Take Five

Stop for a moment today and TAKE IT ALL IN.

Inhale peace, exhale love.

Use your senses.

All of them!!


The Other Hubby

Let It Snow

Hello Lovers!

Can you take a guess where I am??

10838855_1537687589822566_1243463120_nI made it back to beautiful Norway!!

I’ll be updating you on my winter wonderland adventure all week.

Stay tuned.


The Other Hubby


I have to say that I thought Lifetime’s Whitney movie was not too bad. I think director, Angela Basset, did a good job on trying to capture the rocky relationship between Whitney and Bobby Brown.

What was hard to watch was seeing such a beautiful talent suffer with addiction. 

In honor of Whitney, here are a few songs to remember that magical voice.

RIP Whitney.


The Other Hubby

The Energy Of Gratitude

You hear the word “gratitude” tossed around quite a bit these days. I often wonder if the people that use that word really know the true power behind it.

gratitudejournal-e1359688676693Yes, you can say you are grateful for your job, your house, your dog, etc but there is so much more to it.

I believe gratitude also stems from having moments of reflection.

waterThrough deep meditation, I believe you are able to capture the ultimate feeling of being thankful. It is about bringing your breathing and mind to a state of calm and peace and tapping into your inner core.


If your thoughts tend to wonder to the past, I suggest you train your brain to focus on how far you have grown and what positive elements helped shape the person you are today. As for the present, I think it is healthy to concentrate on the small joys of life rather than the obvious larger ones. The little stuff that happens in our daily life can often be the most fulfilling when you actually take a moment to live in the now.

When was the last time you really…

…smelled the aroma of a strong cup of coffee..

200_s…smiled back at the stranger on the street…

big_big_big_smile_WITH_LOTS_OF…held the door open for the elderly woman…

giphy…called a relative just to say hello…

d20be7ebb78437c6dae0234a35f4bc0aefc00c8d52f3eb2e519b48ef461971a8…sent a “just because” text to your boyfriend…

blackberry-love-phone-texting-Favim.com-245860…danced around your living room with the music blaring…

tip-dance-blurred-linesGratitude comes in different forms but actually feeling the energy of being grateful is what will give you goosebumps.

Start living in the NOW and use your senses to soak in all of life’s happy moments.

You will be so thankful you did.


The Other Hubby

W Scottsdale Weekend Event

926557_361632123984028_998520784_nAttention all couples!

tumblr_mmy3cgTFwI1so5953o1_500It is time to start organizing your Super Bowl weekend extravaganza! This year you AND your man can spend quality time together without the bad bean dip and party planning headache!

sixCheck yourselves into Arizona’s sexiest boutique hotel, The W Scottsdale as they team up with Playboy to host the most buzzed about Super Bowl weekend event in town!!

w-scottsdale-great-gatsbyThis exclusive party kicks off January 30th and will be hosted by two-time Grammy Award winner Nelly with music by DJ duo The Captains of Industry! 

gifs-animation-rapper-nelly-beyonceA select number of tickets will be available for purchase at www.wscottsdaletickets.com!

For VIP table information, please contact 602-405-0099

memorial-day-pool3 xo

The Other Hubby

Treadmill Tuesday

Where have you been?I know!!! It has been a few days since my last post but my mind has been elsewhere and so has my stomach. Yes, 2015 is the year my boyfriend and I are dedicating ourselves to being more healthy (insert eye roll).

4In gay terms, that means we want our bodies to look hot as hell.

tumblr_n3nzf4lXQQ1s4304so5_500We have always been super into going to the gym and staying fit but  decided to challenge ourselves and step it up a notch.

matt jacobi tvSince, January 1st, we’ve cut out sugar, heavy deserts and loading up on carbs. It may sound kind of depressing for all you ice cream loving peeps (like me!), but after 13 days of clearing that crap out of my system – I feel great.

melting-ice-creamWe are eating more throughout the day but smaller portions and making healthier choices. Saturday’s we usually give ourselves a cheat day but that does not involve us going super crazy on junk food or salt. To be honest, we don’t find all that shit very appealing at the moment. I found that it is easier to make the healthy eating transition if you replace your favorite snacks with good tasting alternatives. I’ve been eating Quest products for awhile now – they are my go-to-bars when I’m craving something sweet.

10906111_293211070825831_8321096654263105624_nI know that the whole New Years resolution and eating better lifestyle thing can sound really annoying…

My question for you is – – WHY?

Is that angry emotion coming from a place of fear?

dont_be_scared-720x340Why don’t we jump on the treadmill together and talk it out!

jacobi mattIn the meantime, check out a few colorful meals we’ve been eating in the past two weeks!

FullSizeRender-33 copy 3 FullSizeRender-33 copy 2 FullSizeRender-34 copy FullSizeRender-33 copy FullSizeRender-33 FullSizeRender-34 copy 2 FullSizeRender-34 copy 3FullSizeRender-34FullSizeRender-38FullSizeRender-35 copyFullSizeRender-35FullSizeRender-34So, what are you making for dinner tonight??

Are you ready to start werkin on your fitness??


The Other Hubby

Too Funny

You have to watch this video of Nicole Kidman on Jimmy Fallon!

Can you believe she was interested in dating him?

I love his reaction!

Happy Wednesday.


The Other Hubby


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