Tailgate Tips For The Tipsy

My dad always enjoyed the game of football, he would get all of us kids dressed up in our “Eagles green” and take us to watch the game whenever the “Birds” where in town. Back than I would have much preferred to go with my mother to the hair salon and watch all the ladies get their hair blown out while I skimmed through lady magazines such as Marie Claire.  I do remember though the tailgating vibe back than how friendly everyone was when we arrived at the stadium parking lot.  Huge crowds of people created these pop up parties out of nothing with massive amounts of food, games, cheers and laughter.  I was well impressed.  Grown men were smiling as if they were on vacation.

Later on in life, I realized that most of the people were probably totally drunk but regardless, they were in heaven.

I still really enjoy a good tailgate.  When your favorite team is playing and you are super prepared, tailgating can be off the charts exciting.  Whether you understand how the game of football works or not (yes, I am talking to you ladies and my fellow gays), it is still a neat experience to take in, especially when you are around a great group of people.

Let’s go over a few handy dandy tips for all you tailgating hotties.  I want all of you girls to listen up because I expect you to put on your sexy team jersey, throw on some sick sunglasses and join in.  This will so turn on your new boyfriend and show him that you are a total team player and can hang with the boys.

1.)  Invite your favorite friends

Who you tailgate with plays a big part in your tailgating experience.  You want to hang with people that will be rooting for your team, brings food, and knows how to enjoy a drink or two around 10:30am in the morning.  Please remember, it is better to invite a big group so everyone can chip in and contribute.  Besides, you don’t want anybody to feel left out. Tailgating is for everyone!!

2.)  Bring on the food

I have seen some fierce food spreads!  From gourmet burgers to your good old fashioned American hot dogs.  Whatever it is you bring, be sure you bring enough for the whole gang.  I suggest assigning a dish to each person or instructing who should bring what prior to game day.  If you decide to make burgers, I recommend shaping your burger patties before hand and making sure you have antibacterial wipes for easy cleanup.  Keep in mind that grilling has become a piece of cake so I would really look into purchasing a portable grill like this one from Weber (www.weber.com/home).  A good cooler is a must as well so all that yummy food does not spoil and those drinks stay icy.

3)  Comfortable seating for all

If you plan on tailgating in a parking lot or open grass field, make sure you invest in comfortable folding chairs.  These can be purchased at any sporting good store, and often come with convenient cup holders for your ice cold beer.  For all you fancy ladies out there, take a look at some of these deluxe folding chairs to keep your tush comfy and cozy while you man enjoys his manly morning (http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4204180&cp=3306683.2405987.2406072.2277089.2285520).

Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair - Dick's Sporting GoodsTexsport Bazaar Armchair - Dick's Sporting Goods

4.)  Shade is your friend

The sun can be brutal (and terrible for the skin) so make sure you have an area where you can sit in the shade.  Drinking and heavy sun are never a good mix.  I really love these camping canopies that pop up so easy.  You can even purchase a tent with your team colors and logo to claim your plot and show your pride!  Please make sure you bring plenty of water too.

5.)  Games galore 

After a few cold ones, tossing a beanbag into a hole will sound fun to you ,so divide into a group of two and let the games begin!

Wild Sports Tailgate Toss XL - Dick's Sporting Goods

Tailgating is part of US tradition for so many families across the country.  Depending where you live, tailgating essentials will differ but what remains the same wherever you are from, is that FUN is always being served.  If your husband, boyfriend or friends invites you to join in the festivities (and they SO should) than you better make sure you are prepared and ready to roll up your sleeves.  It is a different kind of fun if you are use to sipping on cosmos and sitting pretty but I assure you, it will make for a memorable time.

Memories and bonding together is what really is important.  

Enjoy and see you at the game!


The Other Hubby


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