Top 10 Gym No’s

tumblr_m8zizuLs4H1rbbxbro1_500.gifI don’t know if you could officially call me a “gym rat” but if you must, please at least refer to me as a “gym bunny.” I have never been a fan of any animal with a furless tail. They scare me. Then again, there are all sorts of things in the world that scare me, especially my recent observations at my local gym. I know I live in the land of pixie dust and red carpets but hopefully you are not committing the below gym no-no’s in your town.

Top 10 Gym No-No’s!

1.) Winter Beanies. I don’t understand wearing a ski cap to go work out. It looks awfully strange when it is 75 degrees out and your wearing a tank top with shorts. If your boyfriend is sporting one than hide it while he is at work and save it for your next snowboarding trip. His head can’t say “Winter Wonderland” and his outfit say “Venice Beach.” He can rock the beanie after he leaves the gym but working out in it is not so cute. 


 2.) Ladies, this one goes out to some of you. There is no need to go all glam at the gym. I am totally down with a little lip gloss and concealer, but fake eye lashes and pageant makeup is a big N-O if you are going to sweat your brains out. 


3.) The grunting the moaning needs to be at a level 3 maximum. Why is it necessary to let out the loudest groaning sounds at the gym. Be considerate of other people around you and chill out on all that noise. We get it. You are strong.


4.) Don’t turn a piece of gym equipment into your office. Many people go to the gym to release stress so don’t mix your job and exercise together. Stay off your phone, don’t take business meetings, conferences or any sort of call that is going to distract the people around you from getting their fitness on. If you are trying to make a work deadline than you should probably not be at the gym.


6.) Don’t be a locker room lurker. That is so beyond creepy.


7.) Just don’t. Please. 


8.) If you are sick, sneezing, coughing or feel like you are coming down with a cold than please don’t  share  your sickness at the gymJust stay home. 


9.) Don’t dive into your perfume or cologne bottle before heading into the gym (unless your name is Britney Spears).


10.) Last but not least, go to the gym and get it done! I am proud of all of you that signed up at a gym earlier this month to kick off your 2014! Keep it up, stay focused and make sure you are giving it your all! Nothing should be holding you down! Get it girl! 

tumblr_m70t4zH5Lt1ralgmjo1_500 wXaJ0uL tumblr_mjt10qoRqp1s6ohwro1_500


The Other Hubby

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