The Things I Love To Love


I decided to kick off this month with a few of my favorite places, people and things I absolutely love. Take a few minutes to skim through my list and if you see something that catches your eye, I suggest you dig a little bit deeper and incorporate whatever it is in your own life. I promise you will enjoy it as much as I do. Let’s get started shall we?!

1.) OleHenriksen Truth Creme Advanced Hydration Complex

I was strolling through Sephora at the Beverly Center a few weeks ago looking for a new moisturizer because I am obsessed with skincare and the lady that did my facial said I was in need of some hydrating. I have used different OleHreniksen face washes before and loved them but choosing a good moisturizer for combination skin (I can be normal to oily) can be tricky but I think I met my match. The OleHenriksen Truth Creme Advanced Hydration Complex is divine and smells like a citrus orchard. It is not too heavy and not too light. My skin has drank it up.


2.) Trader Joe’s Fresh Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs – Caged Free

I have been trying to get my body into board short perfection which means I have switched up my eating habits just a tish. For breakfast or right after a trip to the gym, I have been filling up my belly with these delicious hard boiled eggs from Trader Joe’s. I know boiling an egg is a piece of cake but when you are a girl or guy on the go, these totally come in handy. Eat a few with half an avocado and you will be in health heaven.


3.) McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park 

Recently, My boyfriend and I traveled to hot and sunny Arizona to visit my Goddaughter and lets just say we had a jolly good time at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, located in the heart of Scottsdale. The high temps could not keep us away because there is plenty to do with the little ones. Take a ride on the Paradise and Pacific Railroad or hop on the antique carousel! Finish the afternoon off with a picnic in the park under neath a tree. Bliss.


4.) Lost Coast Tangerine Beer

I put my favorite whiskey cocktail on pause for a moment because the taste of this delicious and refreshing beer is so damn good! My brother in law had ordered a tall glass over lunch and after one sip, our whole group ordered a round. Grab a six pack of Lost Coast Tangerine Beer, some magazines and put your feet up by the pool.


5.) The Humble Abode,

This darling little Day Spa in the heart of West Hollywood is absolutely precious. The mother and daughter team that run the relaxing, and soothing cottage setting are so friendly and so welcoming. I was recently there to get my eyebrows shaped up by Joan but found myself getting a facial as well. It is not pretentious like some spas can be and they have a variety treatments to choose from. 


6.) Zanerobe Shorts

I looked high and low for the best looking Summer shorts to fit my lean legs in and pretty much hit a wall until I found these babies. I love them so much that I bought three of them! You can find them at Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks and Bloomingdales or go online as they often have kick ass sales ( They fit in all the right places and extremely comfortable!


7.) Kaley O’Kelley, Good Morning Arizona  

I can’t say enough great things about my friend Kaley. She is one of that hardest working women I know and is so incredibly humble. She sets the bar when it comes to being a caring and loving person. Arizona is so lucky to have her. Not only does her Good Morning Arizona team continue to dominate in the morning news ratings, she balances her time by being a devoted wife, mother and mother-to-be (again!). God Bless you Kaley and Congratulations!  You can tune into Kaley and all of  The Good Morning Arizona Team weekdays from 5-10 a.m. on KTVK – 3TV!


8.) Pottery Barn PB Pillar Candles

I was stolling around gorgeous Pasadena, CA recently and popped into the Pottery Barn store as their window display was calling my name. They obviously have all kinds of fabulous decorative finds that any home would appreciate but what I ended up leaving with were a set of  their signature Pillar Candles. I could not wait to get them home and light them up! PS. They are on sale right now too! Put them around your bathtub and fall into a state of peace. LOVE THEM!


9.) Home Goods Stores

There are moments when I turn into a suburban soccer mom and get my crazy on because I go nuts each time I hit up a Home Goods Store! Talk about a deal! If you are looking to fill up your home in half the price or save on all kinds of home necessities such as towels, kitchen pans, floor rugs, hangers, accessories, accent tables, and much more than get your butt to a Home Goods. You will always leave with something because the prices are just that good.


10.) Succulent Plants

I go through these random phases where I think I have a green thumb. The only problem is that I forget to water my plants! Well, I think I found the perfect solution if you are in the same boat as me. If you are wanting to fill up your garden, deck or any outside area with some greenery or really cool looking plants than head to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy succulent plants. They are always in style and come in many varieties to choose from. The best part is that they hardly need any water.




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