Whiskey Cures Everything


After diving head first into NY Fashion Week, I made it back to LA in one piece and immediately started to get my drink on which I felt was totally deserved after dealing with all things blizzard. Snow and I need to start becoming friends because I have a trip to Norway coming up and dealing with all the slush, ice and falling icicles did not really get me into the Winter Wonderland spirit. Once I arrived in LA (love the weather/hate the traffic), I scurried off to hang out with my friends who had already prepared my favorite whiskey cocktail for me. I figured, whiskey would cure my slight jet lag, it cures everything. Any reason to pop open a bottle of wine or whiskey is fine by me. Whiskey or “An Old Fashioned” has become my drink of choice  these days. My straight friend Criss who I have known for over a decade turned me on to these stiff by refreshing cocktails some time ago. I wanted to give myself the credit for liking something so butch but a straight man was behind my whiskey obsession. Here is what I learned about whiskey; it gets the job done and will never fail you.

For all my ladies out there, I suggest you turn up your coolness, put down your cosmo (which by the way is so five years ago) and order yourself an Old Fashioned next time you are out and about. The new guy you are dating will be so impressed. Now, let’s move on to wine!

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The next day, we were off to Malibu Country for some wine tasting. Sounds fancy I know but my girlfriend Michelle and her hubby to be needed some extra taste buds to help choose their wines for their upcoming wedding. This was a total “sign me up” kind of day! Malibu Wines is located about 25 miles north of Santa Monica, and set between the mountains off of the Pacific Coast Highway and the 101 Freeway, so no matter which direction you come from, the drive is absolutely beautiful! Once you pull up, you are greeted by a valet stand (duh) and welcomed with live music and a darling set up of tables, lights and views. This place is precious and I would say it could possibly be the perfect place to go with your sweet for an afternoon picnic. Did I mentioned there is no cost for admission? Yep, more money for wine.


You have the choice to purchase various flights of wine along with bottles so whether you are feeling a little Chardonnay or Cabernet, Malibu Wines will deliver. Depending on what time you go, I suggest packing a fabulous sweater or bringing a blanket to get all cozy in while you sit back and take in the nature! You can also be like me and purchase a new leather jacket from Urban Outfitters that I picked up just for the occasion, it is so my new fave (pictured above at the top). I live to pose. Ha!

Anyway, for those of you that are not able to make it out to Malibu, make sure you get into the whiskey groove at one of these local LA bars that are known to make a delicious drink just right for you! Remember ladies, where there is whiskey, there is men. Enjoy!

Top LA Whiskey Bars

1.) Seven Grand, www.sevengrand.com 

2.) The Thirsty Crow, www.thirstycrowbar.com

3.) Neat, 1114 N Pacific Ave Glendale, CA 91202

Seven Grand

Get your wine on or whiskey on, just don’t over do it.


The Other Hubby


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