Make The Cut


The month of May is just a couple days away which means those April showers are over and you can start to actually feel the warm sun against your skin. The sunny blue skies also means that Summer is here and it is time to make some changes in your life. Whether it is the need to put a stop on those annoying relationships, deleting some of your favorite sugary items from your diet, or saying goodbye to those pesky controlling habits, it is time to make the cut.

Bust out your self control and start putting some of these everyday life matters on the chopping block. Here are a few tips on how to make adjustments in your everyday life that will help you feel a little bit more fresh and less stressed throughout your day.

1.) Cut out spending cash on coffee, make your own!

That $4.00 cafe latte is draining your bank account each time you swipe your card at your favorite coffee chain. Put a stop to this very common routine and start making your morning caffeine fix at home. These days, there are so many easy options to make the same tasting coffee treat in half the price. You will see that little extra love in your bank account that is always a piece of mind.

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2.) Plug up those draining relationships!

There are always going to be people that come into your life that suck the life out of you. You know who I am talking about, the ones that only talk about themselves, that live in their own delusional world, that are codependent on what others think of them, and hide behind their ever so obvious insecurities. They use you as their constant sounding board which ends up leaving you exhausted. The best way to end these relationships are to simply just end it. You will feel so much more free and happier with these ego maniacs out of your life.

regina george

3.) Finally put an end to smoking!

Cigarettes may seem to be all fun in your twenties, especially if you are the social butterfly that enjoys a good smoke with your cocktail. Eventually you will start to realize and see the nasty side affects from smoking for all those years. The yellow teeth, wrinkles, spotty, dull skin will catch up to you. I have seen it happen to even the most pretty of people. Being dependent on those daily puffs also do something to your brain so grow some strength and put that habit to bed. Nobody wants to kiss an ashtray.


4.) Cut out the big girl treats!

Not just because you need to be looking your hottest this Summer but it is time to cut back on your favorite sugary snacks. Your body goes through changes the older that you get so the amount of sugar you intake should be adjusted. Those daily bowls of ice cream have got to stop. Try your best to cut out the sweet tooth. It is all in the mind, you have the self control to do it, just push yourself into eating better. You will not only look and feel better but you will get a better nights sleep!


5.) Don’t be afraid of your bills!

Cut out the scaredy-cat approach you have when checking your mail. Your bills are not going to stop. If you need to start saving more money than it is time to make some changes on what you are spending your cash flow on. Is having cable really that necessary right now? Go through your monthly bills and see where you can make some adjustments. Maybe there is a more cost effective gym membership, maybe you really need to stop leaving lights on, maybe you phone bill can be cut down. Think about it.


6.) Cut out the gossip!

All that pointless girl talk with your friends or close family members is such a waist of time. Assess your own confidence level and figure out why there is any need for you to gossip. The time you spent gossiping can be used in so many other areas.


7.) Cut out the hang overs!

A couple cocktails throughout the week really is no big deal but if you start the routine of going to happy hour after work everyday and binge drinking your your worries away than you have a problem. Not only will you look like one big bloated mess but all that booze is drowning out what your real issue is at hand.


8.) Say so long to the guy that does not want you!

So many of my single girlfriends are clueless in the guy department. They create these pretend relationships in their head and become obsessive over guys that are just not interested. If you are not getting what you want from a guy than move the f-on. Men will always tell you what they want. If he does not show an obvious sign that he is into you or wants a serious relationship than he does not want one.


9.) Cut out the complaining!

Life is not always easy and everyday there may be a struggle here and there but nobody likes to be around a complainer. The more you nag about how your life sucks, the less people are going to want to be around you. Change your attitude and outlook on life. Give thanks to the people that motivate you, be grateful for the good things you do have and always stay humble.

10.) Get some sleep!

Your body needs sleep. The more your body rests, the more you will be able to wake up feeling a little more alive. Going to bed at 1:00am each night and waking up at 5:00am is not a healthy sleeping program so turn the TV off and get yourself to bed. Invest in a good pillow that you will look forward to laying your head down on each night. If you need to put your cell phone in the other room to charge than do it. Free your sleeping area of any electronics that you are going to want to look at. Make your bedroom a place of peace.

Bedroom pillows2

Good luck and Happy Summer!


The Other Hubby


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