Spice Up Your Nails

Getting your nails done is one of those beauty tune ups that you just can’t ignore.  These days, more and more girls are expressing themselves in the way they do their nails then ever before.  Even the working girl can get into the fun with some of these cool new colors and trends hitting up your local nail boutiques today!

Check em out and let me know which is your favorite!

1.)  Sheer and Sparkly

I am totally digging the somewhat sheer nail polish with a splash of sparkle like these babies from the Material Girl line.  You can pick these up at macys.com for like $7 bucks each.  Love it.

2.)  Minx

“It girls” such as Beyonce and Rihanna have all done it and I am hoping you will too!  Minx on your hands and feet is so super sexy.  Minx is kinda like a film that is sorta shrink wrap to natural, gel or acrylic nails using heat.  They can last up to 14 days and looks flippin amazing.  Check out http://www.minxnails.com for more information.  For the record, I am obsessed with the silver and gold metallic minx.  So hot.

3.)  Sleek Patterns

Keep your outfit simple but kick up your nails a notch with a cool pattern that draws the eye to your ever so manicured hands.  Patterns are so in this season!

4.)  Feel Fruity

Let’s not forget to have a little fun, especially if you want to match your fruity flirty personality with your nails.  How cute are these designs?!

5.)  Get Naked

If you are heading to a job interview, wedding or simply just want to  keep your look chill.  Check out these fabulous nude nail looks that I am totally loving.  Dior and OPI nailed it!


The Other Hubby


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