bring a little light into your life.

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matt jacobi tvHappy Holidays!


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PopSugar Set Visit

sunshine-girl-logo-animatedHello Gorgeous Gals!

pop sugarI had the pleasure to make an appearance on PopSugar‘s, “We Spy Style,” with Allison McNamara and Youtube star, Nikki Phillippi!!

IMG_2827We had so much fun together discussing fashion, celebs, beauty products and all things Hollywood

tumblr_n1s2mcC6VW1qcj3tho1_500 tumblr_lfwae3eyLO1qanb21o1_500 tumblr_lhwlqc9L631qg7uxoI can’t wait to show you the full interview next week.

POPSUGAR Active ReviewIn the meantime, check out Nikki’s behind the scenes video from the Popsugar set (2:00)!!!

She is so too cute.


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