The Chase

Remember when you were little and the boys would chase you on the playground?  Well, as an adult you would think the whole concept of boys chasing girls would change the older you get.  The thing is, guys will always love the chase.  They love girls that look intriguing and act like they are unattainable.  The unattainability is the key to sparking the guys interest and your actual heart, personality, morals and inner sense of self is what will keep him.  Check out the below tips of how to show a guy that you are interested without seeming so overly desperate for just a date!

1.)  Easy On The Flirting

Don’t be so dramatic with the flirting when a guy first approaches you.  Settle and sexy is the best way to flirt, not slutty and overly aggressive.

1567092.)  Easy On The Phone Calls

  If you and a guy exchange phone numbers, make sure you wait for him to call you.  Don’t text, don’t call, don’t bbm, friend request or anything else where you can connect with him.  He makes the move first.


3.)  Easy On The Excitement

Don’t act like it is your first date in a long time.  You need to appear busy and that you have a life.



The Other Hubby


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