Tis The Season


Welcome to the month of December.  Here we are counting down to one of the biggest holidays of the year.  Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?  I feel like we were all just in our bathing suits laying out at the beach just a few days ago.

The holidays can be an incredibly happy time but there is always bound to be a few loose jingle bells in the mix.  The hectic traveling, the drainage of your bank account, the random family drama and for you single girls out there…the lonely New Years Eve.  What is a girl to do?

Here are few helpful tips on how to enjoy the holidays this year without spilling egg nog all over your December.

1.)  Holiday Money Savers

One of the top stress triggers for the holidays is dealing with money issues.  Whether it is not having enough to spend on all your loved ones or not being able to buy the best gift for your boyfriend, money always seems to be a factor.  It you are stuck in a financial rut and simply don’t have enough cash flow to go out and buy-buy-buy for everyone than I suggest you and your family get together and pick names.  The Secret Santa works great for work colleagues, it should work just as great for your family too (whether big or small).  This way you only have to purchase for one person and you all can establish a price limit.  The holidays are really not about who bought who what gift anyway, remember it is about spending time together and embracing the moment.  Another idea on how to save on gift purchasing is to shop after Christmas!  Yep, one thing that I have heard so many couples and families do to help release the money tension, is to celebrate Christmas Day playing games, enjoying dinner together and than waking up the next day and going shopping to take advantage of all those major discounts!!  Ding-Ding-Ding = Super Cool idea.

2.)  Family Fight Filters

The saying that “Family is Forever,” sure is true and God bless our families for all the unexpected hiccups that happen during the holiday season.  The one major point that has to be addressed, is that remember your family is your family and EVERY family has their issues (I repeat, every family!).  Taking the high road in a family fight may be hard to do (especially when you are in the right) but in the long run, ask yourself if it is better to score a point or bring peace to the situation?  If there is one scrooge in the family that seems to always complain or bring negative vibes to the holidays , do your best to not feed into their energy.  Keep your thoughts happy, keep your personal bubble safe and don’t allow anybody to bring you down.  Although it is supposed to be one of the most joyous times, remember to keep up your boundaries and don’t let yourself get into an uncomfortable position.  You get to control how you want your holiday time to be so sometimes you will need to navigate through some of that family drama.  As long as you are AWARE, you should not have be “surprised” by how others behave.  Keep your integrity and own happiness in tact and pick your battles.

3.)  Avoiding Travel Turmoil

Holiday travel royally sucks.  The bigger the holiday, the bigger the crowds, the bigger the headache.  Be a little bit ahead of the game this year and start planning your travel day now.  That means plan out your timetable for that day, figure out what time you have to leave to avoid traffic, decide who is going to take and pick you up and start making notes of what you need to remember to bring.  Procrastinating can be your all time favorite hobby but don’t embrace it during the holiday travel season.  You need to be on your A Game.  If you are checking luggage, than get to the airport at a decent time so you are not huffing and puffing in the  check in line and if you don’t need to check bags, than preprint your boarding pass and tail it to the security line.  Be aware of all the airport rules too.  Don’t carry on a liter size of conditioner (know the size requirements), don’t wear your metal accessories to the airport that you will have to waist time and take off, and don’t wear complicated shoes!

4.)  Rewiring The Feeling Of Being Single 

Being single during the holidays does not have to be so depressing (and NO – not easier said than done!).  December may bring up times when you wish you had someone to buy gifts for, snuggle by the fire with or kiss at midnight but stop putting all your thoughts in one basket.  If you are single and have been working your butt of all year than make your holiday time (even if you are traveling home) a mini-vacation for YOU.  Check yourself into a spa, catch up with your girlfriends and HELLLOOOOO shop for YOURSELF!  Praise the Lord!  Besides, holidays also mean that there will be MANY holiday parties which could be the perfect opportunity for you to meet somebody.  Switch off that “Debbie Downer” frown and start to look at the brighter side of the holiday season and take advantage of being the girl that has a little bit more freedom to do anything that she pleases.  All you really have to do is rewire the way society makes you look at New Years and Christmas and make it your own.  New Years Eve can be a big cluster mess of traffic jams, over crowded bars and drunken messes anyway so plan a special evening where you are surrounded by positive elements.  Be around friends (yes, even couples) that make you smile, laugh, and feel good.

Happy December to all of you.


The Other Hubby


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