Single & Loving Valentine’s Day

Yep, it is Valentine’s Day which for some of you  may be the one day out of the year that you hate the most. I was single for many years before I found my Mr. Right but always enjoyed this red and pink filled heart day (I mean hello, who does not love those chalky candy hearts!). Being single on Valentine’s Day may not be the best feeling but it does not have to be the worst. What I have learned is that this Hallmark Holiday is actually a special day and being a hater will get you know where. Just because you have not been struck by cupid’s arrow does not  mean you have to make it a drab and depressing day. For my single readers, don’t think of it as a “couples only” day. There are plenty of things you can do for yourself to make it special for YOU. Try making it a day that you give extra love and attention to yourself. Go on a hike, buy yourself something from the mall, treat yourself to a delicious carry out meal, get a massage or simply be around other people that are happy to embrace the day with you.

Here are a few things of what not to do on Valentine’s Day if you are a Single Sally.

1.) Be A Bitter Betty

Bitter Betty’s are the worst! Not just on V-Day but in general. Nobody wants to be around that moody girl who complains about not having a Valentine, and who moans time and time again of being single “once again” on this day. The fact of the matter is that if you are an annoying girl on Valentine’s Day, you are probably one every other day of your life which may be a reason why you are alone. I suggest pulling the stick out of your bum and stop focusing on hating today because you are single. Having such anger is written all over your face and your friends, coworkers, etc won’t want to be around you. Take the scowl off your face and be happy for the people (even the other single peeps) that are just making it a great day.


2.) Don’t Get Upset

Crying and getting upset that you are not on a hot date at P.F. Changs is not the way to deal with being alone on Valentine’s Day. Focus on all the good things you have in your life and be grateful for what you DO have, not on what you DON’T have. If you put your mind to thinking positive, more positive things will come your way. I’m not bullshitting you either. Positive feeds on positive, negative feeds on negative. It is that simple.



3.) Don’t Be A Big Girl

Being single on Valentine’s Day does not mean you can eat your feelings. All that sugar and fast food is not going to speed up the day, it will actually make your mind and body feel ten times worse. Stay away from heavy foods and wake up the next day feeling fit and fresh.


4.) Don’t Hate On The Couples

Seeing your friends, family members or coworkers in a healthy and happy relationship should not make you furious. If anything, you should be happy for them as they would be happy for you. Take more of a stance on showing appreciation for the couples that have found each other and are able to celebrate it on this day.

5.) Don’t Give Up

Valentine’s Day can bring out all kinds of mixed emotions if you are single. How many times do we have to hear that girl in the office say, “Oh, I am giving up on men!” That only makes her look like a dumb dumb so my suggestion to you is to keep believing in LOVE. It is the most powerful feeling out there and everyone deserves love. I believe it will only come your way if you are open to it and are in a strong enough point in your life where you have learned to love YOU too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Other Hubby



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