Behind The Scenes

tumblr_m61fu33Ar31rz8ifgo1_500My life in Los Angeles sometimes feels like a reality show, than I remember that I am costarring in E!’s new show, “The Drama Queen” and things all start to make a little more sense. It has been such a unique experience and I am so thankful to have met some fabulous new friends while filming.

As we start to finish up Season 1, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from behind the scenes and I promise to keep posting more pics as each episode airs.

A big thank you to all the hard working crew members at Collins Avenue Productions, E! Entertainment and most importantly, Marki Costello and the Creative Management Entertainment Group (CMEG) team.

Make sure your calendars are marked for November 10th/Sunday at 10:00pm following the finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” because you are in for a very entertaining treat!

Everyone has a dream when they come to Hollywood but only a small few actually make it. You will see first hand what it takes to get to the top!

#TheDramaQueen is coming for you!

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