Why November Rocks


October has been full of all sorts of adventures, thrills, photo shoots and exciting times. As the end of the month rolls near, I think it is about time we start to look forward to all things November!


Let me give you just a couple of reasons why this November will be one of your best months yet.


1.) Mercury will no longer be in Retrograde (Thank God!) 

This year Mercury has been in Retrograde a couple times before and thankfully after November 10th, we will no longer need to worry about the planets and universe not synching properly till some time in 2014. As you may be aware, when Mercury is in Retrograde you will find that the simple of tasks are more difficult and communication can get rocky. You are supposed to avoid making big business decisions, life changes and any major  announcement during this time. Take the time to chill out, relax and catch up on yourself. It is supposed to be a time to reflect. What comes from that moment of meditation is what is important for you.


2.) Winter Fashion (duh!)

October you still could probably get past wearing just a tee shirt and shorts (at least here in California) but you will see the biggest weather jump towards the end of November which means we all get to layer! From skinny jeans, cashmere sweaters, bright colored coats, knee high boots, and printed scarves, I hope you get to recreate your Winter Wardrobe into something fashionably fabulous this year. Scarf weather is one of my ultimate faves.


3.) Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble!

Nothing makes more people happy than a big Thanksgiving feast! Turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, do I really need to keep going? Here is the USA, it is one of the biggest holidays of the year and officially starts the countdown to Christmas! Where will you be on November 28th?


4.) Black Friday

This is one of the craziest shopping day ever! If you are looking for huge sales, discounts and half price coffee makers than get in line. Americans from all around the country line up at the crack of dawn to start their holiday spending spree.


Black Friday Shopping

5.) The Best Movies Come Out

Some of the very best blockbuster movies come out in November! If you are a theatre junkie than you know what I am talking about. Movie studios plan for this time of the year to release their likely Oscar Contenders. The Summer mega hits may draw more crowds but those types of films are not as recognized during award season.


6.) New Reality TV Shows Premiere on E!

Make sure you watch Marki Costello, Matt Jacobi and the rest of “The Drama Queen” gang on E! November 17th/Sunday at 11:00pm!


Happy November to you all!


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