Bring It On January


A new month and a new year can only mean that we have a whole lot of things to look forward to in the next 31 days. Let’s get right to it and start listing off all things that make January one of the best and motivating times of the year.


1.) Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014! January 1st brings in a new number to your calendar, checkbooks, and every moment you will need to fill in the date. If you are into numerology, astrology, or just enjoy a fresh start than January probably symbolizes a new beginning for you. Whatever that may mean to you personally, make sure you embrace 2-0-1-4 with open arms.


2.) Bring on the resolutions! Gym memberships usually jump to an all time high in January which can mean that people are in the mindset to get into better shape and start the year out with a healthy lifestyle. If you need a new calendar year to change up your eating habits, quit smoking, and get your ass into the best possible shape, than I say good for you! MOTIVATION is the key to recreating your life and boosting your way of living so do not give up and follow through with your goals! I believe in you!! 

tumblr_mbhd1pCxvE1rhfs3do1_500 tumblr_m8jlu0Mo7o1rb1mfmo1_500

3.) All that working out needs to be balanced with some relaxation so don’t forget that this month also brings back your favorite TV shows such as The Bachelor and Downtown Abbey

tumblr_mmhzqee2Tk1r6wj5zo1_500 tumblr_mcw5jfIyR11ri9yduo1_5004.) Did I mention The Golden Globes are this month too? 

tina Kristen-Wiig-Will-Ferrell-Golden-Globes5.) And we must not forget to get some fresh cold air! In some areas of the world it is the perfect time to build a snowman or get into a snowball fight! The chilling winter weather can bring on snowflakes, snow days, sledding, skiing, lattes, warm blankets, scarves, gloves, and hot chocolate nights. Embrace it!

tumblr_mdsm5bEwAH1rsfn5h Sledding-Gif-for-web6.) Let me also remind you that the holiday season is over so you can start saving your pennies again and get back to your daily routine. No more Christmas shopping, traveling or awkward family gatherings. Jump into your job this January with a attitude that will bring you to the next level in your career. If your job does not bring you happiness than maybe it is time for a change? Make 2014 YOUR YEAR!


7.) Have I jump started your energy yet? I really want all of you to make this time of your life one to remember. Whatever kept you down in 2013 should be kicked to the curb. January is the time to reevaluate and set the groove for what you want to happen for the rest of the year!! 

tumblr_lvr8h3JTES1r4ghkoo1_500 tumblr_lrhowr9pQA1qhhkfy


The Other Hubby


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