Friday Night In New York

Being in New York can make you feel like you are living your life in one big crazy-fun-colorful dream.  One moment you are walking the streets of 5th Avenue bopping in and out of high end designer shops, the next you are enjoying a quiet moment of Zen in Central Park, and than you finish your evening chowing down on delicious food in Harlem.  That pretty much summed up my last Friday in New York.  I am going to miss this city.  There is something so extra remarkable about it.

Friday nights are supposed to be fun and somewhat relaxing after a long week in the office, don’t you agree?  Whether you are in the Big Apple or anywhere else in the world, you should always make your Friday evening special.  Treat yourself to some good food and some good old fashion fun.  Do something that will allow you to shut your brain off and not worry about work.  Work will pick right back up again on Monday so start your weekend off with a bang by celebrating your hard work on a Friday night.

Here is New York there are SO MANY places to venture out to, especially if you are looking to wine and dine.  I like to add a little sass into the mix by trying out new places which I  must tell you all about.  I had the pleasure to visit these fun Friday night hot spots while in New York and I have a good feeling you will love them too.

Check them out!

1.)  Brooklyn Bowl,

Brooklyn Bowl is all about entertainment!  According to Rolling Stone, it is “one of the most incredible places on Earth.  Not only is there the obvious bowling but it also integrates a premier performance venue where many hip hop and other music industry stars have performed.  The food is also super super super yummy  (I will get to that in a moment).  The unique atmosphere is really geared for people to chill out, lounge, drink, eat and bowl.  If you do take my advice and hit up Brooklyn Bowl, than make sure you order their chocolate chip banana bread.  It is one of the best deserts I ever had.

Ok…so maybe I also ordered their mac and cheese too…


2.)  Ricardo Steak House,

If you are looking for great music, outstanding energy and damn good food, than you have to make a trip to Harlem and get dinner at Ricardo Steak House.  It is like no place in the City because everyone that comes to dine are happy!  Who does not like to be around happy people.  They place the best music while eat which bring LIFE to the restaurant.  The ambiance is created out of exposed brick walls adorned with local artwork, an open kitchen and an outdoor patio. I highly suggest the filet mignon, it was cooked to perfect and filled with flavor.  Just promise me that while you are waiting for your food to arrive, that you sing along to the DJ that plays some excellent tunes.

3.)  Greenhouse NYC,

Let me say that I have out grown the whole club scene but when I was invited to Greenhouse in the South Village, I was surprised at how much fun I had.  First, expect a large cover fee just to get in the doors, but once you are in the interior will make you feel like you are in some sort of Alice in Wonderland-green plant explosion.  It is nicely decorated and the inside set up is way cool.  Drinks are what you expect from a “high-end” club in this area, so you may need to break the bank to get drunk.  The music is bumpin and will make you want to dance with your friends the whole night.  Don’t be surprise if you spot a hip hop celebrity either.  Chris Brown, Drake, and Rihanna have all made an appearance.

4.)  Dream Hotel, 

Elusive, beautiful, and exotic are all words to describe AVA Lounge at The Dream Hotel.  Styled with 1950s retro and French Riviera touches, AVA Lounge has a stunning sex appeal with the best panoramic views of any rooftop bars in Manhattan.  Grab a guy, girl or gay and have a relaxing night over custom cocktails.


The Other Hubby


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