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tumblr_miv5i6sMLA1qk3229o1_500Just a quick snap of the sky this afternoon over Beverly Hills.

Not a bad way to start the weekend. So long rain, it was great seeing ya!

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tumblr_mfnx8zIoB71qki7dgo1_500Have you joined Instagram yet? Follow Matt Jacobi NOW!!

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Thursday Thoughts

1-2-13-inspirational-famous-people-funny-awesome-quotes1 26535-Everytime+you+smile+at+someone tumblr_mk6zjfrlhF1s88e39o1_500 awesome-quote-love-money-people-Favim.com-596273 tumblr_motqdpieMm1qc4uvwo1_400 tumblr_myx68saYLI1rkx6y0o1_500 life-is-beautiful large

Happy Hump Day

tumblr_marqv3r9uv1qh2kbeWednesday is one of my most favorite days of the week. It is right smack dab in the middle that you just can’t miss it. I know there are some of you rolling  your eyes at the thought of Wednesday as it is not the ever so popular Friday.

eyeroll1 tumblr_mvuj0aSce31qapigqo1_500Just come down for a moment though and hear me out. I think I change your mind on why you should look forward to wonderful, fabulous, and at times unpredictable, Wednesday.

so-excited-gif3For starters, did you know that Wednesday represents the astrological sign of the planet Mercury? Mercury is the messenger of the heavens. It facilitates clear communication, and carries new information to our awareness in extremely precise and effective ways. Have I lost you? Think about it like this, Wednesday is the vital communications link to all other days – it’s like the network server of the week. The best tasks to tackle for Wednesdays include; communication, catching up on emails, thank you notes, letters, phone calls, etc. Wednesday is also a good day to sign contracts!

D6x5ie2 tumblr_loa3frfkyG1qmxv46o1_500 tumblr_msnwsfiQHe1shv6d5o1_500Secondly, what other day of the week can you call, “Hump Day?!”

tumblr_lxwqyiII491r431cho1_500 tumblr_mwqwgtJ4Ls1s5soz0o1_500Let me also remind you that it is a great night for TV! Hit shows like American Idol, Law & Order, Modern Family, Nashville and The Real World all air on Wednesday!

priscillaboobs nJoq9Dn tumblr_llh5pjq9Qq1qfdskco1_500Also, I heard that Wednesday is the best day to buy gas as stations tend to jack up the price for weekend travelers.

VIBE-Vixen-Beyonce-Gas-StationWednesday is typically a good gage to see how your week is going in general. You can basically tell if it is going to be a slam-dunk or continue to be more on the challenging side. Think of it as a stop in the road to evaluate how to take on Thursday and Friday.

gooooalLast but not least, all you single-tons should love Wednesday so much more because it is typically the day that people respond more often to dates for the weekend. What better day to plan a weekend date than in the middle of the week.


Happy Wednesday love-bugs!


The Other Hubby

What Not To Post On FaceBook

giphyOur virtual best friend, Facebook, has turned 10 years old today and I must give Mark Zuckerberg one big “Like” and congratulations. Let’s face it, Facebook is a phenomenon that has taken over the world after starting out as a simple experiment in a Harvard University dorm room in 2004 and has sustained and grown exponentially for the past decade to 1 billion users.

the world of facebookLike many of you, I have those annoying “friends” that pop up on my newsfeed that like to go absolutely ape shit crazy on their Facebook wall. Some of us have even had to “hide” them while others simply press the “unfriend” button to never see their odd ball status updates ever again. Ouch!

new-girl-gif.gif?w=500&h=257Here are a few of my all time Facebook No-No’s to celebrate the social media giants big day. Can you add to this list?

1.) Don’t announce on your Facebook status that you plan on deleting people from your friend’s list. That is so fruit. Nobody is sitting on their computer praying that you keep them as a friend. Keep your deleting “power” to yourself.

566830-unfriend-facebook.gif2.) Any status update that ends in “Go Me!!” The self praising just kills me. If you are looking for a pat on the back than try getting one that does not seem so forced.

excited 3.) Stop with the overly depressing status updates. We are all really sorry you are having the most horrible day but for the love of God, don’t drag every one of us down with you. Keep your negative vibes off our computer screens.

drunk-michigan-girl4.) Keep all your break up drama off Facebook. If you and your boyfriend are going through splitsville than it is probably better if you just stayed off all social media until things have cooled down.

large5.) Any mention of your sex life. Newsflash – we all have sex so we don’t need to hear about yours. If you feel the need to announce to the world about what goes on in your bedroom than clearly you are not getting enough attention in it.

67550-Jessica-Alba-doesnt-matter-had-W9eI mila-sex6.) Bland status updates such as “I am headed home from work” or “going to the gym now.” Really, that’s it?? Thanks for the information.

this-is-boring.gif?w=560 Naya-River-Bored-Gif-On-Glee7.) Stop with the major life decision questions to all of your friends! “Do you think we should have a second child?” “I was thinking about going back to college, what do you think?” WTF!

n4os3Vv8.) Anything negative that has to do with your job. I am shocked when people post things about their coworkers, boss or company they work for. Keep all that stuff private.

mBDP40F bill-lumbergh-gif



The Other Hubby

Monday Motivation

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Why Girls Should Love Football

I am really looking forward to this Sunday’s Super Bowl, partly because my buddy, Criss and his Denver football loving homies have been waiting for this day since 1998. The Denver Bronco’s return to the Super Bowl this year which only means a massive celebration of friends, whiskey and bad food is in order.


For all you lady friends out there in the universe, I suggest you take advantage of this opportunity of a day as your man will be in one of the best moods of the entire year. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to make this Sunday one to remember!!

How To Make Super Bowl Fun For The Both Of You

1.) Show Support. It is time to dress up and get your sexiest sport outfit on. Wear your guy’s favorite team jersey or something with the logo on it. There is nothing hotter than a girl that can get creative with her outfit on game day. Give those cheerleaders that bounce around on the field a run for their money!

fan13 hot-rangers-fan.gif?w=6402.) Eat, Drink & Be Merry. I know your have probably been sticking to your New Years diet, but this Sunday is meant for you to dig into all that mouth watering BBQ, dips and filling finger foods. While you are at it – bring on the booze and get your flirt on! Just don’t be one of those girlfriends that gets too drunk that your boyfriend has to hold your hair back at the end of the night.

skins-katie-fitch-drinking3.) Throw a party. Call all your favorite friends and invite them to a Super Bowl party that they will never forget. This is the perfect way for you and your man to start a new tradition together. Super Bowl at your house can be an event that you and your best pals look forward to every year!

Rachel's_Party 33982-Party-Time-Gif4.) Embrace the sports bar. If you don’t have the time to plan a party than get your buns to the local sports bar and join in on all the craziness. Your guy will not only be happy that you are with him but he will love it even more that you are getting into the game too. Don’t be a lump on a log and sit there like a dud, take this one day to show him you know how to hang with the boys!

Classy-Nina-Dobrev-Drinking-Some-Beer-Smiling-At-a-Bar to-the-bar large5.) Let it all out. I already know your guy is going to be shouting, screaming, and saying all kinds of explicit things during the big game. Join him.

tumblr_mvzl95sAid1s2gg27o1_4006.) Don’t forget to laugh. The commercials are actually really funny and everyone will be talking about their favorites the next day. Besides,  some commercials even star the hottest guys on the planet!

david-beckham-37.) Halftime. Enough said.

8442378065_2f67580e63_o8.) Last but not least. Another reason to watch this Sunday’s Super Bowl is to catch a glimpse of Bronco’s hunk, Eric Decker. Swoon!

1389817039466_eric-parker-jessie-james-gq-magazine-january-2014-denver-broncos-sports-football-nfl-01Here is to wishing you all a safe Super Bowl Sunday filled with lots of excitement, food and fun! If football is a good excuse to bring you, your boyfriend, friends and family all together for a day of cheering than I say – FOOTBALL ROCKS!!!!


The Other Hubby


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