A Healthy Mind Holiday


I love coming home for the holidays.  The moment I land in Phoenix, Arizona I feel a sense of peace.  The airport is easy, the people are friendly and my mother always has a home cooked meal waiting for me.  Turning your brain off can be so healthy.

This Holiday Season, I suggest to all you to do just that! Give yourself the gift of relaxation by forcing yourself not to look at your phone, or check your email to see if anyone from work is trying to contact you.  Let the world just be for a moment and come to peace with the comfortability of being home.

Try and do something different this year that will make your visit a bit more memorable.  

1.)  Go Outside

Whether it is snowing, raining, or sunny blue skies, get your butt outdoors and take in the fresh air (yes, even cold air!).  Being around nature does something so wonderful to your senses.  If you have little ones in the family, bring them outside to play or simply go for a walk by yourself.  Here in Arizona, I take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and take some “me time” to hike up one of the beautiful hiking trails.  I particularly love – Camelback Mountain.  

2.)  Be Around Kids

I believe my life changed when my little niece was born.  She is now two years old but has taught me so much about unconditional love.  Being around her makes me want to be a better person.  Spend time with the children in your family, take them to a toy store or wrap up a special present for them.  Seeing their faces after they open a gift is priceless.  One of my favorite things about my little cousins is that they are so honest.  If you ask them a question, they will tell you the truth!  Kids don’t have a filter so enjoy all the fun and laughter that comes with being in their company.

3.)  Cook, Eat, & Eat Some More

The holidays are circled around eating so you might as well kick your diet to the curb for one day and indulge in some delicious food.  Give yourself a cheat day and stop counting calories during a holiday meal. Don’t be such a buzz kill.  You are supposed to feel full and tired, that is one of the best parts! Don’t be that annoying girl who looks over the dessert table and moans about how she needs to hit the gym.  Dig in and drizzle on chocolate sauce!  Another thing I enjoy doing while at home is trying out a new recipe. Most of my girlfriends are all hooked on Pinterest which is a handy way to find some unique and fun new items to cook.

4.)  Spa It Up

I know money can be super tight around the holiday season but try and put a little extra change a way for just YOU!  Check yourself into a 6o minute deep tissue hot stone massage and let your mind drift off to another world and back.  You deserve it!!

5.)  Show Gratitude

There is nothing more powerful to the mind and soul than showing gratitude and appreciation to the people that you love and care about. I promise I won’t get all mushy, but make sure you take time out during your day and deliver a special message to somebody that you truly care about. I have a good feeling they would love to hear from you.

6.) Give Back

My friend Mali actually started doing something that I can’t wait to join her in next year.  She went to a homeless shelter to feed some of the families that are less fortunate and hungry (even bringing her own home cooked meals).  If you have time, please connect with your local homeless or women’s shelter to see if you can give an extra hand. I contacted the church close to my house and they were also able to direct me. It sure does put your own life into perspective.

Happy Holidays to all of you! Enjoy your families, friends and make sure to relax and live in the now.

God Bless.


The Other Hubby


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