The Lightest Warmest Jacket

jacket (1).jpg

Let’s talk UNIQLO jackets pulllllllllllleazzee! I seriously may have found my new favorite casual jacket to bum around town in.  I wear it all the time now because it is so damn light and oh-so-sleek.  I also love traveling with my UNIQLO jacket, it fits perfectly in any small carrie on bag and I can bust it out if I get chilly on the plane.  I think everyone on the East Coast needs one.  The first time I spotted these light weight beauties was in New York City.  Men and women were wearing them to the gym, out to lunch or simply running into the local Whole Foods.  I was so hooked and had to have one.  The last time I felt this way was when I discovered Hunter Boots (and hello, they so totally go well together).

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, UNIQLO makes jackets that transcend all categories and social groups.  The BEST part is that they are so affordable!   One thing that I love about my new jacket (pictured below) is how airy and light it feels but it still keeps my body warm.  The Japanese retailer has really made a name for itself and I think you will so appreciate their cloud-like down filled, colorful, perfectly cut jackets.


The Other Hubby




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