Love To Philly

579670_10151696422598538_1906679885_nMy heart and prayers go out to the two hate crime victims in Philadelphia.

The city of Philadelphia is very close to my heart and hearing the news of such cowardly and horrific acts on two innocent men crushes me.

That could have been any one of us gay couples.

There must be more we can do to stop the hate!

Love is Love.

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Out & About In Glendale

Can I get an AMEN that Monday is here and it is going to be an amazing week??!!

matt jacobiIs that too much energy this early in the morning? Maybe you need your coffee first.

S8bCCr2While you take your first sip, I wanted to share some pics with you from this weekend. “The boyfran” and I continued our mission to fill up our love nest.

image004. Egg-Nest-1So, we ventured over the hill and through the freeways to the beautiful area of Glendale, California. 

photo 1Located to the East of Pasadena and to the West of Burbank, Glendale is the third largest city in Los Angeles County. You can’t miss it when traveling North of downtown.

glendale10707222_859902320701388_458167716_nGlendale has some lovely views but for those of us that live in the cluster bubble of LA, we flock to this happening area for the convenience of all their yummy restaurants and variety of shops!

photo 1 copy 2From the Glendale Galleria, which is anchored by a Macy’s, Target, and Bloomingdales to their grand Home Goods store, the city is a dream for people trying to knock out a whole lot of shopping in one day.

photo 5 copy photo 4 copyphoto 3photo 2photo 3 copy 2photo 2 copyphoto 1photo 2 copy 2While out and about, we were also reminded that Halloween is right around the corner! Now, don’t get too scared if you don’t have a costume already picked out.

photo 4 photo 5You have plenty of time! Besides, maybe we all just need to enjoy what is left of summer….

photo-4…And not rush the pumpkin spiced latte.

pumpkin-spice-latte-sign-785463Just take one day at a time and enjoy each moment as it comes.

94150-live-in-the-now-gif-Waynes-Wor-dW2TEverything always works out in the end.


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Pic Of The Day

Have a great weekend everybody!


Enjoy this view from the Sunset Strip!


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Never Forget

Prayers and thoughts still go out to all the families affected by the attacks on September 11, 2001. You will never be forgotten.

God Bless Us All.


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I’m a guy that loves to ask a million questions so was totally obsessed when I watched this online video starring Vogue‘s Anna Wintour! Check out what she had to say about selfies, Brooklyn, fashion and more!


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Identifying Happiness

radugaMy pals at the gorgeous W Scottsdale are kicking off an inspiring series that I think all you fabulous readers are going to enjoy! 

who1736po.125832_ubStarting Thursday, September 18th, the W Empower series will launch innovative story telling events with some of Arizona’s most influential and dynamic leaders that I believe will inspire us all.

tumblr_lz2wxy0yU81qj73e2o1_500The premier of this series will feature Decker Moss. Decker Moss is a writer, public speaker, dog-lover, hopeless sports-a-holic, and a twin. And he was born female. At 43, Decker transitioned genders. But the decision was not an easy one. Growing up, Decker always felt like a boy. But he looked and sounded identical to his twin sister. And he loved that. As a result, he’d spent a lifetime emotionally torn between two deeply held identities: his own as male and the one he shared with his female twin. But to become who he truly was on the inside he realized he’d have to walk away from the person he was on the outside—and in doing so not only forever alter his own identity but his twin sister’s as well.

maxresdefaultI recently had the pleasure to interview Decker Moss, check out some of the highlights from our conversation!

Q. Hello Decker, I am so excited to speak with you. Why do you think it is so important for people to hear your story?

Oftentimes we fear what we don’t understand. And fear can be very short stepping stone to intolerance, discrimination and violence. Transgender people are attacked, or worse, every day in this country simply for being themselves. That has to stop. But before that can happen, we must open ourselves up to understanding. And the best way to do that is to experience something through the eyes of someone who’s lived it. My story shows that I’m no different from anyone else. I get up, I go to work, I hang with my friends, I love my partner and my family. I live my life just like you. I just happen to have been assigned a different gender at birth than the one I am today.

Q. What do you think the biggest lesson is to be learned from your experience? 

Patience. In myself and in others. Transitioning gender doesn’t happen overnight. I wanted it to, believe me, but it didn’t. The physical changes take time; I was misgendered along the way more times than I can count. The societal hurdles take even more; changing legal documentation is ridiculously difficult. Plus, when I transitioned, the people around me did too, in their own way. They had to adjust to a new name, new pronouns and a new level of understanding about me. They had to figure out how to cope with it all. And how to tell their friends, and so on and so on. It’s a loooooong process with a ripple effect that seemingly has no end. Learning to be patient was the most important thing I did.

Patience1Q. What advice would you give a mother or father who has a son/daughter struggling with their gender and sexuality?

Just be there for them. Talk to them, let them know they have your support no matter what. If they don’t feel comfortable confiding in you,point them to other resources. When I was struggling with the fact that I was gay 14 years ago, my parents knew something was up. But I wouldn’t tell them what it was. So they paid for me to see a therapist. That made all the difference. It gave me the tools and courage to eventually come out.

tumblr_mf3yudtSdy1rqapveo1_500Q. Have you found that there are parts of the world that are more accepting than others and has Arizona been kind to you?

Does the internet count as its own part of the world? Ha! If so, I’ve found that people are far more likely to say something negative online. Every once in a while I’ll read through the comments on YouTube below my TEDx Talk and there’s some messed up stuff! So I know there are people out there who don’t get it. But just about everyone who knows me either accepted me or learned to adjust over time. As for Arizona, it’s hit and miss. My family doctor who I’d been seeing for over ten years refused to see me anymore simply because he suspected I was having top surgery. And the politics here are pretty disturbing. Of course there was the infamous bill 1062, known as the Turn Away the Gay Bill, that would have allowed companies discriminate against GLBT people under the guise of religious freedom Plus we had a bill, known as the Bathroom Bill, make it through committtee last year that would have made it a crime to use the restroom of the gender other than the one on your birth certificate. Fortunately neither were signed into law. Still, we have a long way to go here.

Q. Who has inspired you to be strong through your journey? Are there any famous faces you look up to?

My partner, Ethan and my sister, Jenny. They were my closest confidants throughout this process. Whenever I got really scared or was struggling with something, they were always there to listen. The owner of the company I work for, Nancy Kramer, was also a huge supporter. She’s the one who made my TEDxColumbus Talk possible and was one of my biggest cheerleader along the way. But so many people have been there for me during this process. As far as famous people go, I definitely look up to Laverne Cox. She’s such a phenomenal spokeswoman for the transgender movement. She has the perfect mix of intelligence, compassion, patience, fierceness and star power. Ethan and I got to meet her at NYC Pride and walk behind her car in the Pride March. It was the highlight of my year!

tumblr_n70px1iSRh1qip73ao1_500Q. I have three sets of twins in my family (from both my parents sides), my mother is a twin too! They say a twin relationship is like no other, how would you describe your relationship between your twin now? How was she able to find strength through your journey too?

How cool! My mom is a twin, too and she’s the best! As for my twin sister, our relationship now is phenomenal. But it always has been. I give her huge credit for how she handled my transition. We used to look and sound identical so she could have really resented me for the decisions I made, and for taking away a part of her identity. But early on she developed a mantra: “None of this is about me. It’s about how he feels.” Understanding that gave her a lot of strength. And allowed her to help people who came to her because they were angry or uncomfortable with what I was doing. She knew it was about my happiness and nobody else’s and wwas able to explain that to them. She supported me 100% along the way.

Q. Do you think the mainstream media is doing a better job explaining or showcasing the transgender community?

It depends on the media outlet. FOX News, not so much! But I’ve seen reports and personal profiles on other networks that have done a wonderful job of telling trans stories in a respectful and compassionate way. On the flipside, there’s definitely a preoccupation in mainstream media with surgeries, and thinking it’s okay to ask a trans person which ones they have or haven’t had. Thank you for not asking about that by the way! By going there, the interviewer immediately objectifies the trans person and prevents the viewer from getting to where they really need to go—to hearing about real human experiences. Those stories are what move the needle from confusion to compassion, and eventually understanding.

Q. Last but not least, can you give a simple answer to what you believe makes a happy person?

Happiness is knowing who you are and showing it to the world.


To hear more from Decker Moss and experience the W Empower series, you can email or call 480 970 2128. Doors open at 6PM on September 18th 2014. This event is complimentary.


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Treasure Hunting

It is a little known fact that if you and your boyfriend can get through a day of furniture shopping without fighting than you are really meant to be together. Yes, it is true!! Picking out home furnishings such as sofas, lamps, artwork, and end tables with your other half, may stir up some serious arguments. 

tumblr_mtagz6IQCR1s83ffjo1_500Deciding how to decorate your love nest can be one of the biggest tests to a relationship.


But if you both learn how to compromise, work together, and listen to each other than you will discover how rewarding it is to create a home together.

tumblr_mxws13ngC91rip0x1o1_500One of my favorite television shows is Fixer Upper on HGTV, starring the super talented husband and wife team, Chip and Joanna Gaines. They specialize in finding houses with dreadful designs and renovating them into real estate masterpieces (with lots of charm!).

chip_and_joanna_gainesOne of the many things I love about Joanna’s work is how she blends new furniture items with antique and vintage looking pieces. The mixture of old and new really adds so much  character to a space – plus I love when there is a feeling of history in a room. Take a look at how fabulous she made her own kitchen! It makes me want to bake homemade bread all day (and I don’t even eat carbs!!

home_slide1So after watching a marathon of Fixer Upper and seeing Joanne and Chip create home miracles, I made my boyfriend take me to Venice in search of a new coffee table (“with feeling”). 

383969_10150487417753538_619809932_nVenice is such a unique community, I am obsessed with the casual hippy-gypsy vibe and all the cool shops and restaurants. There are moments when I dream about living in a beach bungalow off Abbot Kinney Blvd and embracing a new style all based around TOM’s shoes.

tumblr_mafd8bCtg61qbn9pco1_1280-1 385947_10150487418763538_1094862008_n-1

Hey! “DONUT judge!” One must always dream – LOL!

securedownload-5 i-see-helvetica-everywhere-helvetia-helvetica-font-blog-design-young-dreamer-flashy-thing-fireworks-gif

If I can’t live in Venice than I can at least bring some of its eclectic elements into our pad in LA. Take a look at some of my pictures from our day of unusual coffee table hunting. 




securedownload-6 securedownload-2


After all that digging, we ended up with these two beauties! 

securedownload-11Hope you like them as much as we do! Next time you are in California, make sure you spend an afternoon in the Venice Beach area.

securedownload-8You never know what may get washed up on shore or what treasures you may find!

venice_scapeHappy Days & Happy Home.


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