Get Your Golf On


Sunday Funday usually involves something very spontaneous, booze, and being outside. This Sunday was no exception by an means, but it somehow added a dose of sports into the mix. I officially experienced a day of golf.

Golf and I have never connected before besides a couple driving range experiences and my childhood years of going to play putt-putt at Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa, Arizona with my siblings. Golfland was the place to be during the  hot Arizona Summer months. You could play a round of miniture golf, go inside the large castle for a some arcade fun (I was obsessed with getting those red tickets from the Skee Ball Game!) or head to the water park which included a lazy river and a wave pool! That wave pool was so flippin fierce and still there by the way!

Rewind back to just yesterday, and my friends I were getting our “fancy” on at the Riviera Country Club located in the pristine Pacific Palisades area of California. Home of big clean streets, humongous gorgeous houses, organic breakfast spots, the Affleck’s and TOM wearing mother’s that drive Range Rovers. We were not there though to get all Southern California, we were there to experience The Northern Turst Open!


I was not really sure what I was getting myself into but I did know it involved Spicy Bloody Mary’s at 11:00 in the morning hence why we hired a driver. Pulling up to the Riviera you immediately notice the colorful polo shirt wearing crowd all eager to mark their territory. The 18th hole seemed to be the most popular location to gather which I later figured out why (I was totally clueless at this point). After a few drinks and a nice walk around the golf course I started to realize what golf was all about. It is a different kind of sport  that does not not involve screaming, whistling or cheerleaders but rather a very low key game of deep concentration, technique and bad pants. True golf fans take the sport super seriously which made observing even more interesting. Their outfits usually involve a hat, a dash of neon, a belt, polo shirt, 1990’s facial hair and extra clean tennis shoes. Golf vocabulary is much different than what you would find in any other sport too. There is some loudness in the language but that usually comes out right after the golfer hits the ball and it usually is a quick shout out followed by gentle applause from the crowd. I heard all kinds of phrases but some of my favorite were, “Get in the hole!” to “You got it Bill!” This brings up my next observation, there is always a golfer named Bill.


Now, let’s talk professional for a moment (or try to) because it seems that I was involved in seeing some great golfers in action. What should also be noted is that the more popular the golf pro, the bigger the crowd at the hole. Let’s take Phil Mickelson for example, he seemed to get everybody’s attention! The only thing I wished I could do was get the man a new pair of pants, his daddy cut pants were just bad news bears. Then, there was this guy named Keegan Bradley who my friend was going gaga over. She totally wanted to have his babies. I give him some props though for his well coordinated his outfit.

All in all I enjoy golf. I would not watch it on TV or take part in a full day of actually playing the game but a few hours at one of these tournament-thingys is super fun. For all you ladies who are dating golf lovers than I suggest you join your man the next time he heads to the golf course not only to take in the ambiance but check to see if you’ve got some hidden talents!  My final thought goes out to all my single girls out there, you totally need to make your move to the nearest country club! Where there is golf, there will be cute clean cut men so go get your golf on!!


The Other Hubby


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