A Message For Moms


I feel like being a mom is the highest title you can possibly get in this crazy world of ours, I mean you basically are the head honcho for a lifetime in your child’s life. How many times have we all heard or said things like; “where was her mother?!” or “did his mother know about this?” – talk about a lot of pressure! Of course, we must acknowledge all the wonderful dads in the world (especially all the hard working single dads) but with Mother’s Day weekend approaching – let’s give it up for all the amazing moms in the world. I took some time to think about all the different moms I know in my life and how fortunate I am to be around them.

I hope this blog post lifts you up and makes you think! Think about all the women in your life, have you connected with them recently? If not, this weekend would be the perfect time to let them know how thankful you are for them. Below is a little of what I was thinking about today and how important Mother’s Day is to me.

momThey say that the bond between a mother and son is like no other. I first thought about my mother, who always knows how to fix any problem, who has endless love for all four of her kids, who would open up her house for anybody in need, who says the perfect words when you are upset, and who can cook five different meals at once just to make sure everyone gets what they want for dinner. I thought about my boyfriend’s mom, who also shares a similar name to my mom (our father’s also have the same name) who writes, “Love you both” in her greeting cards to us and who checks in with us just to hear about all our adventures. She has always shown such kindness towards me and always makes sure I am included. We are so lucky to have such loving moms who I think really do enjoy having gay sons. I think that makes them such fierce “Modern Moms!” I also thought about all my colorful aunts who are scattered around the country and their big personalities. All of their children have grown up to be such good people. I thought about my close friends and their mother’s who I had the pleasure of meeting and who carry such similarities to the friends I hold so dear. I especially thought about my friends who have all lost their mothers to an illness. I hold them very close to my heart, as they all share such a huge loss but are the strongest girls that I know (you know who you are). I thought about both my Grandmas, my father’s mother died of cancer but I have not forgotten what a lovely woman she was and how much she enjoyed being around family. My other Grandma who we all call, “Nan” is still shining strong here with us. Everyone that knows her loves her, she is a hard worker (still working at 80 years old), is caring and has the best sense of humor.

Lastly, when I thought about Mother’s Day and the incredible moms that I know, I thought about my older sister, Jackie. I never really understood all the major and heavy responsibilities that come with being a mom until a couple years ago when Jackie had her first born. I obviously knew what a mom was and how important her role is but until you see your sibling having a child, it shakes your whole vision up! I guess everyone has these expectations for their own mother that you don’t really take every bit into consideration until it hits so close to home. When my sister and brother-in law announced they were pregnant, it brought a huge sense of joy and happiness to our entire family. I remember seeing pictures of her eight months pregnant and thinking she was wearing a costume. My sister is so little and petite in size, seeing her with that big belly did not click with me right away. I did not know what to think at first! I called her practically every day during her pregnancy just to check in. I would say such crazy things like telling her to be extra careful when she walked. I was a nervous wreck. I could not believe that my sister was going to be a mom.


Today, when I visit her I see how motherhood is just so fitting for her. My sister may be tiny in size but she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to being a mom. Her attentiveness to detail, organizational skills, and balance between wife, work, sister, daughter, mother is remarkable. What my sister and I share so different than anyone else in our family is that we are only 11 months apart, and the same age for almost a full week. I decided to pop out a couple months early when I was born which made us Irish Twins! As a young little boy, I did not speak much and when I did you could barely hear me. Jackie on the other hand was the complete opposite, and did most of my talking for me which is pretty funny if you know me today. Seeing Jackie as the type of mother she is does not surprise me as she always took charge in everything that she put her mind to. I think my siblings would agree with me when I say that Jackie leads our little pack.

m and j

Whether you are a Mom, Grandma, or Mom-to-be, thank you for all that you do. I hope you spend Mother’s Day surrounded by the people that you love. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world so take the day off and do something for YOU!


The Other Hubby


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