Waterfront Beach Getaway


There is something to be said about going on vacation at the beach. Picture the warm sand in your feet, the misty ocean breeze against your face, and the sound of seagulls flocking overhead. How wonderful does that sound?! Let’s face it, the only place you want to be during the warm Summer time is by the gorgeous blue water! Thousands and thousands of people from all around the world make the beach one of the most popular travel destinations to let loose, lounge and layout! It is time for you to treat yourself!!

Being by the water and hearing those waves crash against the shoreline is so calming, so peaceful and so good for the soul. Everyone deserves a vacation or just a simple weekend getaway from everyday life. Finding the perfect resort or place to stay can be tricky, especially if you want to be in California. The question is, how does one choose what beach to go to in the first place?! There are just too many options, but don’t you worry – – I am here for you!


This is where I come in! I found the perfect spot for you to take your next trip! This weekend I checked out The Waterfront Beach Resort (a Hilton Hotel) located on the picturesque coastline of Southern California, in the heart of Huntington Beach (www.waterfrontresort.com). Huntington is a simple drive from Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Anaheim and next door to other beach towns such as Newport and Laguna. Both also have fantastic beaches but tend to be overpriced. That is why Huntington is your answer! What I like most about the city of Huntington Beach is that is feels SO CALIFORNIA! The 8.5 mile stretch of sand, excellent surfing and the vibrant beach town culture has that Cali-vibe that you so want! No matter how old you are, Huntington Beach and The Waterfront Beach Resort will be the right fit for you. I must tell you about all the wonderful things that happened on my trip but first can we talk about the picture I took of the near by dog beach? Umm-yah, just another big bonus! Huntington has a variety of beaches to take your furry friend.



So, get this! As my limo pulled up to the resort, I was greeted by a very welcoming front desk staff who kindly held my bags for me while I checked out the property.  The first thing I did was walk up the double staircase that leads you from the lobby to the outside pool area where you can get your people watching on while sipping colorful cocktails under the sunshine. They even had someone doing airbrushed tattoos (such a cool idea for kids!). One of the most ideal things about The Waterfront Beach Resort is that whether you are in your room, by the pool or having a yummy lunch inside their delicious Shades restaurant, you  will always get an amazing view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.




After I scoped out the flower filled grounds, I made my way up to the 6th floor so I could start to unpack and get comfortable in my corner suite. As soon as I walked in I noticed that this was not like any other beach front hotel that I’ve stayed in before. It looked like they actually put some thought into how their rooms were designed. It was big enough for a family of four and private enough for a couple just wanting some space. And I must tell you that they carry Peter Thomas Roth skincare products in ALL their bathrooms – AWESOMENESS! Check out these amazing coastal views from my balcony and who does not LOVE a big cozy bed that you can wake up in while staring out onto the ocean. The Waterfront Resort suites are a grand slam home run!!!



executive_suite2 executive_suite4


Next, I was itching to check out the outdoor activities in the area and my long time besties from college, Emily and Criss were coming down from Los Angeles to meet me. You probably have friends like this too, who are always up for anything and can talk you into doing something out of your comfort zone. Such as – stand up paddle boarding in Newport Harbor! They have been wanting to do it for the longest time and I figured since we are in the OC than we better live it up and get our butts on a surf board! Felecia and Tammy, the friendly (and helpful!) concierge ladies from the resort connected us to a place called, Paddle Power where we could try paddle boarding for the very first time. I am usually a big old baby when it comes to these types of things but Felecia, Tammy and my friends talked me into it.  Hey, these weekend getaways are suppose to bring out the fun in you!! Don’t you agree?

We arrived at Paddle Power where you are given a short lesson on how to get on the board and maneuver throughout the bay. Now, here is what I have to say about paddle boarding; it looks really easy but you have to keep your balance, use you upper body strength and really take charge and direct the board in the direction you want to go. I would be lying to you if I told you I had it all under control (ha!), let me tell you that there were about three or four times where I either collided with a deck or almost landed in the water. Once you get into the groove and find your pattern than it is one of the most fun experiences ever. It was about $60 bucks for three hours and you get some exercise and great scenery at the same time! Speaking of which you can make a circle around the whole harbor that is filled with stunning homes, huge yachts, people on jet skis, party boats, sea lions and more! We all really enjoyed the moment and would SO do it again! Here are a few pictures of me in action.




Later that evening, we enjoyed a fabulous-food-filled dinner in the happening shopping and restaurant area of Huntington Beach at a placed called 25 Degrees. From big burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, thin cut fries to salted carmel liquor shakes, this trendy hot spot was the right call after a long day in the sun (great find Criss!).

aeae057e82c711e2871d22000a1f92db_7 de8d28d6912911e2822f22000a9f09ca_7

I certainly saved room for dessert since that night The Waterfront Resort was having s’mores over the bonfire! So good!!


It was a long day though and I seriously could not wait to Superman dive into my big fluffy bed and wake up to another adventurous day. Day 1 of Huntington Beach was a big hit!

The next morning, I went down to the front desk and asked Matthew Strawn (Front Office Manager Extraordinaire) to see if he could help me out with bike rentals. He introduced me to Waterfront Adventures, conveniently located across the street from the property. Whether it be a surf lesson, kayak tour or butler service, I knew I could find it here. I highly suggest you take advantage of all the extra activities that this resort provides for their guests. There is so much to do and they always have an updated event calendar posted in the lobby and online. Renting bikes and going on a 15 mile ride along the clean bike-friendly paths from Huntington to Newport Beach was definitely one of my most favorite things to do the whole trip. It was so relaxing and I just love a good beach cruiser!





All that exercise had us starving so we chowed down at Sushi On Fire located in the center of Huntington Beach. The hostess really means business so have your party ready to be seated when they call your name (the joint gets packed!). Their menu is massive and filled with all sorts of different rolls and dishes. If you go make sure you order the Octopus Salad, 911 Roll, Yuttso Roll and the Shishito (so YUM!). Some of their items are spicy but live a little and try something you wouldn’t try back at home.


After we finished our sushi meal, we snuck in a little shopping at the many cool shops in the area! There is always time for shopping (am I right ladies?). Besides, you want to travel back to wherever you are from with some gnarly beach swag! Helloooo! With that said, please make sure you hit up Jack’s, Vans, and the Hurley store for some kick ass threads. I was in tank top heaven since beachwear is so my style!

jacks_hb1 ripcurl.mens.jpg

Like all wonderful trips, all good things must come to an end. It was time to wrap up our weekend getaway, check out of The Waterfront Beach Resort and say goodbye to Huntington Beach (for now!). This whole weekend really proved that as long as you find the right place to stay and are willing to try new activities than you can have one of the best times of your life. Bring your friends, family, or new love interest to Huntington Beach and stay at The Waterfront Beach Resort by Hilton. The staff is so incredibly kind and their rooms are spectacular!

Stop making excuses and treat yourself to a beach vacation in one of the most relaxing parts of the country, Southern California! Call and book your reservation today: 714.845.8000   

Trust me on this one – you will absolutely LOVE it!!!


The Other Hubby


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