Luvin AZ

My recent visit to Arizona was very special to me and not just because I got to see my uber-precious little niece (who is now 3 years old and so very smart, witty and sweet) and my (sometimes wild) oh-so-fun family.

securedownload-2What really made me love Arizona just a little bit more than usual this time around was the amount of comfort I felt (who knew that could happen in a red state!).

If you have not been to The Grand Canyon State than perhaps I can shed some good ol’ Arizona sunlight your way on why it is a great place to live!

1.) There is nothing like an Arizona sunset. 

17DecemberSunset2010-07-01-SunFlowerSunset-IMG_8241_2_32.) Home of Arizona State University where you can do your homework by the pool, walk down palm tree lined sidewalks and hang out in one of the countries most fun college towns. Yep, I’m talkin about Tempe!

arizona-state-univeristy-solar-installation_1_PuaUU_69 TODD-GRAHAM-STUDENT-SECTION1 Asuhayden3.) You can choose your weather by driving two hours North or South. 

Image: WSM_01074.) Have I mentioned all the gorgeous five star resorts? 

101105-warm-weather-resorts-hmed.grid-10x2 hp-montavista-courtyard splash-5

5.) Downtown Phoenix is a livable, clean, artsy city! 


6.) With AWESOME food (Matt’s Big Breakfast & Pizzeria Bianco!)

securedownload-1 securedownload pizzeria-bianco-1volturno

7.) Don’t get me started on the stunning mountains and beautiful nature (oh yeah, and that thing called, The Grand Canyon!).


8.) You can purchase one bad ass home at a reasonable price. If you are looking for charm, character and something special than you must check out their historic districts as they feature some super killer properties!


9.) You can also travel to Sedona, Tucson, Vegas, LA in a blink of an eye!

tumblr_m9owy7oeCF1qbnvdao1_500 tumblr_mafw1rWR6c1rfarpro1_500 giphy BigbangRoadTrip

10.) If you enjoy shopping than you will love all the different kinds of stores and mega malls. From antique shops to high end designs, places like Scottsdale will make your wallet smile. Check out these cool pics I took from a store called, Sweet Salavage that I went to with my sister. So neat!

securedownload-1 securedownload securedownload-2


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