First Date Rules For Her

My heart was breaking today when my girlfriend, Jenny called me sobbing because the guy that she was dating has not returned her phone calls.  Jenny is such a nice girl but she really is clueless when it comes to men.  I have had countless talks with her about what to do when it comes to dating.  One of the  first things she does wrong is that she works herself up and gets all crazy excited about going on a first date.  For the love of God, it is just a date.  Men pick up on that overly anxious energy and run with it.  Once a guy figures out that you have been dying for a date, he is going to think he has you in the palm of his hands.  That is why it is super important to keep your emotions in check and play it cool.

There are a few ground rules to keep in mind when going out on the first date.

Hopefully, these reminders will save you time and give you the knowledge to make your next date a big success.


1.)  Let Him Pick The Place

Men like to take control with almost everything so please let him pick the place when it comes to the first date.  Don’t get all excited and tell him about your favorite Italian restaurant.  TMI.  Let him show you how creative and cute he can be by picking out the best first date location.  All you have to do is show up.

2.)  Don’t Talk Too Much

Nobody likes a motor mouth, especially one that only talks about herself.  Don’t make him think that you are obsessed with yourself by only talking about you, it is OK to ask him questions.  This is how you guys will get to know each other.  Keep the communication flowing.

3.)  Don’t Plan For A Next Time On The Date

Please pump the brakes when it comes to a second or third date.  Leave that up to him and let him do the talking.  Avoid saying things like, “Well, when we hang out next time,” or “On our next date, we really show check this place out.”  Slow your roll.

4.)  Don’t Sleep With Him

If you and your guy are having the BEST DATE EVER than I suggest you end the date that way too.  Just because there are tons of fireworks going off on all levels does not mean that you should sleep with him.  Keep him in suspense and waiting for more. This will only guarantee a fabulous second date.  Please don’t give it up so quickly.  There is no rush.

5.)  Don’t Call Him The Next Day

Whatever you do, do NOT call him the next day.  Wait for him to contact you.  If he does not call you the next day, or the day after that, or the day after that, or the day after that, than that means he is not into you.  Do not take it to heart, it has happened to all of us.  There is no need to find out why he is not into you either.  Keep your dignity and MOVE ON.

6.)  Make Sure You Say Thank You

Men love women that have manners.  After he pays for dinner make sure you tell him thank you.

7.)  Be Nice To The Waiter

Please be nice to the waiter, he is going to notice how you interact with the wait staff.  Are you bitchy or are you polite?  There is a huge difference.  Being nice is hot.

8.)  Talk About Your Family

Men love girls that are close with their family so if you are able to talk nicely about your family than I suggest you do it!

9.)  Don’t Be Negative

If you want your first date to go great than I suggest you keep your complaining at home.  Show him that you are happy in your life, keep the conversations positive.

10.)  Keep It Easy On The Drinks

Having a glass of wine or two is just fine but don’t bust out the whiskey and get all sloppy.  Getting drunk on the first date is an absolute NO!  Just because you have the case of the nerves does not make it OK to get all drunk.  Show him you can handle your booze and yourself!!

Remember to have fun, be yourself and keep the mood natural.  Good Luck!


The Other Hubby



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