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Hellloooo July!! This month has certainly started off with a big bang (no pun intended) since it did include one dynamic fireworks show over the gorgeous Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California.  I sit here now, writing you from the down filled covers of my king size bed at the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica Beach. I have set up shop here for the past couple of days as it was the perfect location for all my fun filled and fabulous 4th of July activities, which included the wedding of my friends, Michelle and Chad.

If you recall from my blogpost many months ago (, this oh-so-darling couple asked me to be a “Brides-man” in their Malibu Country wedding. Seriously, you can’t get any more cooler than that, having a “Brides-man” in your wedding is SO ahead of the times! The anticipation for their wedding had been building up for months, especially since the couple did the planning and organization all on their own. If you are a wedding lover like me, you will really appreciate some of the details they included in their wedding extravaganza weekend. One piece of advice that I give to all the brides-to-be out there is to start with some sort of theme for your wedding day. Whether, it be traditional, nautical, modern, Summer, rustic, outdoor, offbeat, etc, you should try and grasp some sort of concept that will flow throughout each area of your wedding. Michelle and Chad chose a California theme wedding with a dash of Anthropologie-esque, vintage, wine vineyard elements (I know, wait until you see the pictures) to show their true love for the place they call home. Below is a pic of their custom made clothed welcome bags, so precious.


The wedding rehearsal was held at Dukes which is named after one of Hawaii’s most famous citizens and “Father of Surfing,” Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. A fitting name for the restaurant as it is located directly on top of the water on the  beautiful Malibu shore. The views are absolutely phenomenal and a real treat for all the out of town guests visiting from the middle of the country. Cocktails and yummy appetizers such as shrimp and bbq pizza were served as guests gathered into a private room that included an outside balcony which would come in handy for the firework show at the end of the evening. For dinner, I ordered their grilled streak with mashed potatoes and vegetables that was cooked perfectly and topped with a delicious miso sauce. Dessert featured coffee and a heavenly slice of ice cream cake with an Oreo crust topped with roasted nuts. Games were played during the night (with prizes!) and some heart felt speeches from the groom and family. Here is a peek at some of the California beach themed table settings and shots of the unforgettable fireworks going off over the ocean shore. It was one of those moments where you could feel the happiness in the air!

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Next up was THE day we have all been waiting for, WEDDING DAY! The ceremony and reception was held at Saddlerock Ranch positioned in the heart of the rolling hills of Malibu. As you enter into the gated drive, you curve through a single road that serves as the pathway up to the wedding venue. It’s natural beauty and secluded rustic charm will take your breathe away, as you see nothing but hills covered in lush vineyards. The property has become the go-to-spot for many special occasions including celebrity weddings for stars like Kelsey Grammar, Lisa Kudrow, Don Henley and now, Michelle and Chad (ha!). One of the great pluses about booking this venue is that it is sort of like a blank canvas, as you have the option to design your own layout and create a custom environment. If you are looking to personalize your wedding atmosphere by choosing your own caterer, furniture rentals, DJ, etc than Saddlerock Ranch is the perfect place for you. The bride and groom did just that by bringing in their own antique/vintage chic styled furniture and creating a flowing loungey space for guests to move back and forth from cocktail hour, ceremony and reception.

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What I love most about weddings (and particularly this one) is that everyone is in a good mood and are some how all connected by two people that are deeply in love. It was such a pleasure and honor to stand up in Michelle and Chad’s wedding and be a “Brides-man” for the very first time! They have always been such good friends to me and my boyfriend and bring the perfect balance to our little LA gang. The extra bonus to being their friend is being able to get close to their families and create new friendships with their wedding party (yep, I am talking about those crazy lovable Bridesmaids!). There was one uniquely amazing moment that happened on the dance floor that I think will go down in friendship history. As the DJ announced that the Bride had a special song request she wanted to play, the Bridesmaids (including me) perked up only to hear the start of Hold On by Wilson Philips play on the loud speakers. All seven of us jumped out of our chairs and made our way to the dance floor where the Bride and Groom were centered. We sang along to every single word at the top of our lungs and serenaded the two lovebirds as they danced and joined in. I like to believe that moment really symbolized the amount of fun and endless joy we have all had together. This wedding has brought a lot of love, laughter and many memories to come. Thank you Michelle, Faith, Courtney, Cindy, Megan, Leigh, and Emily.


The Other Hubby

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