Queen Madonna

bdayI was trying to think back to when my Madonna obsession started and I sit here at my desk trying to remember the exact year but it is really difficult. I feel like she has always been in my life.

I certainly recall watching her steamy music videos on MTV when I was a young buck and thinking I had just watched something so grown up. I could not take my eyes off of her, she was just so super scandalous, provocative, and nobody else acted so BOLD like she did. I loved it. From her sultry singing in Dick Tracy, to her banned music videos such as “Justify My Love” and “Erotica,” to her racy interviews on late night talk shows, she had me intrigued. The thing is, she had everyone intrigued, all of us knew who she was and we continue to follow her career and journey to this day. Being at the top of your game in the music industry for thirty years is so unheard of these days. Pop stars come and go but Madonna came and stayed. You may not like her as much as you did back in the day, but you cannot deny that she still captivates us and gets our attention.


dicktracy1345057794_6-madonna-shocking-640Can we talk about the Super Bowl two years ago?? That was F#$%ing – AWESOME (and is the highest rated halftime performance to date #Fact!!). Her MDNA tour was the highest grossing tour of 2012, earning an estimated $230 million in ticket sales. The numbers don’t lie, she still kicks ass!!!

madonna-superbowl girl_gone_wild_361

Did I tell you guys about the time I went to New York City for the very first time and got to be on TRL (Total Request Live with Carson Daly) and totally sat in the MTV studio where I requested a music video LIVE! I so remember what I said to the camera too! It went something like this, “Hi, this is Matt from Arizona and I request, “Music” by Madonna because even though she’s pregnant, she still got it!” I was dying!! That whole experience made my entire Summer that year. Can you believe she was preggars in that video? That song still makes me get up and dance.


What is very well known about Madge is that gay men from all around the world gravitate to her and her music. Why? I think it is because she has been loyal to us since day one, has fought for our rights, brought homosexuality front and center in her art, and never gave a shit what other people thought.  Love her or hate her, she is an incredible performer, marketing genius, savvy business woman, and has proven herself to be the Queen of Pop.


Thank you Madonna for being such a force in pop culture and for opening up the eyes to many people around the world.

Happy 55th Birthday!


The Other Hubby


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