This Just Happened

tumblr_mn5omxAjza1rcqdieo1_500.gifHello Lovers! I am having a smashing great time here in London and must share with you the delicious lunch I had while walking the streets of Mayfair. I popped in at Burger and Lobster Restaurant where I was immediately impressed and taken back by their simple yet mouth watering choices.


You really can’t go wrong with deciding between a burger, main lobster or lobster roll for just £20 each. This restaurant also offers a variety of cocktail choices but what you see is what you get (and what you get is damn good!).


There are a few other locations around the London area so try and beat the crowd and enjoy a lunch date out in this fabulously fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The lobster roll was divine (rich chunks of lobster folded into a toasty buttery bread sandwich)!!

Cheers from London!

IMG_7015 IMG_0453

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