The Manipulative Friend


Have you ever had a friend that was so good at manipulating that she could basically talk you into  eating your own crap?  My friend Jane called me in tears because one of her so called “best girlfriends” stabbed her in the back.  Now, Jane is trying to figure out why she didn’t see the manipulating signs!

Jane would be described as a pure soul, very kind, sweet, soft spoken and would give  you her shirt off her back.  This past week, Jane was trying to get a job at one of the top PR agencies in Los Angeles.  She had gone out and purchased a killer new interview outfit, cleaned up her resume and told her best friend, Kyla, all about this potential new position.  Kyla seemed very intrigued but surprisingly advised Jane that PR really is not the best field to get into.

Here is where the fucked up part comes in!  Strangely enough, a week later, Kyla ended up interviewing for the same position the following week and got the job!  Jane is so upset and does not know why Kyla would do something like that behind her back.

The question is, how can you tell if  as person (or friend for that matter) is a master manipulator?

You can try and keep a look out for the following signs;

1.)  Little Lies

Does your friend make up stories to others or exaggerates the truth a lot?


2.)  Jealousy

Have you noticed excessive jealousy ?  Does her mood turn when something good goes on in your life?


3.)  Belittling 

Does your friend try to put you down, even if it is hidden in a form of a joke?  Does she always bring up your insecurities in front of others?


4.)  Controlling

Has she tried to control your social life or try and manipulate you into ditching your other friends?


Remember that there are a lot of great people in the world but there are also other’s who will always have some sort of a motive.  Your true friends are the ones you never need to second guess.


The Other Hubby


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