The internet erupted today with harsh criticism and nasty comments about Actress, Renee Zellweger.

186685606Does she look different?


Has she had plastic surgery?

Perhaps, but I’ve never met her before and would never ask.

tumblr_mfh7eeR7Bm1rt6umgo1_500What I do know, is that talking negative about somebody’s appearance is really rude.

Think before you post.

post-2458-0-07887200-1333268670What you say about other people says a lot about yourself.


The Other Hubby

Makeover Motivation

Makeovers and makeunders  I know far to well.

1475947_144381202375486_2112985449_nMany of my gal pals have come to me in search of advice on how to create a new look.

clueless-makeover Reinventing your exterior takes a lot more effort than chopping off those long locks and buying a new wardrobe. 

cutting-hair-gifBefore you head off on that shopping spree or trip to the salon, I have a few questions to run by ya! 

riptide-bodyboard-cool-question-mark-126524Why the sudden need to revamp your appearance?

Princess Diaries MakeoverAre you feeling a little blue?

Is your self confidence in the toilet?

Did some asshole deflate your self esteem?

Trying to impress an ex?

Are you bored?

Fuck-This-GIFStop right there!

Your motivation for a makeover should come from a good place. You never want to do something drastic to the way you look when your mind is in a funky spot.

celebrities-shaved-headChange is a beautiful thing, just make sure your transformation is on your terms and nobody else’s.

channing-tatum-you-look-beautiful-todayWhatever your motivation is for your makeover, take a look at these helpful tips to guide you through the process.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-26292-1372194250-31#1.) Don’t cut bangs if you just went through a break-up. It is not your hairs fault that your ex-boyfriend is a loser. Cut out some inspirational ideas from a magazine and show them to your stylist before making the chop.

tumblr_msmbi3JJmD1shabqvo1_500 #2.) Don’t feel like you have to do something radical. A makeover does not need to be so extreme.

Tangled-Disney-Hair-Cut#3.) Highlight your natural features instead of trying to force a high maintenance style.

Nicole-Richie-Thats-Not-Cute-Reaction-Gif#4.) Go through your closet and throw away anything that you have not worn in over a year. You may even find some old treasures!

b6834730-bf65-0131-8ce3-06564e5f884c#5.) When shopping for new clothes, look for classic cuts and colors. What is trendy this minute may be out the next.

Nicki-Minaj-Anaconda-Look#6.) Invest in a sexy, yet universal pair of jeans. You will be amazed how much use you will get out of them.

d385161ffc9effbcc2ae9397a387eda8.jpg#7.) Don’t forget to visit the dentist and whiten your teeth. Your smile is one of your very best accessories.

homer-simpson-scale-and-clean#8.) Retail therapy is only temporary so don’t damage your wallet while trying to solve your problems.

impulse-shopping-gif#9.) Try out a new makeup line, the smallest change can make the biggest difference.

tumblr_mhriu8XGHX1s4pi1po1_500#10.) Start a weekly exercise routine, those happy endorphins could be the answer to your makeover needs.

fitness_girls_looking_to_motivate_and_stimulate_72#11.) Don’t doubt yourself, have fun experimenting with your new look! 

tumblr_inline_mjs3isolmn1qz4rgp#12.) Remember that the more comfortable you feel in your own skin, the happier you will be when you look in the mirror.

6560547#13.) Be inspired by strong women like Sophia Loren!


The Other Hubby

Spirit Day

SDSlide_gopurpleI wanted to repost my article from the Huffington Post this morning to inspire anyone out there that has been picked on for being different.

Join me in celebrating #SpiritDay!

Stand up against bullying!

FullSizeRender-11 copyThere are all kinds of bullying stories. It seems that everyone has a tale to tell, especially if they are gay. In some ways bullying stories are as common to hear as our famous coming-out sagas. Perhaps sharing our story is a way for us to bond together, to relate to each other, to show how far we have come. Are times changing? Are things getting better for kids in schools? Is the world becoming a nicer place where everyone is accepted? I would like to believe so, but there is still a lot of work left to do. There are certain things that we cannot control. Some kids are always going to be mean to others who are different. They may learn how to hate from all sorts of examples in life: parents, grandparents, peers, media, church, etc. What can we do? I think we must continue telling our stories, showing the world that we will not tolerate bullying, educating people that we are not lesser human beings. Our human rights should not differ from the person sitting next to us. With that said, I share with you my own story.

The first time I realized I was different from the other boys was in elementary school. I had no interest in sports. I talked differently: My voice was as high as a kite. I was incredibly scrawny and shy for my age. I gravitated toward hanging out with the girls, not just because I felt more comfortable around them but because I was not accepted by the other guys in my class. I did not have an athletic bone in my body, and I wore big black-framed eyeglasses that covered half my face. I dreaded gym class and despised anything that would mess up my perfectly parted hair. Talking about what girl was the hottest or what my favorite football team was did not interest me, and the guys knew it.

From elementary school through high school, I was tormented, teased, pushed, and ridiculed for being different. The worst was during junior high, where you reach that age where you are supposed to have a girlfriend or at least talk about who you hooked up with over the weekend. I dreaded going to school during this time. There was a group of guys who knew I was an easy target. They would jump at the chance to call me “fag” in front of a crowd or make fun of the way I was dressed. They once shoved me into a harp case in music class, locked me in it, and started banging on it as hard as they could. My screaming did not phase them. They did not give a shit; they loved to hear the other kids roar with laughter. These same guys would deflate the tires on my bike so that I would be late to school, and they would whiz past me, screaming out gay slurs.

The name calling is what killed me the most. It messed with my head and sucked out any confidence I had. My sense of self did not exist. I felt so confused in my own head, because I had so many of my own questions going on in there. I really did not understand what being gay meant back then, nor did I understand what it meant for me. I would cry myself to sleep at night, or I would lie awake, praying to God that I would wake up different. I wanted to die. I did not want to continue living my life. I wanted to wake up the next day and think and act like the other guys. When you live your life with all these negative thoughts in your head and hear the worst things you can imagine said about yourself, you dive deep into a very dark place. It was one of the lowest moments of my life. After high school I felt like I had to have sex with girls to prove something to everyone (and to myself). Afterwards I would feel horrible and worse because I didn’t enjoy the sex. I hated living a lie and was so deeply confused.

I finally found my strength through my family and going away to college. Later I would come out to my parents, sisters, brother and all my colorful aunts, uncles and cousins (a very large Italian bunch, let me add). I had not even kissed a guy yet, but I knew that I had to come to terms with who I am and the fact that I was born this way. I was born gay. I remember talking to my mother, who was sitting across from me at a restaurant in Arizona. She knew I had been distant and not myself for a long time, and she said something that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life: “Matt, you know, if you were gay, we would all be fine with that. We love you no matter what.” I remember driving out of the restaurant parking lot and taking a huge breath. It felt like I’d thrown a pile of bricks off my shoulders. Going away to college helped me tremendously as well. To this day I still hang out with the friends who accepted me for me, ever judged me, never teased me and always had my back.

When I hear about young kids wanting to kill themselves or crying out for help because they are being bullied in school, I want to tell them to never give up. I know what it’s like to not want to go on, but I am so glad I did. It does not just get better; it gets a hell of a lot better! Life works out in the wildest ways, and things that you dream of actually can and do come true. As I sit here and write this essay, I look to my left and see the person who brings me the most happiness, my boyfriend of six years, Nick. He has kept me grounded in this crazy Hollywood town, and I know for sure that I could not have done it without him. Nick is truly one of a kind. The only thing missing now is the ring! Yep, I am waiting for him to propose (and so are our families!). What can I say? I am a traditional guy at heart. You better believe we are going to have one big Italian wedding, with lots of food, dancing, and celebration. We want to go all out and celebrate not just each other but life and equality for all.

There is always a light hiding behind your darkest days. It just takes your inner strength to release it. Once you have it, nobody can take that away from you. Let us all continue to support each other and stay strong.

Visit The Trevor Project or call them at 1-866-488-7386.


The Other Hubby

Holiday Dating Cheer

Dating, relationships and boyfriends seem to be on the mind of many of my lady friends these days. Maybe it has something to do with the holiday season slowly approaching which can often test the levels of where a couple stands.


You may know what I’m talking about if you are in the early stages of dating because eventually there has to be a conversation about what the two of you will do over this festive time of the year!

SS-GIF51Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years can be intense settings for a fresh couple as you both probably don’t want to rush into anything or add that awkward pressure. I bet I can guess some of the questions dancing around in your head.

tumblr_n7d1zhrD791smcbm7o1_500Will you bring him home for the holidays?

butter-foodWill he ask you to meet his parents?

tumblr_mntue04m041qasthro1_r1_500What will you buy each other?

girl-surprise-puppy-cutenessWhat do you wear when you meet his family?

bounceIs it too soon to have this conversation?

tumblr_mb0dydfUJA1rq1vxuo1_500Don’t freak out! These thoughts are natural and can actually be very helpful when trying to figure out how you really feel about your new boy toy.

tumblr_mrmb1svRPW1rsjz5lo2_500The first question you need to ask yourself is…

What would you ideal holiday season be like and do you picture you boyfriend being there with you?

tumblr_lz5wgvVEhC1qggykyWhether you have been together for a couple months of six months, take this time to feel out where you are in your relationship. Let your confidence be the gage on your decision.

tumblr_inline_ndgyfnIOpi1swc77dIf you are having any doubt or unsure of what you should do than maybe that is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something.

Is he really the one for you?

ariel-fuck-itOn the other hand, if you are feeling super stoked and dying for your close friends and family to meet your man than it can easily mean it’s time for the big introduction.

tumblr_mn7vjmuTIP1qcm0m3o1_500Show off your new guy!

giphyIf you are teetering back and forth on your emotions than I suggest you bring the “are we spending the holidays together” convo up sooner rather than later.

tumblr_ln9a4zf9pg1qegbkgo1_500If he is weirded out than perhaps it shows you where he is at mentally in the relationship.

Any hesitation or signal that he is not ready to introduce you to mom and dad or spend time with you under the mistletoe may indicate his level of interest.

tumblr_m4dvdcbi5x1qdqdbyo1_500A man will always tell you what he wants (often times by what he does not communicate!). If he is not keen on spending at least one holiday together, or excited to meet your folks, than he is not ready to seriously call you his girlfriend.

tumblr_mwuzgl3V701rk7w2qo1_500My advice – use the holiday time as a “check-in” mark for your new relationship. It will surprisingly show if your dating situation is ready to heat up…

tumblr_mfe9pnyiAf1risa1ro1_500…or melt away.


The Other Hubby

Moving Away From Home

Have you ever had the urge to just pick up and leave? 

What is stopping you?

gonna-leave-before-i-stab-a-bitchMoving away from home can teach you some big lessons and open up your eyes to new experiences. I encourage everyone to move away from their cozy childhood nest at least once in their life.

tumblr_m9yq1jD2WE1rt0s9to1_500Whether that means going away to college, taking a year off to explore the world, serving in the military, or packing up and moving out of state – saying goodbye will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

tumblr_mr9uof7kc31qk08n1o1_500So, if you are looking to get out of dodge and fly the coop, than be prepared for some of these moments to pop up along the way!

(Side note: You will love every minute)

1.) Learning how to drive that awkward U-Haul truck that you’ve seen on the road all your life.

UHaul-1024x7682.) Memorizing new streets and becoming familiar with the way locals drive. (Every city is different. Come to LA and you will understand).

PDXia_405_Reaction13.) Signing your first lease and feeling like a grown up.

tumblr_inline_mzya4gPl401rlpk9c4.) Decorating exactly the way you want to once and for all.

tumblr_ma6ui4w3g41r84iplo1_r1_5005.) Discovering that Ikea furniture is the fastest way to fill up a room on a low budget.

tumblr_mba0hoDiHF1rdvztso1_5006.) Learning that utility companies don’t mess around when you miss a payment.

im-broke-5-5-27.) Becoming familiar with your favorite food delivery places.

k-bigpic8.) Realizing that eating out all the time gets really expensive.

throwing-money9.) Learning to make dinner out of whatever is in your refrigerator.

tf-1910.) Walking around your new neighborhood and feeling like you made the right decision.

1209100_10152711225103538_1887958992_n11.) Meeting new friends that will always have your back.

10013254_385762538243439_948010157_n12.) Giving FaceTime tours of your new pad to your family back home.

tumblr_me4br2xDIa1qgv57eo1_50013.) Showing your parents that you are independent and happy.

independent independent-woman-beyonce14.) Learning that finding a job is practically a full time job. 

giphy15.) Feeling homesick but remembering it will always be there.

n5201f77d82e2116.) Bumping into your hot neighbor and completely forgetting about being homesick.

tumblr_n3q5pt2ifm1qms9yio1_50017.) Falling in love (yep, it is bound to happen at least 500 times).

IEGFIrk tumblr_nc6aqkvU3O1qdgudso1_50018.) Being inspired to revamp your wardrobe and create a new style.

tumblr_m3psa53hQs1r4la9bo1_r1_50019.) Going home for the holidays the very first time.

tumblr_me9h8waPGQ1rnvwt120.) Having the best visitors come see you!

1476104_10152924310918538_50281569_n21.) Last but not least, acknowledging that you have made it out of your comfort zone and that life is so exciting when you take risks!


The Other Hubby

Ups & Downs

Have you being having computer problems?

npEk33AIssues with your car?

glee-teacher-ginger-crying-car-sobbing-gifIs your cell phone acting odd?

anigif_enhanced-10810-1400526763-34Trouble in paradise?

tumblr_mjw7hsWuTk1qgvofco1_500Don’t worry.

We have entered another round of Mercury in Retrograde. Yes, that time of the year where everything goes to shit, communication goes haywire, and the people around you start to act 100% insane.

tumblr_m71477mUck1rxbygso1_500The good news is that during this wack-a-doodle time, you are supposed to be hit with an “AHA moment” of some kind, or make a mental discovery that will guide you through the months ahead.

865874Call it a personal revolution (yes, it is something to dance about).

rihanna-danceSome of you may be feeling completely overwhelmed with a dozen questions running through your head.

tumblr_m3xvkzEcZJ1qj0cw0o1_500Such as…

Is there something missing in my life?

780101What should I be doing right now?

tumblr_inline_mh9ctzGaVK1qz4rgpWhat do I need to do next?

giphyThese life burning questions tend to pop up when the universe is messing with us.

tumblr_m88yurwMvZ1rc6z7qo1_500However, I am here to tell you to simply enjoy what Retrograde brings your way. Don’t be annoyed with all the crazy miscommunication in the air or negative vibes you might be picking up on. I want you to appreciate the contrast of all the ups and downs.


Embracing contrast will give you a new perspective on that roller coaster of emotions you are on.

rollercoaster gif for GPE to KEThe balance between positive and negative moments is what life is all about. In order to love all those blissfully happy times, you must go through the rocky parts.

02_MVI_1704-river-rocksLife is not easy and you don’t want it to be.

Life-StorySo as you sit here and read this post (maybe rolling your eyes), think about one of your most crappiest days than compare it to one of your best days. 

Is there a message hiding in there?

tumblr_n5reh6cORL1qihh0eo1_500Did you have to go through that terrible breakup in order to appreciate your new wonderful boyfriend?

largeDid you have to quit that abusive job in order to find success in your new career?

fireworkDid you have to end a toxic friendship in order to welcome good people into your life?

tumblr_lm8a0oTm4k1qbm32lo1_r1_500Did you have to move away in order to appreciate home?

50l2xo7ib6f3mlxmyu7kh9j7n.500x290x14You get where I’m going with this.

Think about your goals, dive deep into your thoughts, and brush off those ruby slippers. Go after your dreams and be confident that whatever challenges get in your way is for a reason.

This too shall pass.


The Other Hubby

Make Better Decisions

FullSizeRender-11 copy 3While sipping on a fresh fruit juice at Melvin’s Juice Bar in New York’s eclectic Meat Packing District, I had the pleasure to chat with a girl in her mid 30’s who was having a pretty shitty day.

FullSizeRender-11 copy

FullSizeRender-11She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was complaining about her job, her friends, and how disappointing her life was at the moment.

tumblr_mypw4uzkkL1s335yuo1_500It got me thinking about how many people I know who are battling more bad days than good days and don’t know how to break the pattern of depression. Their sadness can be so dark, that it can consume their every thought and give off nothing but negative energy.

tumblr_mpbdw6fCou1rb9tzxo1_500What is a person to do when life has thrown them not just one curve ball but a handful of hits one after another? Is there hope?

Rapunzel-Thinking-In-Sad-State-Of-Mind-In-Disneys-TangledHELL YES – ABSOLUTELY!! If you are in a similar boat or feeling down in the dumps then I hope this post will give you some clarity. The first step you must make before scrolling down is acknowledging that you need to change.

If-you-want-somethingThat means no more talking about the past and how you wish things would have worked out different or been easier.

king2Easy is boring and nobody learns anything from living a boring life. Did you ever think for once that perhaps all the crap you had to deal with was for a reason?

Untitled-1Let’s focus for a moment on decision making and choices. I believe that the more stressful you are in your daily life and unhappy you are in your own skin – the more common it is for you to make poor choices.

tumblr_m2if23KdkO1r76lino1_500So, what you need to do is say goodbye to your sorrows…

tumblr_n0qyj5n0RE1rsi2o7o1_500and say hello to MINDFULNESS!

tumblr_mpcpjzSofl1rauo0fo1_1280When you have peace, you have clarity, and when you have clarity you are able to think more clearly.  

i'm gonna get itI am challenging you to be more present with your thoughts, to take time to digest, reflect, chill out and find your inner happiness. What do you want? What will make you feel successful? 

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18576-1380110500-2I suggest you start making small adjustments in your everyday life. These little changes will increase your chances of living a fuller life and feeling better about yourself.

giphytinaMaybe you need to start going to bed earlier…

post-21132-elisha-cuthbert-gif-everyone-n-QTCJBe around more supportive friends…

tumblr_n462shMnnV1tq4of6o1_500Eat healthier foods…



meditate-01-giphyOr make a list of your dreams, desires and goals.

writingThe more frequent you manifest and visualize what you want – the more powerful you will feel about achieving them. 

Every little thought counts!

Start taking control now – I know you can do it!


The Other Hubby


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