Be a Social Media Star!

tumblr_m61fu33Ar31rz8ifgo1_500Can we talk Instagram and all things social media for a moment? I am kinda obsessed with the whole thing, you can have a personal photo shoot any time, any day, at any moment! Need an ego boost or just want to show off your hot new look? Instant gratification, instant response and instant reaction is all at your fingertips!

You have the opportunity to be your own personal publicist these days and we have the social media network to thank! From Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Youtube – you have the power to express your thoughts and life all over the world.  There are even those uber creative peeps out there who have become super social media famous! Say goodbye to those long casting lines, auditions and boring resumes, the world of social media can be your new outlet!! Do you have what it takes to make the worldwide web your very own platform?




How do they do that? How do they go from 0 to 20,000 followers in a matter of months? You don’t have to be Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus to make this happen either. The key is to be connected to pop culture, know what is going on in the world and start to create and build your own “brand.” Here are a few dos and don’ts that will keep you ahead of the social media game and will hopefully boost your online presence!

1.) Make sure you have a unique and catchy bio. Come up with a tag line that is going to grab people’s attention! Don’t be a drip, make your “about you” section…..PEOPLE FRIENDLY! 


2.) Don’t buy your followers. That is really pathetic and people can totally spot a fake or an impostor account. Some people buy followers or likes so it appears they are popular but if you go through their actual follower base, you will see it is a bunch of robot accounts. It is pretty hysterical!


3.) Post, tweet, and respond often! You should be posting at least three times a day on Twitter, and responding frequently to some of the biggest news stories of the day. Whatever is trending on Twitter, you should be talking about! Start a conversation and keep your language, opinion, statement or thoughts interesting. Everyone has an opinion so make sure yours stands out! 


4.) Create your own identity! Don’t be a social media copy cat. Start a blog, Twitter profile, Pinterest Page, or Instagram account that is like no other!! People are going to be attracted to your one of a kind spark! Think about how popular the online skit, “Shit Girls Say” was and how it became one of the most talked about videos and profiles to hit the internet! It became so popular that it is now in talks to be a cable network show! Now, that is true online success!


5.) Don’t be so self-obsessed. Taking selfies is totally fun but don’t be one of those girls that thinks she is the next Kim Kardashian every second, every minute, every day. There is only one Kim K and she has built her empire working hard, and branding herself into being one of the most popular pop cultural icons of our time. The Kardashians are the perfect example of how you can create your own brand just by being yourself. They did that by bending the image of beauty and being relatable! Bravo to them all! Always put your audience first! 


6.) Speak the language of the people! Don’t try and get too sophisticated or too formal on your social media outlets. If you want to hit the masses than talk conversationally and not board roomy. You don’t need to start reading Urban Dictionary either, just don’t communicate like you are talking to your grandparents. 

Vanilla-Ice-Ice-Ice-Baby-Gif tumblr_lslog8WNs11qewvtgo1_r2_400

7.) Follow everyone that follows you. It is kinda common courtesy. 


8.) Celebrities are your friends so follow them and be a good “fan!” Try and get them to RETWEET!


9.) Don’t be too sensitive. Being on social media basically means it opens you up to public opinion and guess what, everyone has something to say. Unfortunately, there are going to be some negative nellies out there. Just ignore them and don’t take anything they say personally.  



10.) Last but not least….FOLLOW ME…



The Other Hubby


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