Off 3rd Street


I am sure you have read about all the darling little boutique shops on West 3rd Street in Los Angeles in your US Weekly, In Touch, Star and all the other mags we love while getting a pedicure, but aside from buying an overpriced maxi dress, strappy sandles and a candle, there is quite a lot more things to explore off this little strip. One of these weekends if you live in the City of Angeles or just visiting, you should definitely make your way to 3rd Street and check out a few of my favorite stops.

Let’s start with food first because dining on 3rd Street is totally the thing to do on any day of the week! There is plenty of fun people watching, and  delicious food to scarf down to soak up the liquor from the night before! The obvious places to go to are the popular joints like Toast and Joan’s on 3rd which often means waiting for a table (soooo not needed). There are plenty of other cool spots to get your grub on so check them out and get your brunch on.

Luigi’s on 3rd

Not just because I love the name Luigi and secretly wish my boyfriend’s name was Luigi for some odd reason but the food here is really good. Luigi’s has very authentic Italian pastas which are portioned on the smaller side (yes, we live in LA) but overall it hits the spot. The lobster ravioli, grilled octopus, and margarita pizza = yum.



Robata Jinya

Truth be told, I was here last night and I want to go back again today. I love that you can eat outside or be inside with a big open window that looks out onto the street. The food is awesome, the menu in colorful and flavorful – a big YES to the Saki too! I went crazy for the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna but you will dive into a food coma after trying out their Ramen noodle bowls. They are simply heavenly.



My friend Marissa introduced me to A.O.C. and I have not stopped thinking about it! If you are all up on your wines, you will so appreciate this friendly atmosphere that has an eclectic and unique choice of foods. A few standouts I really enjoyed where the bacon wrapped dates (served warm), grilled shrimp with corn/zucchini fritter, fresh roast corn and avocado, all drizzled in something wonderful. Their wine list is off the charts too so grab a buddy and dive into some small plate elegant fun.



Ok, so we are moving right along on our 3rd Street stroll to some sweet treats that will have all you sugar and chocolate lovers going nuts-0!! If you have a sweet tooth as much as I do than you will so be thanking me after you check out my new fave place, Carmela Ice Cream Store! Not only is this little nook so cute, the staff is friendly and the flavors will give your taste buds a little dance. Here I am getting my cone on with their mint and dark chocolate scoops. The chocolate I liked the best and the cone almost even more. It tasted so fresh and had a hint of something buttery.


You know I always like to include your boyfriends in my blog posts because giving them knowledge only makes things better. Many men out here in LA head to barbershops to get a badass fade and a no fuss experience. I think one of the top barbershops in all of LA is located on 3rd Street which is called, “The Proper.” Their cuts are super reasonably priced and their barbers are skillful and precise. You won’t ever walk out of there with a lopsided head (it can be so hit or miss at other shops). If you can take the bickering and casual playfulness between the barbers than I say call ahead and make yourself an appointment. I have seen Kyle and Daniel, both do really good jobs. Your guy will be very thankful.


Let’s let the men play and move on to the shopping. My girls love getting a fresh juice from The Farmers Market and than walking down 3rd Street to all the darling dress shops. You are bound to find a colorful Summery outfit each time you go. Here are a few shops I know you will enjoy.

Trina Turk




Polka Dots & Moombeams


Kristin Londgren


You basically have your next Sunday afternoon planned out! It is just nice to check out new pockets of LA and have a nice afternoon taking in this gorgeous weather (the good weather is included in the rent).

Enjoy! See ya on 3rd Street : )


The Other Hubby


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