Holy Retrograde!


Excuse my language but this whole Mercury in retrograde stuff is some serious shit! This week has been a roller coaster ride full of turns, twists, ups, downs and everything else in between. I have to ask, does anybody else want to get off this turbulent ride?! I have certainly felt the pull and so have many of my dear friends and family. So, what gives?

Well, first let me tell you that you are not alone in your thinking, so take a deep breathe and push out all those negative thoughts that have been stirring up in your head for the past couple of days. Supposively, this Mercury retrograde happens at several points throughout the year so we must deal with it in a calm, cool and collective manner. Yeah, I know it is a total monkey wrench in our lovely Summer but I know we can totally kick its butt to the curb!

First, make note! In 2013, Mercury will be retrograde from:

February 23–March 17
June 26–July 20
October 21–November 10

Like many of you, I really don’t understand how it all works and was not a firm believer, but I am starting to think there may be some truth behind it. Way too many people have felt the slide in the past couple weeks so somethin has to be going on. Don’t get me started with all the recent news in the world, from court cases to celebrity deaths, it has not been the greatest of times. Although, I am sure there is a big life lesson we can all learn from.


What some spiritual guides and psychics say about the retrograde is that this planet Mercury comes into the universe and slows everything down, it takes control and governs all communication issues. When Mercury starts turning in this direction, some of us may start to feel the side effects in our everyday life. Some of you may feel a bit more sensitive, depressed, angry, sad of some sort while others may find doing the simplest of things very challenging. Going back to communication, Mercury allegedly has an effect on how we take in and interpret information from others. It is suggested that you not do any negotiating, buying and selling, formal contracts, major travel, or conduct heavy meetings during this time. Any major decisions needing to be made should be put on hold.

Instead, take the time to reflect, listen to your own thoughts, meditate and take a break! Yes, work and life have to go on but don’t be so aggressive in during this time. Take a chill pill. What you reflect on during this time will come into play later on. It is a good time for you to become AWARE of your thoughts and really marinate on them until they have fully settled.


Life will start to pick up and get back on track by the end of the weekend so inhale a good deep breathe of calmness and exhale peace.

Breathe and reboot. 


The Other Hubby



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