Need A Career Change?

workinggirl-cupcakeA few of my lady friends are on the hunt for a new job which can sometimes feel like a full-time job of its own! Changing workplaces can be a huge life decision since so much of  your time, energy and sense of security goes into developing a well established career.

tumblr_inline_mng0x9kA8a1qz4rgpBefore you start your hunt for a fresh start, read the helpful tips below on how to make your transition nothing but smooth sailing. The waters may be rocky but you can always find a strategy to glide over the bumpy parts!.

sailingFirst of all, I understand that finding a dream job can be a big pain in the ass especially if you don’t know what you want to do! Just please don’t get all antsy on me and dive into panic mode because that will only cause unnecessary chaos that will distract you from ever achieving your goal. You MUST have a clear mind when trying to land your new job!

tumblr_inline_n02am7z4y61sxcauwOne question I ask all my unemployed or work agitated friends is; what are you really good at? I have found that the people who love their jobs the most are the ones that do tasks/projects where they know they excel and specialize in. Your job is one of the major areas in life that is supposed to bring you validation (especially if you are single). The more you do well at work – the happier you will be as any form of accomplishment = JOY!

tumblr_m5bi0kxaoF1r592i0So, before you make any bold moves, think about what type of career would really make you thrive, think and feel like you have a sense of PURPOSE. Once you figure out that whole magical concept than it should be easy for you to visualize the steps you need to take in order to obtain the job you want. You may have to make some life adjustments (notice how I did not say “start over”) but the bigger the change – the greater the transformation.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-13440-1369084213-8 giphyNext, make sure that your resume is cleaned up and your confidence is kicked into overdrive. You never know when that first interview may occur or when the opportunity may present itself! The more you are prepared, the stronger you will feel in order to nail that interview or make a slam dunk first impression! Have faith in yourself, your strengths, skills and ability to be a hard worker (or your own boss!). I believe in you!


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A Colorful Day

securedownload-10When you have a bestie like my gal pal, Michelle (that is known to be a “Pinterest Princess”), you can expect to have the kind of Easter that is full of delicious food, egg hunts, decorations, signature drinks and lots of laughter.

securedownload-12Yes, being away from family during any holiday can be a real bummer but when you have a group of friends that treat you like family, all your thoughts turn to happiness, celebration and R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N! Can I get an AMEN to that?!

securedownload-2May I please also add that living in Los Angeles brings lots of sunny days but nothing makes you feel more grateful than enjoying a yummy meal outside in such beautiful weather (with a great cocktail!). 

securedownload-9Wherever you enjoyed your Easter holiday, I hope you continue to bring all the joy that surrounded you this weekend to all the days ahead! God bless! xo

matt jacobi easter securedownload-4 securedownload-6 securedownload-13 securedownload-3 securedownload-8 securedownload-15 securedownload-5 10001192_10153240856008538_4803502618208018312_o reps_flowers_in_the_wind_by_sallymalene-d50377v


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Happy Easter

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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Finding Peace

new quoteOne of my all time favorite quotes I heard Madonna say in her documentary, I’m Going to Tell You a Secret. The film was released back in 2006 and gives an in-depth look at the singer’s life, her marriage, her religion, and her children. It has great visuals and messages that make you THINK!

During the film Madonna asked, “what was I thinking before I was thinking?” I had to meditate on that for a moment. There was something about that line that made my brain click because at least one time in our lives, we all have thought, “what the hell was I thinking?!”

It is interesting how the mind can be so powerful that our levels of consciousness or subconsciousness can take over and run wild. Our first initial thoughts, decisions, and reactions can be a negative way to deal with a challenge so it is important to find peace within before you come to a conclusion.

cool quoteFigure out the difference between what is reality and what is just an assumption or thought to avoid getting caught up in a huge fight storm.

giphyI have listed a few situations that most of you have probably dealt with at one point or another. Take a peak at how I think you can bring your mind back to center and put a stop to all that extra “noise.”

1. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Breakup

No matter how long a couple has been dating, the end to a romantic relationship can bring on nasty fights. Whether it be a cheating scandal or one not wanting to commit, a breakup can leave the other person feeling like the world has ended. Often, the first reaction is the shock, than the pride kicks in, than comes the anger, followed by sadness. The question is, how should one react when something so shitty happens? There is no easy answer but one of the best ways to handle oneself is – let yourself be human. It is OK to be upset, to be angry and to cry but during the days following your break up, you should surround yourself with a support team like friends/family that will just listen. You may wake up one day and feel totally fine while other days you won’t feel like getting out of bed. The key is to keep your life moving and not dive to far into a state of depression. Yes, it is easier said than done but the more you switch your emotions into taking care of yourself, and putting ENERGY into your other life goals the happier you will feel. The more you concentrate on YOU and lifting yourself UP, the more you will start to heal your heart. During this process, you should start to get some CLARITY that should bring some form of peace to the breakup. Did you enter the relationship  knowing he was the wrong guy? Did you ignore any red flags? Why did you choose a boyfriend like him in the first place? Were you both ready to be in a relationship? I understand that breaking up with your boyfriend is dramatic, but you have to remember that for whatever reason – it was just not meant to be. Avoid going into victim mode and use this life shakeup to better yourself.

2. Dealing with a Family Fight

Why is it that we tend to fight most with the people that are related to us? That is a loaded question to say the least and each family has their own dynamic, make up and DNA. Whatever the reason is for a fight, you must sit back and ask your self; what is the core to the problem that is causing all this chaos? Taking a moment to gather all your thoughts and see BOTH sides of the story can lead to a resolution. At the end of the day, if you are wanting to find peace than it is important to use the correct language and be open to C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. When it comes to family drama, resolving a fight is not always black and white and the only option may be for both parties to agree to disagree (AND MOVE ON!). Obviously, not everyone is going to like each other but there is still a level of respect and kindness that should stay consistent among family members. Being the better person does not always mean “giving in” but rather stepping back and being aware of the situation at hand. If there are toxic people in your family that cause nothing but problems than distance yourself and protect your own boundaries. Don’t expect people to automatically change (especially if there are some deep rooted issues) but make sure you keep your side of the street clean. Avoid being critical, judgmental or saying anything that is going to stir up an argument. Having a civil conversation is much easier than what you think. If you have already reached out to the family member you are in a tiff with and you both can’t come to a mutual sense of forgiveness than at least you can find calmness in your heart that you tried.

3. Coping with Friendship Drama

How many of you out there have found yourself feeling so disappointed in a friend that you wanted to completely cut it off? I have figured out that the higher your expectation you have in a friendship – the bigger the disappointment! Although, it is important to embrace your gal pals and create an endless bond, don’t make it your job. Friendships should be organic, fulfilled and full of laughter. Loosen up and don’t take everything so personally! Try to avoid being high maintenance and not to overreact when things don’t go your way. If you are in a huge fight with your friend and you want to move forward, meet face to face. Sending a text message or secret coded post on your Facebook wall will do absolutely NOTHING! Pick up the phone, set a date and talk it out. If your friendship is worth it (to the both of you) than it should be easily repairable.


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Seeing Red

eclipse_wide-f27c17222e98c388b804a9d9d5e5b54190ff4edb-s40-c85Twitter heated up late last night as the “blood moon” crossed the Earth’s shadow in all its glory! With a dash of red, the moon appeared with a powerful presence that had cameras clicking all around the globe.

lunar-eclipse-blood-moon-640x353Did any of you sky-gazing lovers snap a pic?!


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How To Take A Selfie

The word “selfie” has created a lot of buzz these days and no matter if you are a selfie lover or hater, you have to admit it has made its mark in the world. I guess you can say that the rise of selfies first started when forward-facing cameras on smartphones hit stands. After I bought my first iPhone I was obsessed with it and have been hooked ever since. The iPhone camera has such great quality, it kicked my digital camera to the curb. Now, with the popularity of Instagram, Tumblr, and other photo-friendly sites you can use your camera to document anything and everything (including your face). In just an arms length, you can create the perfect self portrait for all your friends and family to “like,” share, or comment on! Whether you are sporting a new haircut or just feel like showing off a smile, #selfies have taken social media by storm and are here to stay.

The question of the day is; how do you take the perfect selfie?


Check out my tips on what makes a successful selfie!

1.) Find the right angle. 

I have found that having your arm positioned straight and lifted right above your eye level will help compliment your shot just right. The further you are able to hold the camera away from your face the better because than you have opportunity to zoom in and crop to make a superb shot!

Selfie-GIF-Saturday-Night-Live2.) Hold the camera still.

Your selfie should never be blurry so keep your wobbly hand still to prevent it from making your mug look totally off.

tumblr_mtfgq9ClGu1rfeg4uo1_5003.) Find the right lighting.

Lighting is everything. You should take your picture with the sunlight hitting your face and if you can capture the beauty of natural lighting against your skin – BRAVO! Back lighting tends to show weird shadows and won’t highlight the features that make a good selfie (which brings me to my next tip).

tumblr_mstqhzIrfc1s75c57o1_5004.) Show off those eyes.

Tyra Banks said it well when she taught the world how to #smize with your eyes. Smizing is a technique that involves smiling through using your eyes and the best way to do that is to give your eyes some personality (sexy, sassy, flirty, curious, etc).

tumblr_m544fpBLZX1qze8f75.) Find a balance.

Another key in taking the best selfie is to either have bright eyes or a bright smile. You don’t want to have a huge teethy grin and crazy-smize eyes so balance one feature with another.

matt jacobi6.) Filters are your friend.

There are all kinds of fun apps with photo filters so use them to your advantage! As long as you don’t over-filter your pic than all will be good in selfie land.

m jacobi7.) Follow #Me!

I’ll see you on Instagram! You can follow me @MattJacobi !


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Why April Is Kick Ass

APRILApril is filled with rain showers, flowers, jokes, taxes and much more. It is also just one month closer to the warm and delicious months of summer. Can I get a HELL YES?!

o72brNow that we’ve got that covered, let’s move on to a few things that has me excited to continue this awesome month in high gear! 

1.) Earth Day, April 22nd 

I have not hugged a tree in awhile but I should because Earth Day is celebrated this month. On April 22nd, events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for the place we call home. Did you know it was first celebrated in 1970, and is now celebrated in more than 192 countries each year!

AnimatedEarthcopy2.) Did somebody say COACHELLA?

This weekend kicks off The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’s annual two-weekend, three-day extravaganza held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Thousands of music lovers and hipsters flock to get their dose of live performances (and great people watching!).

Chriselle_lim_Coachella_2013_Juicychella_whowhatwear_15-700x472 c01_665792083.) Everything Easter

When I was young chap, my mother would create the most wonderful Easter baskets for my brother, sisters and I. They were topped off with all sorts of treats, candy and colorful trinkets. Each piece of candy was perfectly placed onto the plastic green grass that filled our baskets. I remember how special she made this day and how fun it was of us to search through the house for colorful eggs. Yesterday, my boyfriend asked me if this year we were planning on indulging in our favorite Easter treat – REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER EGGS? That decision is still to be determined since we’ve been so good at cutting sugar out of our diet (maybe he can have just one, HA!).

reeseseastereggspastelbright5Can we talk about the picture below? That is my oldest sister, Jackie and I on Easter Sunday from back in the day? I still hug her this tight (and yes, my side part and pulled up socks are amazing)!

matt jacobi little4.) Flower Power

In some parts of the world towards the end of April, you can start busting out your gardening tools and bring back some color to your yard! Warm-season flowers and vegetable seeds can start to be seeded in well prepared soil so feel free to get your hands dirty! Also, if you are a big fan of cherry blossoms, you will definitely appreciate this month even more as their lovely pink color begins to bloom.

abc_cherry_blossom_branch_nt_130405 cherry-blossoms-in-full-bloom-3204365.) Spring break!

Many high school and college students will be rejoicing because this time of year brings on spring break. For all my younger readers, I know you are LOVING this (BE SAFE!!!).

large2spring-break-booty-shake-gif-46.) Spring fashion!

Need I say more? Goodbye heavy clothing!

elle-daks-spring-2014-rtw-012-de-xln elle-diane-von-furstenberg-spring-2014-rtw-11-de-xln elle-narciso-rodriguez-spring-2014-rtw-04-de-KtbnPS-xlnHappy April darlings.


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