Happy At Harrods

I don’t know how to express how much love I have for Harrods in London.  I am a bit obsessed.  Whatever you are looking to purchase, they more than likely carry it but probably have it on some amazingly gorgeous display as well.  Which totally makes your shopping experience one to remember.  Harrods is off the hook.

This trip to London, I was able to take in Harrods with open arms, open eyes and an open wallet.  The exterior architecture of the building itself is spectacular and when you drive by it at night, it will take your breath away as it is covered in white lights (EVERYWHERE).  The store is filled with all sorts of shoppers, from the traveling tourists, to the London locals looking to pick up some luxury merchandise or simply grab lunch.   Speaking of merchandise, I went shopping crazy picking up all sorts of Harrods goodies which they generously have an entire floor for.  If you are looking for a not so typical souvenir for your loved ones, than I suggest picking up some Harrods swag.  This week, I purchased these darling metal tins full of tea for my Grandma along with some chocolates for my friends.  The packaging is too die for.  Another fun thing to do when at Harrods is to visit the food halls.  I had the pleasure to eat lunch at the Harrods Rotisserie counter.  This is just one of many specialty counters.  There are so many good choices you can’t even image and don’t get me started on their delicious dessert area.  OMG.  The food is pricey, my meal came out to be a big fat $53 dollars (picture below) but it was very good and the service was spot on.

Finally, the Egyptian escalator inside the main area is a must see.  In this same section you will find the memorial to the late Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.  They even have a book for you to sign in their memory.

If you’re in London, definitely stop in to Harrods for an afternoon.  It truly is one of the best shopping experiences you will ever have in your lifetime.


The Other Hubby


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