Colorful Cruising In Oslo

Good Morning Beautiful!


I thought I would start your day off with some gorgeous pictures from my boat ride yesterday in Oslo, Norway.

Perhaps, it is time you take a vacation?securedownload-13 securedownload-18 securedownload-16 securedownload-11 securedownload-15 securedownload-14 securedownload-12

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The Other Hubby

Airport Hopping

Praise the Lord for British Airways exit row seats!

My journey across the Atlantic has begun and as you can see, I brought my favorite pair of Diesel boots with me.

securedownload-8My first pit stop was at London’s Heathrow airport – this is what 6:30am looks like on a Monday morning.

Can you spot the mini Harrod’s store in the back?


After a short 2 hour connecting flight, I made it to Oslo, Norway.

Oslo’s airport is pretty darn cute.

securedownload-7Did I mention I have not drank coffee in 6 days?

tumblr_mctalkoMy dentist is challenging me to kick my caffeine habit for awhile.


So far, so good – but I sure could use a cup right about now.


Would you be able to make the jump and cut coffee out of your life??

securedownload-8Cheers from Oslo.


The Other Hubby

Fabulous In Philly

12flyersIt has been over a week of trains, planes and Uber rides which has caused me to neglect my daily blogging duties! Let’s just say it was all in good reason as my life decided go into overdrive and make me one busy gay-on-the-go! 

I’ve been so tired, I could barely type (or take a good selfie).

securedownload-3So, after a quick ZOOM teeth whitening treatment and attending a few meetings in NYC…


 I made my way down to the “City Of Brotherly Love!!!”

tumblr_n8gv4qfd8J1tpg4boo1_500rocky.celebratingYes, my lovely Philadelphia will always be so important to me – I was not only born there but my father is insanely devoted to the Eagles (like crazy Silver Linings Playbook obsessed). 

robert-de-niro-silver-linings-playbook (1)


While in my hometown, there are a few things I must check off my list before I return to LA where they certainly do not appreciate the word, “wooter” or know how amazing a WaWa is after a late night.

You know what I’m sayyyyyinnnnn??


#1.) They first thing I have to do is eat, eat, & eat some more!! You don’t count calories in Philly.

giphySuch as making a pit stop at Luke’s Lobster on 17th Street where they serve up a lobster roll that makes my mouth water. All of Luke’s lobsters are from Maine and filled to the brim in a spilt top New England bun. Hello Lover.


Or stopping at the South 9th Street Italian Market for homemade ravioli’s and gravy…


…and The Franklin Fountain!! Yep, here I am sucking down a strawberry shake! Can we talk about how darling this place is?? 

securedownload-5securedownload-3securedownload-5 securedownload-6 securedownload-4securedownload-3#2.) After all that stomach stuffing, a stroll through the streets is an absolute must! 

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#3.) You cannot forget to take in all the GREEN! Make your way to Linvilla Orchards (just outside of Philly) located in the precious area of Media, PA . All that freshness is so good for the soul – go get your country-on! 

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#4.) Lastly, if you need some good ol’ Italian lovin – stop by and see my wonderful family. They will throw you a party and make you feel so special. Everyone is welcomed. 

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The Other Hubby


Pic Of the Day

It is so great to be back in New York!

I had to share this pic I took from one of my meetings.

Talk about feeling on top of the world!


A Leading Lady

Another Hollywood legend has died this week. 

Leading Lady, Lauren Bacall, suffered a massive stroke Tuesday at her home.

She was famously linked to Humphrey Bogart and starred in films such as “The Mirror Has Two Face” and “How to Marry A Millionaire.”

Bacall was 89.



W Hotel Hotness

securedownload-3If you have been a fan of my blog for the past couple years, you would know that I am always on a plane, at the beach, in the sky, or across the pond. Yep, I’m just a guy on the go looking for adventure which includes indulging in the finer things of life.

23-flight-001-non-stop-globeEver since I was younger, I always thought that staying in a hotel was  such a luxury. From having breakfast delivered to your room, maid service, and fresh towels daily – SOUNDED SO APPEALING!

tumblr_mymtys2VuD1s9q9aao1_500Some people like the comfort of their own home but I would take a gorgeous hotel any day!!

picture-of-pretty-woman-necklace-scene-gifI learned to really appreciate the hospitality business when I first moved to Chicago. After taking a small break from college to experience life in the Windy City, I got a job at the W Hotel Lakeshore Drive location. I remember thinking it was the perfect spot to grab a cocktail or two.  The buzzy atmosphere  and Whiskey Sky lounge had such great energy and stunning views overlooking Lake Michigan.

securedownload-4I guess you can say that whenever I see that huge “W” logo,  it reminds me of happy memories. 

securedownload-3Now that I have the pleasure to travel the globe, I am able to  to check out some remarkably unique hotels! But, let’s just say I already had one in mind while planning a quick getaway to Arizona.


926557_361632123984028_998520784_nHere are a handful of reasons why The W Scottsdale is one of the hottest hotels in town!

#1.) Damn Good Service

Let me begin with their super efficient staff. Shannon who works the welcome desk, was  speedy, informative, not too pushy and made us feel very welcome. Nothing sends a stronger W-elcome than a bucket full of locally brewed, Four Peaks Kilt Lifter Beer.

securedownload-5#2.) Big Comfy Beds

Now, this is what you call a bed! W Hotel’s are known for their plush and pillow top mattresses. I slept like a baby every single night.

securedownload-6#3.) Best Roof Top Pool In Scottsdale

This is exactly where you need to be if you are looking to soak up the desert sun and be around gorgeous people. The W’s happening roof top pool features cabanas, a kick ass bar, DJ, and a “NIGHT-SWIM” session that is available every Friday & Saturday from 9PM to 2AM. Talk about a great way to end a night!

securedownload-2securedownloadsecuredownload-7securedownload-8securedownload-11securedownload-10#4.) Pool Side Goodies

Did I mention they have a beautiful waitstaff that will bring you yummy looking food and ice cold cocktails??

securedownload-3securedownload-6 securedownload-5#5.) Location, Location, Location

Another top reason why I chose to stay at this W Hotel was because it is nestled in the heart of the downtown Scottsdale. You are walking distance to so many of AZ’s most delicious restaurants and clubs (including the only gay bar in the city).

securedownload-5 securedownload-61597937_402754296527905_531034403_n#6.) My Kind Of Decor

I so enjoy the feeling of a fresh, sleek, and modern hotel design. Look at all this fabulousity!!

securedownload-512 securedownload-6 securedownload-3#7.) A Bliss-ful Spa

I use a couple Bliss skincare products at home so was excited to hear The W Scottsdale has 4,000 sq. ft. of feel good spa space! Check out their cool nail lounge.

securedownload-2 securedownload-5 securedownload-3#8.) Sushi, Sashimi and More

Sushi Roku is conveniently located on the lobby level of this chic hotel. Whether you are in Scottsdale for business or planning a hot date night out with your man, Sushi Roku serves up quality dishes with a splash of California style.

10593536_1510504342498165_1446623555_n#9.) Beautiful Mountain Views

Watching the sunset over Camelback Mountain while laying in your hotel room bed is magical.

securedownload-2#10.) Unforgettable Nights 

When the sun goes down and the music goes up, the W Scottsdale encourages nights you can’t remember with the friends you will never forget.

10473565_10153494814818538_2764239653121180457_o securedownloadBook your W HOTEL experience now!!

Come join the all the hotness.


The Other Hubby

Pic Of The Day

Hello Lovely Ladies.

I made a quick pit stop in Phoenix before I take off to the Big Apple!

Thought you gals would enjoy this pic of me with my baby niece.


Have a blessed day.


The Other Hubby


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