Silky Smooth Hair


One of the many things that I love about my mother is how much she loves her hair. We talk about it a lot. How it looks, what color it should be, what’s the best shade, how to cut it, what products should she use, etc. Talks like this is when I think she really enjoys having a son like me (toot, toot – that is my own horn you hear). Living in Los Angles, I get to see and hear about the latest hair trends and I certainly love sharing them with my mom. My boyfriend’s mom is the same way, she FaceTimes’s us just so she can listen to our critiques. We really like these moments because they actually listen to us and the fact of the matter is – our mothers have great hair.

From what I remember, during my junior year of high school is when I really started to become obsessed with going to the hair salon. The whole hair salon environment seemed like so much fun! I loved the idea of walking in with one look and than walking out hours later with something completely new. Coloring, cutting and highlighting seemed like such a luxury. The mixing of the dyes, the foils, the sound of the hairdryers, the gossiping stylists, the variety of products and potions, the array of magazines in the waiting area, the coffee bar – I can go on and on but everything just dazzled me! My family use to go to a hair salon in Tempe, Arizona called, Mood Swings. It is still on the buzzy main street drag called Mill Avenue located right in the mix of Arizona State University. This unique salon is over 5000, square-feet housed in a century old historic building. The atmosphere was and still is my style-cup of tea; I love the mix of old and new, the exposed brick, high ceilings, wood flooring and vintage sofas. Most importantly, it sells and uses Aveda products and is actually the leading Aveda Lifestyle Salon in the state of Arizona.



Back here in the City of Angeles, there are dozens of fancy and trendy hair salons to choose from. I have been to pretty much all of them. I know what hair stylist does the BEST blondes in town (Tracey Cunningham is the master of coloring, she now owns the uber chic Meche Salon), who can Balayage and blend your sun kissed locks from root to end (Geroge Papanikolas from Andy Lecompte) and who gives the best blow drys.



Speaking of blow drying long locks, how many of you get so annoyed with having to do it?? Uggg! It is so time consuming, especially if you have really wavy or curly hair. So the question is how do you cut that time in half? I know exactly what you are going through!! When my hair gets to a certain length, it can get really big because it is super duper thick and than I need to tame it down like a beast. I wash, condition, blow dry and than take a flat iron through it just to get the right shape. The finishing product looks good but I feel like I am in the bathroom doing my hair until Christmas.


Here in LA, I heard about guys getting Brazilian Blowouts which are quite popular with all the ladies (yep, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Aniston to name a few) so I thought I would give it a shot. I called around to many of the high end salons in the area and they were all charging some serious cash to get it done (hello, I have like barely any hair). I found a funky little barber shop off of Melrose Ave called Shorty’s ( that was only charging $75 for a Brazilian Blowout! I made an appointment with Maria who is absolutely lovely! She was super friendly, talked me through all the steps and made my hair feel like silk (and she also told me I looked like Superman – umm, major points!). So, if you are not embracing your wave and need some extra help than you must see Maria!

199106_10151358197467183_1526136497_n 310902_10150291148872183_1686757965_n

I feel like the Brazilian Blowout made a big difference in the texture and weight of my hair but also added some shine! The cost of this treatment is definitely going to be higher for women with long Rapunzel hair but it really will save you a hell of a lot of time. Here are a couple pics of me from earlier today and after my trip to Shorty’s.



If you are a salon whore like me or a guy/girl needing some serious hair repair than I suggest you get into the smooth groove and try out this Brazilian Blowout treatment. It never hurts to check it out and besides you must always remember that it is just hair. It will always grow back.

Start your makeover now!

Have a great day lovers.


The Other Hubby

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