Sunday Funday Bliss

tumblr_lu944xvJMg1r5qrimo1_500Don’t you agree that there is something really special and soothing about Sunday mornings especially after a buzzy work week or wild Saturday night?

hungoverI know there are some of you dolls out there that will wake up with major hangovers, smeared makeup from the night before and lack of motivation to do just about anything.

tumblr_m780k2I7U51qghl49o1_r1_500However you spend your Sunday Funday make sure you take the time to recharge your mental batteries, chillax and just BREATHE! 

just-breatheHere are a handful of ideas on how to spend your last day of weekend bliss doing something that will get you ready for another Monday morning.

1.) Cleanse away those toxins.

If you are just opening your eyes from a wild night out on the town filled with whiskey dreams and sore feet from dancing in your heels all night than pop some probioxtics, grab a fresh juice and nurse that nasty hangover out of your system. The most effective juices to give your body a kick in the ass cleanse are the ones that are good for the circulatory system. A mixture of spinach and beetroot juice not only cleanses the liver but also help detoxifies alcoholic toxicity.

tumblr_inline_ml5thz5JS41qz4rgp Juice_CCC

2.) Rise & shine on your own time.

If you ask my boyfriend, the best way to spend a good Sunday morning is waking up without an alarm clock and taking your sweet time to start the day. Once awake, make yourself a nice strong pot of coffee and a healthy breakfast to get your brain working. We just tried out this neat way to make the perfect sunny side up eggs! Look online to find out creative ways to spice up your Sunday morning meal.

tumblr_lta0h1lf8j1qd45ayo1_500-1 5828059120_cd2d34b6cf_o

3.) Go on a treasure hunt.

Your home can always use a little bit more character or perhaps your jewelry box needs one more vintage piece. Try and locate a farmers market, estate sale or nearby street fair to add something unique to your afternoon. Below is a picture of me strolling the streets of London (with my furry pal, Zarian) at a weekend market filled with delicious food and homemade trinkets.


4.) Get your church on.

A little praying, singing and dressing up in your “Sunday best” can be the perfect way to ease your mind.

sister-act-hallelujah tumblr_m3246eoa8j1qkvsb0.gif?w=584

5.) Enjoy a facial at home.

Clean out those pores, rejuvenate your skin and tone down those puffy eyes by giving yourself a facial in the comfort of your own home. I know you have all sorts of face masks and skin potions hiding underneath your bathroom sink. Get all those magical bottles out (check the expiration dates), and give your skin the attention it deserves! By the time Monday morning rolls around, you will be able to walk into the office with that extra glow.


6.) Get your hands dirty.

Drive down to your local nursery and buy yourself a couple containers to plant a small garden, herbs or something colorful to set by your window or outside deck. Gardening is not just for our suburban loving moms, it is a healthy and effective stress-buster!

blosom-flower-bloom-animation.gif?w=500&h=370 giphy

7.) Call a family member or an old friend.

A busy job can often distract you from keeping in touch with your the ones you love that live miles away. I suggest you carve out some time during your Sunday to touch base with one of your relatives or long lost pals. I know they would love to hear from you.

britney-3 jayne-mansfield-phone non-boyfriends-7

Have a great week lovers!


The Other Hubby

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