HBO’s Girls Season 3

tumblr_mzpir0zTiV1r2s4r6o1_500I am so obsessed with HBO’s Girls and think the show’s creator and lead actress, Lena Dunham, is so incredibly talented and beyond BRAVE for showing all that skin! She was also this month’s cover girl for VOGUE (just sayin!) – you go sista!


If you watched last week’s episode when Hannah, Marnie and the rest of the gang went to the beach house to catch up on some  bonding time than you will so appreciate this video.

For those of you that have not jumped on the Girls bandwagon than get with the program and start watching Season 1 and 2 right now! I promise you that you will LOVE it!

tumblr_m56ddtVGDC1rv6lnjo1_500 girls-book-quote-shoshanna index21


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