Reboot Your Mind

Now that the “New Year Buzz” has settled down and you have returned all your Christmas presents that made you gag, take a minute to structure your thoughts and reboot your mind.  Time off from work, holiday vacation and all that family time can really throw off your energy and focus.

Get yourself together and regroup your senses.

Whether you want a new job, start a relationship, move to a new city or start a workout routine, you will need to get your brain into the mind thinking it needs.  Clear away the laziness and stop procrastinating.  Getting back into the groove of life starts with making a plan.  Sit down with yourself and write out the simple tasks you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

post-25179-you-can-do-it-gif-serious-rob-rnbkWriting down what needs to be done is going to release your thoughts into your own universe.  Storing them up in your head will only keep them in that 24 hour holding cell until you end up forgetting your goals all together.

I am not trying to get all new age on you but get your butt in gear and start 2012 off  full speed ahead.  Everyone needs a good kick in the ass and here is yours!

Make your list NOW and ACT ON IT!  Tape it to your bathroom mirror and remind yourself everyday that you have a goal to accomplish.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you will actually see CHANGE.


The Other Hubby


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