Food, Men & Manhattan


New York City could possibly be the center of the universe. From the buzzy business world to the eclectic fashion industry, you will always end up getting the best of the best on the island of Manhattan. I have frequented New York a handful of times in my thirty years but I must say that each time I go back it gets better and better. Living in LA is a challenge all on its own but when I am in NY, there is that feeling that I am in the place where real shit happens. New York is the city where dreams are made. I have even had that crazy thought in my head while walking around the West Village that I should move to NY one day. New York is contagious, its energy is like no other and there is no other city in the world that compares. The overcrowded sidewalks, traffic, noise, garbage all come with the territory but after a couple of days, your brain starts to adjust and you end up finding yourself adapting and loving all the other characteristics. Such as the edgy-cool (and very blunt) people, the diverse style, the incredibly delicious food and all the different neighborhoods you can taxi to for a day-adventure. That is exactly what I took advantage of this trip, was to check out restaurants, parks, and places that I would not find back in Los Angeles. I even gave a few pointers to some single girls that I think some of you should take some notes on.


Let’s start with the West Village as it truly is my favorite place to be in New York. You won’t find the heavy tourist clans blocking your path or the chaotic hustle and bustle that comes when walking down 5th but more of a quaint big city neighborhood with darling streets filled with boutiques, boys, bakeries and bliss.

One of my first meals was at Diablo Royal (located at 189 West 10th Street) where you will find fresh chips, salsa, beans and one dynamite margarita! The waitstaff is super friendly and the people watching is off the charts. You are packed in like a can of sardines but it certainly adds to the dark saloon style atmosphere that specializes in tequila and tacos! Speaking of tacos, you must order their shrimp tacos – they come in an order of two or four (I wish I ordered the four) as they are THAT good! What will surprisingly blow your mind are their perfectly soft texture black beans and rice – so damn good! Top it all off with a classic margarita and call it a night! Two thumbs up on the food for Diablo Royal!

diablo-royale dr-chips-n-salsa

I have mentioned the Dream Downtown Hotel before in my blog but this time I am shining some light on their amazing pool side service. Yes, perfect for these Summer time temperatures! What a hot and humid one  it was this weekend, eh?! I made my way down to their pool located in the Meatpacking District (16th Street) to check out the sexy scene, get some work done poolside and dive into their lunch filled menu. If you are a fan of turkey burgers or turkey wraps than get your buns to the 2nd floor ASAP! Not only will you enjoy all the eye candy, bumping music but their Turkey Burger is too die for (tip: ask for the side of fries to be extra crispy). This hot spot is one of the most popular in the city as it attracts a young, fresh crowd looking to catch some sun and catch a guy. If you are a guest in the hotel, than you will have all access to their hopping penthouse floor club during the evening along with their lobby filled with the extra good looking. Definitely the mingle friendly spot in the city. I am obsessed with their fluffy white beds and uber modern chic rooms. As you can tell from the pic below – I get a lot done in their ultra comfy beds!


Alright, now I am taking you up to beautiful Central Park where you will not only find one of the most sophisticated parts of the city, posh hotels, condos, museums, stores, Park Avenue and all, but you will also find the best French toast and Eggs Benedict in all the land. Where you ask? Sarabeths! In 1981, Sarabeth and Bill Levine opened a tiny bakery-kitchen to make and sell her preserves and baked goods. A few tables and chairs were soon added, first for breakfast and then for lunch. The little store, with its unique charm and wholesomely delicious products became an instant success with discriminating New Yorkers. By popular demand, more locations were added along with the opening of Sarabeth’s then largest restaurant in New York City’s most prime location, Central Park South, between Fifth and Sixth Aves. Just a few steps away from the famed Plaza Hotel, you will sink your teeth into one of the best breakfast meals you ever had. I chose the smoked salmon Eggs Benedict, a taste of their fruit-full French toast and fresh coffee. Have a look at the menu along with my gorgeous breakfast! Next time you are in the Big Apple make sure you visit Sarabeth’s! It is a must!



When you are in New York, you do get the craving for nature, especially if you are coming from a green-friendly environment. Central Park is obviously one of the most popular places in Manhattan but you should also check out some of these other zen-full places to relax, read a book, and take in the stunning scenery.

Washington Square Park is one of the best-known of New York City’s 1,900 public parks. At 9.75 acres, it is a landmark in the Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village, as well as a meeting place and center for cultural activity.
The Park is an open space, dominated by Washington Arch (1892) and a  fountain area that is perfect for those warm sunny days. Most of the buildings surrounding the park now belong to New York University, but many have at one time served as homes and studios for artists.



Gramercy Park is one of only two private parks in New York City, public is not generally allowed in – although the sidewalks of the streets around the park are a popular jogging, strolling and dog-walking route. It is a must for talking a Sunday stroll with your lover and checking out the darling little stores and restaurants near by.


The High Line is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by Friends of the High Line. The High Line is located on Manhattan’s West Side. It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues. The High Line is operating on its summer schedule, with the park open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. This is a New York MUST!


One of the top things I enjoyed about NYC are the people, particularly the girls that want to fall in love. One thing that is super factual about New York is that the guys are drop dead gorgeous. They are men (even the gay ones have a higher masculine vibe to them) and they take care of their bodies. This could be why the girls of NY are so eager to lock one down. While I was checking out Carrie Bradshaw’s condo at 66 Perry Street (yup, I had to see it), I got to talking to some young twenty something girls on how they were having major problems landing a guy. Megan, a NYU student was going through a terrible heartbreak from a guy that she thought was “the one.” She seemed like a smart girl but was devastated by this break up and was at a loss for words. She went on to tell me about the lavish dates, the cuddling in bed, the sweet kisses and the quick move to third base (she was waiting to have sex with him until they officially hit the two month mark). She could not understand what went wrong. I dove in with the questions, “What were you doing the week prior to the break up.” What was your demeanor right before he called it quits?” I drilled her with a few questions until she finally spilled the beans. About a week and half prior to the big split, she had printed out pictures of the two of them and framed about 8 of them in her bedroom along with making matching key chains for the both of them. Megan ALSO told her now ex how excited she was to introduce him to her parents.


Well, there ya have it folks, another girl that jumps to0 fast too soon. What Megan did was not only a dating disaster but she basically forced the guy out the door. If there is one thing that all girls have to remember about men is that they are scaredy cats underneath their hard exterior. Not only are they scared of getting into a relationship (especially in their twenties) but they are scared their life is going to get all shaken up with a girl that is extra involved. Imagine the guy walking into her bedroom and seeing all those pictures framed! EEEK! That is only going to show the guy that he is the only thing she is thinking about. He was probably so shocked that he made it to picture frame status! A guy does not become picture frame status until the “I love you” is dropped, the six month mark passed or when you both are moving in together. Come on people! After further counseling these group of ladies, I think I made them wake up and smell the dating coffee.

Here are a few more dating tips that all girls need to remember when first dating a guy. Whether you are in New York City or some small town in the middle of the country, you better take some notes before you start your weekend.

1.) First impression is everything  including the first words that come out of your mouth. I don’t care if you are in a coffee shop, nightclub or in the frozen food section, if you see a hot guy and you happen to make eye contact than make sure you have all your marbles out of your mouth. Speak clearly – kind, confident but not too bitchy. Guys don’t like a girls with that extra bitchy accent. For all you girls out there that think that guys like bitches, I suggest you read another book – it really is not like that. Guys like girls that hold their own in a conversation and that speak properly with their own opinion. Avoid words and sayings like, “Ieee don’t know?” or “like,” “totes,” “OMG” and all those short framed words from 2012. Kindness and humor are your best friends so use them to your advantage when meeting a good looking guy. 

2.) Don’t ever use the following words on the first date: marriage, daddy, suburbs, baby, mother, future husband, full time mom.

3.) If he wants to see you again – he will ask you. Don’t mention it to him during the date. Let him do the talking in that area.

4.) The one emotion you always want to show is happiness as it will show your guy that you are drama free. Guys hate drama and if you come off too dramatic than he will avoid you like the plague. 

5.) Don’t call him hunny or baby during the first two weeks, he will think you are moving in to fast. Those cutesy-wootsy names will come later so don’t get all excited and start call him your hunny too soon. 

6.) Don’t friend request him on Facebook after the first date. You can FaceStalk him all you want but don’t you dare press that “Friend Request” button!

7.) If you really like him after the first two dates, don’t be the first one to jump in and say,”I really really like you.” Men are these wild hunters, they want to search things out for a little before trapping you – so let him take his time to feel things out. If he really likes you, he will tell you!

8.) Don’t gossip about your girlfriends. There will be a time when your guy meets your friends and you will already have put ideas and thoughts in his head about them. You want him to think you hang around cool people. Besides, some people think how you talk about other people is how you talk about them SO stop the gossiping.

Well, there you have it. My little rant of love, dating and New York. If you have not traveled to the Big Apple than I suggest you start planning now. They say that if you made it to New York than you can make it anywhere – so grab your girlfriends or get your “Eat-Pray-Love” on and book a week’s vacation to New York City! I promise it won’t disappoint!!


The Other Hubby

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