Distance, Dating & Keeping It Hot

I spoke to my friend Kim today who was feeling a bit blue due to a huge monkey wrench that was thrown into her recently successful dating life.  Kim has been seeing this guy named Rich for over two months and loving every bit of it, until she was sent away on business for a month.  Kim is devastated that she will not be able to see her man and worried that the distance is going to to negatively impact her newly developed relationship.

What is a girl to do when distance gets in the way of dating?

Distance and dating can actually be a very good test on a relationship.  It will not only make you and your man work harder at communicating but it will also force you guys into opening up quicker.

You are almost forced into talking to each other every night and keeping the conversations extra positive by using words like, “I miss you..I can’t wait to see you soon..when I get back we need to..”  All that language is a very good thing and whether you believe it or not, it will build up that excitement to when you see each other next.

Please don’t worry about losing the passion either because long distance love can actually be super steamy.  Check out some tips on how to keep the hotness level up while you and your man are far apart;

1.)  Skype Sex

Take advantage of this technology.  Start your virtual face time nice and innocent.  After a couple nights of the basic,” you look cute/how was your day” talk, start to turn on the sexy.  Remember, men love seeing skin, so wear something that is going to turn him on (yes, show some cleavage!). Wear a shirt or tank where your sexy bra shows or casually change out of your work clothes into something a little more “comfy” while you have him on Skype.  Don’t be surprised if he suggests having a little Skype sex. Skype sex has totally takin over the whole phone sex thing, so don’t even suggest having phone sex unless you both don’t have a computer.

2.)  Sexting

Talk dirty, really dirty.  Use this time apart to teach each other what your fantasies are and how bad you want each other.  When you do finally end of seeing each other, you can both release your sexual frustration.  Besides, he is going to totally love getting a hot text from you during his boring work day.  It will keep him all wound up until he talks to you later that night.

3.)  Music

If you both are into music, make each other playlists.  I know it sounds corny but music is a good way of locking in good memories.

4.)  Day Trips

Spend the extra cash on making a quick day trip (depending on how far you are).  That one night of seeing each other can make the biggest difference.  It will also divide up that time apart.

5.)  Special Delivery

Send each other little gift boxes.  They don’t need to be sexual but items that will both make you smile.

Remember that being apart can make your relationship stronger.  You and your man will need to put in a little extra effort but if you guys do it right, it will all pay off in the end.


The Other Hubby


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