A Day At Disneyland


This Sunday Funday could not have been anymore exciting as my boyfriend, besties and I ventured off to “The Happiest Place On Earth” to continue my birthday week celebration. Since we all jumped into adulthood years ago and would be stroller-less this trip, we wanted to make our Disney experience something to remember (that included alcohol and no screaming kids).


What I love about my friends is that they are ubberly tech friendly and have an app for just about anything. I was not surprised when they busted out the “Disneyland Wait Times” app for your i-Phone that allows visitors to the park to view which ride has the lowest and highest wait times (#genious!). This new feature will totally change your Disney experience forever!


What worked out even better was that we were able to use the app to strategize the rest of our day. I suggest you first plan to grab a “Fastpass” ticket for one ride while jumping onto another ride with a low wait time. This way you can keep up a steady pace throughout the entire day. Disney “Fastpass” tickets are available on a first come, first served basis but free for anybody to take advantage of if you just go to a distribution center located by each individual ride. You simply just grab a  “Fastpass,” check the time on the ticket you are supposed to be back, and keep it handy for when you have to return. In the meantime, you can hop on a ride that is free and clear by checking the Disney app.


Our “Adult” Disney Adventure started off with a quick breakfast and morning cocktail stop at Downtown Disney’s Catal Restaurant which is conveniently located walking distance to the front gates of the park. Their outside seating area and full bar (yep, you heard that right!) has friendly service and a variety of yummy plates to choose from.


If you and your lover or party group are planning on staying the night at one of Disney’s on site hotels than you must check into the Grand Californian. This care-free, American Craftsman style property offers a spa, poolside cabanas, speciality dining, valet parking, business center, fitness center, 24 hour room service and much more. Having a handy hotel room walking distance to all the attractions could be one of the best things for you and your feet! Talk about a luxurious pit stop.



When booking your Disney park tickets I suggest you spend a little extra to take advantage of the Disney California Adventure side too, so please make sure you buy the “Park Hopper” option. With this selection you can move back and forth from California Adventure (which is for more the mature crowd) to the Disneyland Park. For all you day drinking darlings, you should definitely do this since the Disneyland side does not offer any alcohol.


Once you get inside both Disney parks, I hope you consider my “MUST-RIDE” list because I would like to believe we discovered the best of the best this weekend. Take a look at a few of my faves!

1.) Space Mountain (Disneyland)

A roller-coaster ride in the dark! It does not get more scarier than that! BEYOND FUN!


2.) Indiana Jones (Disneyland)

Snakes, skeletons and fast-action jeep riding, this is a movie lovers dream ride! Everyone that I went to Disneyland with thought this was super awesome!!


3.) California Screamin (CA Adventure)

Yes, you will be screaming your buns off while you loop around and experience a 108 foot drop! My boyfriend and I really LOVED this ride, it was such a blast!!


4.) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (CA Adventure)

Disney nailed it with this intense thrill ride that features a creepy hotel atmosphere and mega drop that will leave you wanting to go again and again.


5.) The Matterhorn (Disneyland)

This bobsled train experience will have you jolting in and out of the snow capped mountain so make sure you hang on to your hat (especially if it says VOGUE on it!).


6.) Soarin’ Over California (CA Adventure)

I still think this is one of my top favorites because you get to use almost all your senses! The journey begins at the foggy clouds of San Francisco than explores you through Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, San Diego harbor, Malibu at dusk and the frenetic lights of downtown Los Angeles. If you love to fly, you will certainly love this ride!


7.) Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland)

This was the last attraction whose construction was overseen by Walt Disney himself. He died three months before it opened but it still has lots of charm to this day. Johnny Depp also makes an appearance which never hurts.


8.) Radiator Springs Racers at Cars Land (CA Adventure)

The word is out on this new ride and people are lining up to zip and zoom through canyons and race to the finish! It is a “cute” ride but features pretty cool special effects that makes the wait worth it. I really enjoyed it and think you will too!


No matter how old you are I think taking a trip to Disneyland is something everyone should experience. If you plan it out right and go with a group of people you love than you are surely going to create some magical memories.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


The Other Hubby


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