On a Quest for Nutrition

california-gifLiving in Southern California can totally boost your brain into eating properly and getting your body into the best possible shape. I think lots of it has to do with the everyday sunshine, the beach lifestyle and the wide variety of clean-food places to choose from. There seems to be a fresh juice stand or specialty health store on every corner in my neighborhood.

tumblr_m8bi0h94ox1qzreado1_500It sounds a little cliche but I have been more conscious of what I put into my body since I’ve moved to Los Angeles. Seeing yourself on TV is also a huge motivator in staying fit because believe it or not – the camera definitely adds some L-B-S’s! Below is a picture of me during filming of my first reality show, Giuliana & Bill. I was eating snacks during the day that were high in sodium and sugar which did not make feel so good.

matt jacobi big

Before I started filming for E!’s The Drama Queen, I discovered Quest Nutrition protein bars at my local gym and was hooked immediately. After long workouts, I needed something to hold me over that was high in protein and low in sugar. These Quest bars offered just that and I love that they have no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Take a look at their variety of flavors that they feature on their website (if you order a box, make sure you try the cookie dough bar after its been in the microwave for under 10 seconds – it is awesome!).


And for all you pasta lovers, Quest Nutrition makes gluten-free pasta that won’t leave you feeling guilty! I tried the spinach pasta last night (see below) with a mix of grilled chicken and veggies.

securedownloadIf you are interested in learning more, go to the Quest Nutrition website, www.questproteinbar.com and take a peek at all their nutritional facts and products. Let’s stay stay healthy together!!


Bathing suit season will be here before you know it!



The Other Hubby

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