Get Your Flirt On

Last night was a total blast but also an eye opener to the world of single ladies.  Sometimes I get caught up in the land of relationshipville that I need a night out with my single girlfriends to see how they are doing in the hunt for a man.

My evening started off by going to dinner over the hill in Sherman Oaks at a little place called, “The Local Peasant” (  The main pub and eating area was already happening by 8:30pm so my posse and I were seated in the back room at a large square table.  It was the perfect birds eye view to check out the scene.  To get the night hopping, I ordered the El Diablo cocktail that featured rum, blackberries, jalapenos, lime juice and agave.  If you enjoy a little spice, than I highly recommend it.

For my main course, I went with the chopped salad which was good but could have used an extra kick (and I may or may have not ordered a side of their massive wedge cut french fries that were simply awesome).  After a our meal we went for a nice walk down Ventura Blvd which is filled with all sorts of fabulous shops, restaurants and pubs.  Feeling a bit adventurous, we decided to enter one pub to see where the night would take us (along with getting some great juice for my blog).

Inside the pub was very much a single crowd, there were a group of guys in their later thirties chilling at the bar watching the baseball game, people playing a game of pool in the corner, and a bunch of girls and their group of friends scattered throughout.  The 90’s music and green Christmas tree lights really set the mood.  Basically, all seemed calm until the drinks started flowing.  After about an hour or so, I could actually see the booze kick in and the shield of shyness start to fade away.  The girls started leaving their nests and making their way up to the bar to order a drink or wait until a guy offered to buy them one.  These girl were on a mission to land a man and the men were eating it up.  To make it even more interesting, it was “Sexy Pirate Night.”  Yep,  who knew that was even a theme, so “sexy girl pirate costumes” and a whole lot of boob action were all over the place.  Mix that image with an eager single girl, and you basically have one hot mess.

I decided to get straight to business and start a conversation with one of these single pirate maidens.  Her name was Abbie, 36, who worked as an esthetician at one of the day spas down the road.  This little pub was her local hang out on the weekends because she knows the bartender (aka slept with him) and likes the guys that come in.  She explained to me, “I really don’t want anything serious right now, I just want to have a fun night.  If I end up meeting a guy that is cute, I might go home with him but we will see.”  Abbie said that many of her girlfriends have no problem with one night stands and enjoy the flirting game.  Clearly, having a moral compass is not the thing to carry in your purse these days.

As the night went on, Abbie made her way to the dance floor where I spotted her grinding her butt up against a man and teasing another with her fake plastic sword.  I felt bad for Abbie because she looked foolish and was craving any bit of attention she could get.  Seeking attention from the men appeared to be the trend.  I saw one girl rub an ice cube on her cleavage while she talked to a guy.

I had to ask myself, is this the new way to flirt?  I think not.

After seeing the flirting techniques from some of the single ladies at the bar, I felt that I need to share my thoughts on how to get a guys attention the proper way.  

1.)  Show off your best assets but not your ass.

 Don’t feel like you need to have your girls hanging out for a guy to notice you.  There is a big difference in the girl that looks hot in a dress and a girl that looks slutty.  If you have a beautiful smile, or pretty eyes, use those features to flirt.  A direct smile and stunning eyes will sure let the guy across the bar know you are into him.

2.)  Humor is key.

As much as women love a funny guy, men appreciate and are attracted to a girl that can hold her own too.  Don’t be afraid to do some light teasing.  He will love your confidence and quick witted charm.  Besides, it is so much more of an ice breaker than acting like a sultry vixen. Sometimes trying to act too sexy can just appear awkward.

3.)  Keep it cool.

Don’t act like you are on a mission.  Keep your personality up and your intentions down.  Guys can see right through a girl that goes out looking for a relationship.

4.)  Be Happy.

There is no better way to flirt than showing a guy that you are happy.  Smiling and talking positive is sexy.  No guy will ever flirt back with a negative nelly so make sure you give off that positive charisma.

5.)  Body Language.

Make sure you sit up tall (no slouching), and point your body towards the guy.  It is ok to find ways to touch him but don’t be too aggressive.


The Other Hubby


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