1980 What?


One of the many things that I enjoyed about having sisters is that we use to play together for hours when we were little. I remember them having the coolest kinds of toys, they could bake cakes in their Easy-Bake-Oven, cut and style their dolls hair, and watch really kick ass cartoons like Jem and The Holograms (I mean, can we talk about what a babe Jem was??!). My sisters would never make fun of me for wanting to play with them or tease me for not going outside to throw the football around with the boys across the street. My part in playing Barbies added a dose of extra fun. My Barbie would always end up being the  most popular of the bunch, with the coolest and most risqué outfits and she always ran the Barbie Dream House. Duh, who would have thought?! When New Kids on the Block came out with their own Ken-type dolls, we about died. They caused a couple of arguments as we fought who got to be Donnie’s boyfriend. I knew back than I was “different” in not wanting to play sports like the other boys in the neighborhood but I really had zero interest. The thought of sweating outside in the Arizona sun and messing up my perfectly parted hair sounded so awful to me. Creating outfits and Barbie-drama was much more my style. For all you parents out there who have issues with your son joining in on all the “girl” fun, don’t be too hard on him.  Allow your child to develop his likes naturally. You never know, he could end up being a super successful designer, artist, stylist, entrepreneur or even someone that is going to revolutionize the creative industry.




The older that I got the more aware I became of how boys were supposed to be masculine (or what society considered to be) but that did not stop me from enjoying time with my sisters. I use to love when we would rent movies or head to the theatre together. Please don’t get me started on Goldie Hawn, Shelley Long, Sally Field, Patrick Swayze, Molly Ringwald…A-MAZING!

Here is a list of some of my favorite old school chick flicks that I think will bring a smile to some of you! What were some of your faves?!

1.) Troop Beverly Hills, 1989


2.) Shag, 1989


3.) The Cutting Edge, 1988


4.) Splash, 1984


5.) Mannequinn, 1987


6.) Steel Magnolias, 1989


7.) The Breakfast Club, 1985

The Breakfast Club movie image

8.) Dirty Dancing, 1987


9.) Overboard, 1987


10.) A League of Their Own, 1992



The Other Hubby



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