Day 3 In NYC, Top Hotels & Tips

I love New York City.

I arrived at JFK just a little after 7:00pm after a long flight aboard Virgin America Airlines from Los Angeles.  That is one serious flight.  Maybe I am feeling a bit stiff about my travel due to my experience in the exit row.  Typically, I am the number one supporter of an exit row but sadly this experience left me feeling a bit uneasy.  The exit row is like getting business class at an economy price most of the time.  That extra leg room feels like you are laying your legs in a bowling alley compared to those tight ass regular economy seats.  I was so amped when I scored a window seat in isle 9!  I had tons of room to kick my legs up, sit back and enjoy the ride to the Big Apple. As the flight began to hit 30,000 feet, I went to press the button on my seat to gently glide back my seat into the ever so comfortable recline position.  The only problem, there was NO recline button.  I looked for that damn thing for a good ten minutes thinking I was going blind.  Then, the business man sitting next to me turned and said, “These seats don’t go back.”

I wanted to cry.  Sitting straight up like a solider for five hours sucked.  Royally sucked.  I could not believe I did not read the small print when booking my seat.  The point of this story is to ALWAYS make sure your seat reclines no matter how long you are in the air.

Once I got to JFK, I thought I would save some cash and take the Air Train to the A train into Manhattan.  I am all about the local experience and sometimes taking a town car can be so annoying.  The constant braking in bumper to bumper traffic is dreadful, plus I get a little car sick. Everyone on the train were super helpful!!  If you are going to order car service, use NY Town Car USA; 917-418-9198.  Their prices are not too bad and they will meet you inside the terminal and get you into the city as fast as they can.

I arrived at the Hudson Hotel located off 58th Street in Mid Town.  I love the location.  You can walk to Central Park, Time Square, and many cute little restaurants.  There is also an amazing Whole Foods right around the corner in Columbus Circus.  The Hudson Hotel so far has been a 5 out of 10 thus far.  The rooms are incredibly small and the service is not so good.  For example, it took 20 minutes for the front desk person to check me in, over 4 hours for house keeping to clean my room and when you go to sleep at night, you are more than likely to be waken up by the noisy hallway.  On the positive side, they have an OK gym, modern decor, and cozy little outside courtyard.  If you are want an AMAZINGLY YUMMY slice of NY pizza than please go to Justino’s Pizza on 10th Street just a few blocks from The Hudson and order a slice! SOOOO GOOD!

Let’s get back to the hotels.  If you have a few extra bucks, I highly suggest you stay at one of the following hotels in the City.  They may be a bit more costly, but they definitely make up for it in the customer service, spacious room areas and room service which I find to be very important when traveling.

Here are The Other Hubby’s Top New York City Hotels if you are looking for a little sophistication, space and super service;

1.)  The London Hotel New York City,

The basic London Suite is their standard room but it will feel like plenty of space for two people.  Their hip clean decor is fresh but also elegant.  They have an excellent room service menu and the location is fabulous if you are looking to shop on Fifth Avenue or catch a Broadway show.  I always enjoy The London Hotel and if you are traveling to Los Angeles, they have a location there as well with a kick ass roof top.

2.)  The Trump Hotel Central Park, 

This hotel has A+ customer service!!  They are quick, polite, professional and respectful.  I have stayed at this hotel a handful of times and every time I go back, I enjoy it more and more.  Nothing beats their location!  You have access to the Upper West Side, Central Park, Lincoln Center, Fifth Avenue and tons of nightlife.  The 52-story Trump International Hotel & Tower is simply dedicated to exceeding all your expectations and it shows with their housekeeping and front desk service.  I also love their beds and the way they put little treats in your room upon arrival.  Their gym is not too shabby either!  Book this hotel if you got the cash.

3.)  The Bowery Hotel,

I had the pleasure of spending 3 nights at the Bowery Hotel and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. My room was a standard queen and felt perfect in size. More than enough room for two people. The bath was outstanding, bedding wonderful and the hotel decor has a classic, old-world Bohemian style. If you love antiques and a cozy vibe you will be more than pleased with the Bowery. The staff was also wonderful and the neighborhood is located walking distance to some of NYC’s coolest neighborhoods like the East Village and Soho. It is pricey but a top notch experience.

4.) Gramercy Park Hotel,

Gramercy Park Hotel is sooo cool.  It is overwhelming and over the top at first but also super chill at the same time (I know sounds strange but the best way to describe it).  It has a dark sexy feel to it so could be a great place for a young couple getaway.  The lobby is something out of a Tim Burton movie but I found their rooms to be very cozy.  The jewel of Gramercy Park Hotel, however, is the Maialino restaurant! Overall, a great food experience! If you are looking for a funky, elegant and cool vibe than please come to this hotel.  There is something very unique and special about it.

I have just a few more days left in New York so keep checking back for more updates, stories, tips and more!


The Other Hubby


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