Cat Fight!


Are you in a nasty cat fight with one of your girlfriends, sisters or co-workers and don’t know how to handle it? The quick answer would be to tell you to simply get over it, but that is easily said than done especially when estrogen levels are at an all time high. Girls can get incredibly vicious and say things that are shockingly harmful!


What is a girl to do?

Let me break it down for you and see if I can help shed some of my rainbow light on the girl fight topic.

A gay man can fix any problem. #fact

Sister vs Sister

Fighting with your sister can be really intense because you both know how to push each other’s buttons to set off the most explosive argument. There is probably no other female in the world that can get under your skin and ignite a full on war better than your sister. Why does this happen? Why would a family member want to see you angry or hurt? Well, without getting all Dr. Phil on you, let me just say that sisters all around the world battle with the same problem. That is just what sisters do. How you handle their “advice” is the main issue. Many girls instantly assume jealousy plays a huge part in these fights but I think with sisters it is actually different. Your sibling has unconditional love for you (even if it is stored way back deep in her mind), so what she screams at you is not coming from an evil dark hatred place but rather good old fashioned nosiness. Whether your sister is younger or older, she is probably going to make sure her unwanted opinion is heard so just take it with a grain of salt. It is her strange and irritating way of  looking out for you. As long as you are secure with your OWN decisions, life choices, etc than who cares what anybody says about you. Pick your battles when it comes to family member fights because at the end of the day, they will always be a part of you.


Co-worker vs Co-worker

At least once in your life you will have to communicate or run into somebody at work that really makes your blood boil. On the reality show I am starring in, “The Drama Queen,” I had to sit in-between two lovely ladies that were at each other in the worst way! It was cat fight central on a daily basis and as you will see in episode this Sunday, things get out of hand! If you are in a similar scenario in your work environment than I suggest you try and turn down the heat as soon as possible. Once your boss catches wind of any disturbance in the office than the two of you will have an even bigger problem on your hands. Try and find peace with your office enemy instead of adding logs to the flame. Don’t go out of your way to be mean and just focus on DOING YOUR JOB! Office gossip is common but avoid getting involved and block it out the best you can. Women already have to fight harder to break through the “glass ceiling” so why not make it easier – bond together and support each other. Everyone can find one thing in common to connect with, so make it less about competition and more about being a team.

matt jacobi office

Best Friend vs Best Friend

Your “bestie” is never supposed to piss you off so when a disagreement happens it can be extra devastating. The truth of the matter is, even your BFFFFF is not going to agree with everything that you do (especially when it comes to the guy you are dating). Don’t break up a friendship over petty misunderstandings and just try to avoid being a high maintenance friend. If you and your best gal pal get into a fight and say things you probably should not have said than OWN IT, APOLOGIZE and MOVE ON. There is no point of holding on to angry feelings against your best friend. Embrace each other’s differences and turn off the sensitivity chip if you get your feelings hurt. Agree to disagree! A best friend can be one of the strongest relationships you will ever have so don’t cause unnecessary chaos.

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The Other Hubby


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