From Paris With Love


Paris!!!  Yes, Paris!!  I feel so blessed!

It was my first time in The City of Lights and I have to say, everything I had thought about Paris turned out to be spot on true.  I think what most American’s think of Paris as a place filled with romance, fashion, luxury, cafes, shopping, good looking people and so on, which in reality is pretty darn accurate.  I have had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe but there is something so very special about Paris.  I really wanted to take Paris in and live it up so I tried out some fabulous spots that I wanted to share with you hotties!  Keep in mind, I was envisioning myself as the male version of Carrie Bradshaw while I walked the streets of Paris, remember when she was there in the very last of episode of Sex and the City? Carrie always knew how to live in the moment and I so wanted to follow her lead (without all the guy drama).

I arrived at the Orly airport and took a short taxi ride into the inner city, my heart was pumping with excitement.  I have always dreamed of being in Paris and was so grateful to actually be living a long time dream.  Talk about gratification!!  The first thing you notice when you drive into the city is the breathtaking architecture, it is almost overbearing.  The details are unbelievable!  I know this sounds like such an airhead thing to say but I was totally pondering how all these buildings could have been created so incredibly well.  It is TRUE ART!  I can’t express how impressed I was by all the design.  It is a photographers paradise!

Upon arrival my dear friend and I went straight to lunch at the elegant restaurant, L’ Avenue located in one of the most poshest areas of Paris.  We were greeted by the handsome owner who was incredibly polite and walked us to one of the best tables in the house.  I decided to order the filet mignon with mashed potatoes and it  turned out to be one of the best meals I ever had, absolutely delicious! Let me also add that the waitstaff looked like a team of models, so make sure you put L’Avenue on your list for places to dine (  Besides, if Beyonce loves this place, it must be a HIT!

As for our hotel, we checked in at Hotel le Bellechasse which was designed by Christian Lacroix!  The staff was courteous and professional right from the start.  It was a super easy check in and they spoke perfect English.  I really enjoyed the boutique feel and the unique design throughout the hotel. The rooms were small, but wonderfully filled with modern fixtures and a big cozy bed.  I felt very comfortable there.

Le Bellechasse 1

Now, let’s talk more about more fun hot spots to drink and eat!  I felt so spoiled eating out in Paris because the food is so darn good.  Here are a few of my favorite places that I highly recommend to you!

1.)  Pamela Popo

I suggest you take a stroll down the Rue Francois Miron, the avenue is filled with plenty of shops, bars and cute cafes to sit and relax.  For dinner, make sure you treat yourself to Pamela Popo! The bar is very cool with a mixed of modern and old design.

2.)  Le Lucien Bar at Barriere Hotel

Le Lucien bar is located at the first floor of the Fouquet’s Barrière Hotel and is the perfect place for refreshments, sweet breaks, and cocktails.

3.)  Francois Felix

I am obsessed with this place!  LOVED IT!  I had the best salmon sandwich that had a tasty dill sauce.  The staff was AWESOME and super friendly.  The bistro is located in a ritzy area but you will find yourself at home once you pull up a chair, order a glass of wine and a delicious meal!

For all you dreamers out there who want to travel to Paris, I suggest you make it happen because the experience will change your life.  Paris is Paris for a reason and it will meet all of your expectations and than some!  Whether you go with the love of your life or a very good friend, you will leave with more love in your heart.  Paris does something to the mind, it fills it with passion.


The Other Hubby

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