A Good Day In Delaware


Delaware on Thursday became the latest U.S. state to take action to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples, as Governor Jack Markell announced a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. “What we know is same-sex couples want to get married for the same reason that other couples want to get married,” Markell said in a telephone interview.

I was in Delaware almost one full year ago this weekend standing up in the wedding to one of my favorites couples, Steve and Olivia. Olivia is easily one of my most favorite people in the whole world. She is not only my cousin, but a sister to me and my other siblings. I can write a whole blog post just on the type of person Olivia is, her accomplishments and the many hurdles she has jumped through to get to where she is today. I highlight Olivia today, not just because of her 1 year anniversary to Steve but for being a true supporter in the fight for marriage equality for all.



The shy 15 year old me and the ever so confident 16 year old Olivia use to get into all sorts of trouble while taking her mother’s car out into the wee hours of the night in Philadelphia. Wherever she went, she dragged me along and taught me what it was like to be “cool.” My very first cup of beer, first party, and first trip to the Jersey Shore was all with Olivia. She taught me what to wear (even what socks), how to style my hair, but more importantly – Olivia always embraced the person that I was. If you asked her today, she would tell you that she always knew I was gay. With that said, what I will always be grateful for is that she never made me feel different, never pressured me, never pried, never let anyone talk down to me, and always made sure I was having fun. The fun we had together at such a young age is something that will always bond us together. There was no “Will & Grace” or “Jack and Karen” back then but if there were such a thing, it would have been Olivia and I.


Today, I say Congratulations to Delaware and I thank everyone out there like Olivia who believes in love for all.


The Other Hubby


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