Heathrow Haven, Terminal 5

The First Class lounge at Terminal 5, London Heathrow could possibly be the new location of where I would like to have my wedding reception or at least my 50th Surprise Birthday Party that I am hoping my boyfriend is going to plan for me.  I’m totally kidding but seriously was so impressed by the luxury and all the five star features.  I had the opportunity to travel with a British Airways Gold Card member which is basically the creme del the creme when it comes to an airline mileage club, so I had access to all the hot spots at Heathrow.  If you have ever traveled through London before or been to the Heathrow airport as a regular economy traveler, you would agree that it can be a bit of a hectic pain in the bum. However, Heathrow has an exclusive check in section for such first class members, that allows you to check in with ease and fast track your way through security.  Yes, this is so where you would find Posh and Becks checking in.  The customer service is TOP NOTCH and the space is even decorated with cute little topiaries.

After we got through security which took us a good five minutes, we made our way up to the British Airways First Class Lounge.  This lounge kicks any airport lounge in the ass and than some.  You walk through this open seating area filled with modern decor, oversized cozy seating, panoramic views, a bar area and even a garden section.  Talk about a warm welcoming!  It is a travel haven for business people because everything is at their finger tips, including private bathroom stalls and a variety of food.

Yes, let’s talk about the food!  I promise on my life, that I had the best scrambled eggs ever in this lounge.  Their breakfast buffet was so damn good, featuring all sorts of eggs, waffles, sausages, pastries, fruit, etc.  I was able to bust out my laptop, have a cappuccino, eat, and work all in one go.

Does it pay to fly first class and wreak of all the benefits that follow? Hell yes! It will cost you an arm and a leg along with traveling every second of your life to wrack up some points but it sure does have its payback!

My hat goes off to British Airways because they really cater to their first class guest and make traveling a piece of cake.  A gold piece of cake that is, I can’t wait to go back.


The Other Hubby


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