The Break Up Bug

Do you have the break up bug?

I have had so many of my close girlfriends call me for advice to ask me if they should break up with their boyfriend.  A break up is a massive deal.  It is easily said than done and it will always have a mix of different emotions to follow.  One day you will feel liberated and the next day you may feel depressed, so you will need to make sure you are prepared for the mental roller coaster.  Breaking up with your boyfriend needs to be well thought out along with some deep self soul searching with in yourself.  You need to always sit back and ask yourself, what do you want?  What is right for you?  Are you happy?  Is HE happy?

Having a stable platform with your mind, body and soul is important (I am not trying to get all Yoga on you girl, but try and hear me out).  Having certainty in your head is going to be one of the most important strengths you will need when breaking up  because you don’t EVER want to ask yourself, “did I do the right thing.”  If you are going to break up with your man, than make sure you are confident with your decision.  Also,  make sure you have meditated on the fact that your life is going to be different, and that you have found some form of  peace around that.  One of my last points my hit you hard, but just because you have the break up bug on your mind, please do not let yourself go!  Working out and staying in shape is what you need right now.  It will give you time to think along with keeping your body healthy!  Please do not sit at home and eat ice cream and feel sorry for yourself.  Be a big girl and make sure you act like a mature adult.

Now, there are some of you chicks out there who just LOVE drama and the whole threatening your boyfriend with a break up hoping that it will change his ways.  Save yourself about a week’s worth of soap opera attention and get real.  Remember one of my rules, don’t think that you can “change” a man by brainwashing him with little mind games.  He will eventually figure out what you are doing and won’t want anything to do with you.  Men do not like pressure of feeling like they have to change.  Trust me, there are some guys out there that are “just fine” with getting waisted on the weekends, hanging out with their buddies, and having random hook ups (although a girl should NEVER be with this type of man). Men have an easy way of switching off the relationship button faster than some chicks do.

Before you think of pulling the break up trigger, make sure you are in a good, strong, and confident place mentally.  If you are having thoughts of leaving your boyfriend or husband, than that means something is off in your relationship (or you are just a drama queen).  Whether you are able to confront the problem and resolve it is completely up to you.  There are two people in a relationship so I am hoping communication and consideration are all out on the table.

You are able to squash the break up bug but that can only be done by taking a moment and looking on the inside to see what really is the main problem.  If you do decide to break up with you man, please make sure you have thought it out and have a secure  sense  of confidence in your decision.


The Other Hubby


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