Happy December!


December is probably one of the most popular months of the year.

I totally get it.

What is not to love about December?

The time off of work, the shopping, gift giving, holiday feats, and did I mention New Years Eve?

How about a remind you of a few other December highlights to get your mind in the holiday spirit!

1.) Snow!!

 It wouldn’t be December without a white Christmas! Bring on the snow, snowflakes and winter weather! Skiers, snowboarders and little kids around the world will be ready to embrace the white stuff!

tumblr_mvp1bqaBGt1swwqebo1_500 tumblr_lxlorr02Ax1r09wuoo1_500 QD3b7

2.) Time Off!!

That is right, time off of the ol’ work job. Thanks to Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, and many other significant dates. This December, make your vacation time extra special by actually kicking back and taking a pause from your daily routine.


3.) The Food!!

Who does not look forward to all the warm homemade dinners and chocolate peppermint everything! Sign me up.

tumblr_m5wuc3bR3N1qi50pdo1_500 large4.) The Fashion!!

Gorgeous winter coats, sexy scarves, Chanel gloves, wool hats, Oh-my! If you enjoy bundling up in a bunch of cozy threads than this is your month!

Prada-Fall-Winter-2013 5.) Holiday TV!!

“Rudolph,”  “Frosty The Snowman,” “Elf,” “Scrooge,” and many other classics all pop up on the television in December. Grab a seat, a hot coco, and get in the Christmas spirit.


6.) Gift Giving!! 

 I hope giving back reminds you how luck you are! Whether you are shopping for your loved ones or donating to your favorite charity, it is the season to spend, share, and love.


7.) Warm Fireplaces!! 

Raise your hand if you like to snuggle up by the fire (>me!<). Grab a good book, rent a movie, or sit back with your favorite peeps on a cozy winter day.


8.) Holiday Music!!

I totally blast the Christmas music in my car. Turn it up and sing out loud!!


9.) ReInvention Time!!

This is the month that you should start thinking about how to be a better YOU! Are you going to stick to your New Years resolution this year?



The Other Hubby

Lessons From Our Grandmothers


In mid-March, my boyfriend Nick’s grandmother died. The grieving is still harboring in our thoughts, the sound of her voice in our heads and the memory of her laying in her hospital bed still fresh in our minds.

“Grandma” was very special to Nick and his family. She was also a very holy woman who had a passion for life along with a colorful sense of humor that could put a smile on your face in a matter of minutes.

Shortly before she went into the hospital—and following the death of her husband of 58 years—she made the decision to travel and see Nick and I in Los Angeles. It would have been her first vacation and flight since 1986. It felt like the biggest honor to have her choose to come see us first. We could not wait to have her in our home and show her around Hollywood. With Nick’s mom Mary in tow, the two lovely ladies were Los Angeles bound for a week of fun in the Southern California sun.

It was the first time I met Grandma and was introduced as Nick’s boyfriend, which was a special moment for Nick as he always had a sense of nervousness around telling his grandparents about us. To his ease, Grandma was not only accepting and showed such unconditional love, but she also was a firm believer that God never judged. Grandma treated us like any other couple and loved seeing how much we cared for each other. Her overall trip to LA was wonderful and filled with lots of laughs and memories, especially driving her to see the Pacific Ocean and hitting up some of Beverly Hills’ most famous bakeries. Grandma had a huge sweet tooth, which we all appreciated very much.

Many months after Grandma’s visit, she went in for a suggested heart surgery, which was supposed to help with her shortness of breath and boost her energy. Unfortunately, Grandma had two strokes during surgery. This was a massive devastation to Nick and his family as Grandma became immobile.

Seeing her not being able to drive, walk or go as she pleased was heart wrenching. It broke us down seeing Grandma lose her freedom. Once news of her stroke came, Nick and I booked a flight to Chicago so we could visit with her in the hospital. Grandma laid in her hospital bed with all kinds of different machines around her. It was a different sight than seeing her walk with a big smile in California.

She did not remember anything about the stroke or surgery but was aware something bad had happened. While we were sitting around her, a doctor came into the room and asked who all these people were, she smiled and said, “That is my daughter, Mary, my grandson Nick and my grandson Matt.” That made my heart so happy. Grandma was still so proud to tell everyone in the hospital that we came in from Los Angeles to see her and nicknamed us the “Sunshine Boys.” Before we traveled back home, she told us we brought light wherever we went.

Less than a year later, Grandma eventually passed on. We had gotten to see her a few times since she was in the hospital, but each visit we could see her spirit was getting ready to go. Her charm and contagious smile was there until the very end, and she never once complained about her situation. Not once. She was the prime example of a fighter and held on through the holidays. A big part of us had a sense of peace in her passing knowing that she was going to be met by her late husband on the other side. They could be free together, reunited as one. They had such a loving relationship that Nick and I admired and continue to strive for – that old-fashioned, long lasting love.

Matt Jacobi GrandmothersRecently, I went home to Arizona to see my own grandma, Clare DeAgostine, who we call “Nanny.” If you asked all 7 of her children, 13 grandchildren and 2 great-great children about what Nanny is like, they would all say she is the nicest woman you will ever meet. Being in her presence is always eventful, and she has the magic to make you feel like the most special person in the room. One of the many things I am so thankful for that Nanny has given me is the belief that all love is love and equal in her eyes. She led the way in showing her support for gay rights and equality in our family ever since I can remember. As a gay person, having that love and acceptance is pure gold.

During our day together, Nanny and I spent time out and about running errands. We got to talking about Nick’s grandma, and how he was feeling. Grandma’s passing put a lot into perspective for me. You never know when somebody close to you is going to leave the Earth. I was very young when my dad’s parents passed on, so the relationship with my Nanny is uniquely close.

While we sat across from each other, she leaned in and said to me, “As much joy Nick’s grandma brought to his life, you must remember that he brought so much into hers.” Those words hit the core of my soul, so much so it made me think and reflect with gratitude. I believe a lesson is to be learned for all of us from what my Nanny said: As much love we think we get from someone else, we must remember we are giving back a lot too.

We never know what we are doing for others. Love is so powerful, the most powerful form of emotion you can possibly feel. When it is bounced back from person to person, the energy of that feeling is indescribable. So, when you have that special bond with someone in your life, whether it is a family member, best friend, mentor or lover, don’t take it for granted. Allow for positivity to feed on positivity and cherish each moment you have with one another.

We all have “sunshine” within us. Choose to use it at its fullest.

With Love & Gratitude

Matt Jacobi

Post Turkey Day

Happy Post Turkey Day!


With full stomachs and a fridges packed with leftovers, let’s continue the power of gratitude and kindness.



The Other Hubby

Manganiello Hotness

Happy Monday – Gorgeous People.

Hope you are having a lovely morning.

Speaking of lovely and gorgeous, did you see the wedding headlines over the weekend?

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Manganiello!


Sofia Vergara, 43, and Joe Manganiello, 38, got hitched  at the luxurious Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida yesterday!

With over 400 guests and the most stunning white flowers surrounding them, Hollywood’s sexiest couple said, “I DO!”

Sofia wore a gorgeous, strapless, Zuhair Murad gown that fit her perfectly.

One of my favorite elements of the wedding was the small personal message on each of the reception napkins, Even the napkins said, “He had me at Hola!

Too cute! For more pics head to Sofia’s Instagram page : ) 

Congratulations to the happy couple.

 Have a wonderful day, friends.

Adios for now.


The Other Hubby

Moving In Together??

Is the moving in together conversation happening in your relationship? Timing is everything along with the strength, security and stability of your relationship.

Here are some things to think about.

giphy1.)  Is he the one for you?

Do you see yourself marrying this guy?  No girl wants to deal with a bad break up. Make sure you BOTH are ready to commit long term.

tumblr_m61w3yXWiF1rqfhi2o1_5002.)  Is he responsible?

Signing your names to a lease means you will be in a binding contract together.  Does he know how to pay his own bills (on time!)?  How does he stand in the finances department?

tumblr_lp7o22h7Ql1qii6tmo1_5003.)  Have you gone on vacation together?

Moving in together means being around each other ALOT! Test the waters by going on a long vacation together.  Trust me, you will learn things about your man that you have never known before.

tumblr_madhrjB3Jl1qdjvrao1_5004.)  Are you OK with losing your alone time?  

Well, you better be if you plan on moving in together! Say goodbye to those quiet nights where you get to catch up on your secret beauty regime.

bey-bootyCreating a home together can be  an amazing couple experience!

Be patient with your decision.

If you are both on the same page than everything will work out perfectly.

Cheers to you and your man!


The Other Hubby


Signs Something Is Up


Relationships and marriage can be a full time job all on its own. Sadly, some fall into the danger zone and turn into breakups.


I have seen too many of my girlfriends cry with frustration because one day they wake up and realize that their love life is floating in the toilet. 

tumblr_n7edai1lQh1ra11u8o3_500One of the questions that I ask my gal pals is, “how did you and your hubby/boyfriend end up in this spot?” Most of the time, they are simply unaware of how their relationship deteriorated while others think back to some red flag moments.

original-2 Check out some these signs and signals that might indicate that SOMETHING IS UP with your man.

tumblr_inline_mo612ru6RX1qz4rgp#1.) He Does Not Acknowledge You

Everyone needs validation from their other half. It gives both parties that secure feeling on the inside and that little boost of confidence and self respect. If your man comes home from work and only says hello to the dog than you’ve got an issue.

tumblr_ls93h7eRDY1r3v6f2o1_500#2.) He Puts A Password Lock On His Phone

Nothing says “SHADY” more than when a guy puts a password on his phone and refuses to give it to you. I think all phones should have passwords (for security purposes) but not allowing your wife/girlfriend to have access to it is fucking weird. He should trust you well enough to not dig through his phone like a psycho but just to have the freedom if need be.

ios-grabber-concept#3.) You Catch Him Lying

A bunch of little lies only means he his hiding one big lie. Trust is one of the golden layers that helps build a solid relationship foundation.

Disney_Survey_-_Pinocchio#4.) Your Talks Turn Into Fights

Anger stems from other emotions so if you and your guy can’t communicate on a civil level than I suggest you figure out what is the root to the REAL problem. Why is the yelling and screaming necessary? Perhaps a therapist or mediator needs to jump in to get the two of you back on track.

tumblr_m3bs9mf1ns1rtgfeuo1_500#5.) He Runs Late All The Time

I can totally understand if your hubby is running late from work a couple times a week (traffic can suck and shit comes up), BUT if this happens the MAJORITY of the time than I would ask him what’s really going on. Note: This does not mean he is cheating on you but he may be avoiding you for one reason or another.

Ri9bpw#6.) He Talks To Girls On Social Media

Facebook can add a crap load of drama when it comes to relationships. If your man is private messaging other chicks or liking her pics than he needs a major reality check. There should be a big line drawn when it comes to opposite sex interaction online.

123480.gif#7.) He Forgets Important Dates

If he skips out on your birthday, anniversary or does not want to participate in family events than it is safe to say his head is somewhere else.

family-guy-gif#8.) He Makes Fun Of Your Looks

Your man should never  pick apart your appearance or makes stupid jokes about the way you look. If he does this than he is suffering from his own insecurities.

7f88f757-4fbf-483b-9583-991043c86615#9.) He Starts To Control You

The most controlling people are the ones who DON’T have control of their own life. Stand up for yourself and don’t let anybody boss you around.

like-a-boss#10.) He Turns You Down

If you man constantly turns you down in the bedroom than that is a strong signal something else is brewing in his head.

7745225b2cfaee2b_023784b089511107_reaction-gif-tommy-lee-jones-i-dont-care-fugitive-13639955737.xxxlarge.xxxlargeGood Luck. 


The Other Hubby

Need A Career Change?

workinggirl-cupcakeA few of my lady friends are on the hunt for a new job which can sometimes feel like a full-time job of its own! Changing workplaces can be a huge life decision since so much of  your time, energy and sense of security goes into developing a well established career.

tumblr_inline_mng0x9kA8a1qz4rgpBefore you start your hunt for a fresh start, read these helpful tips below on how to make your transition nothing but smooth sailing. The waters may be rocky but you can always find a way to glide over the bumpy parts!

sailingFirst of all, I understand that finding a dream job can be a big pain in the ass especially if you don’t know what you want to do! Avoid getting antsy because that will only create unnecessary chaos that will distract you from ever achieving your goal. You MUST have a clear mind when trying to land your new job!

tumblr_inline_n02am7z4y61sxcauwOne question I ask all my unemployed or work agitated friends is; what are you really good at? I have found that the people who love their jobs the most are the ones that do tasks/projects where they know they excel and specialize in. Your job is one of the major areas in life that is supposed to bring you validation (especially if you are single). The more you do well at work – the happier you will be as any form of accomplishment = JOY!

tumblr_m5bi0kxaoF1r592i0So, before you make any bold moves, think about what type of career would really make you thrive, think and feel like you have a sense of PURPOSE. Once you figure out that whole magical concept than it should be easy for you to visualize the steps you need to take in order to obtain the job you want. You may have to make some life adjustments (notice how I did not say “start over”) but the bigger the change – the greater the transformation.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-13440-1369084213-8 giphyNext, make sure that your resume is cleaned up and your confidence is kicked into overdrive. You never know when that first interview may occur or when the opportunity may present itself! The more you are prepared, the stronger you will feel in order to nail that interview or make a slam dunk first impression! Have faith in yourself, your strengths, skills and ability to be a hard worker (or your own boss!). I believe in you!


The Other Hubby


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