Goodbye Valentine’s Day

My_beating_heart_by_SoupcomplexThe big V-Day has approached us and I must say that I feel obligated to cheer up all the single ladies in my life. No, I don’t feel sorry for you but I have received plenty of phone calls from my friends that go into major depressed mode whenever this lovey-dovey holiday comes near.  Before you bust out the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and the Sex & The City marathon, take a peak at some of the things I suggest you do to keep your mind pre-occupied while the rest of us try to book reservations at an overly crowded restaurant.

tumblr_mquuccqwgw1scmcpdo1_400.gif?w=490 tumblr_inline_muknn3YeTa1rf5auzFor starters, how about you get those ultra awesome and natural endorphins going by getting your sweet buns to the gym. Kick the Valentine’s Day blues right out of your system by taking a boxing or pilates class like my sexy friend, Diana (pictured below!). All that hostile energy toward your loser ex-boyfriend is the perfect motivation to   boost your body into gear and start a new hobby.

561811_10200939405140405_633811427_nIf sweating on Valentine’s Day really is not your cup of tea than check yourself into the spa so you can relax your body and your brain! All those thoughts of being single cab be massaged right out of you! While you are at it, request a male therapist! You will completely forget it is the 14th of February.

tumblr_m966ehWm4G1rdmkblo1_500 Hot-Stone-Massage hot3.gif?w=500&h=281Now do I have your attention? Massage therapy may not be for everyone so why not pick this day to catch up on your retail therapy! At least you know there will be a good sale on lingerie and underwear!

giphy tumblr_mbbjkqEG3e1ri5u8qo1_500-1Or why not call your girlfriends and take part in an ultra fancy night of champagne and super expensive take-out! Filet mignon, fresh veggies and a bottle of Moët sounds so delightful! 

Demi-Lovato-Popcorn-Gif emma-stone-yum2 boys_ewI will understand though if all you Single Sally’s just want to call it a night. Going to bed early and getting some beauty sleep could be the best answer to get through another Hallmark holiday. 

tumblr_ltekpvjVwB1qkile0 giphy-1 tumblr_inline_mmcmrzMxJY1qz4rgpJust promise me one thing. Don’t give up on LOVE!

giphy-2 tumblr_mhtg0xLa7z1rosq9vo1_500


The Other Hubby

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I Melt For Her

The one and only SJP was on Wendy Williams today promoting her new shoe line and was as lovely as ever. Her down to Earth personality and charming sense of style makes all us gays and girls swoon!

Check out what she had to say about a possible Sex & The City 3 movie!


Hello Gorge.

tumblr_miv5i6sMLA1qk3229o1_500Just a quick snap of the sky this afternoon over Beverly Hills.

Not a bad way to start the weekend. So long rain, it was great seeing ya!

securedownload-1troop-beverly-hills-gif.gif.pagespeed.ce.Oqzec3Qxv7 xo

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Thursday Thoughts

1-2-13-inspirational-famous-people-funny-awesome-quotes1 26535-Everytime+you+smile+at+someone tumblr_mk6zjfrlhF1s88e39o1_500 awesome-quote-love-money-people-Favim.com-596273 tumblr_motqdpieMm1qc4uvwo1_400 tumblr_myx68saYLI1rkx6y0o1_500 life-is-beautiful large

Happy Hump Day

tumblr_marqv3r9uv1qh2kbeWednesday is one of my most favorite days of the week. It is right smack dab in the middle that you just can’t miss it. I know there are some of you rolling  your eyes at the thought of Wednesday as it is not the ever so popular Friday.

eyeroll1 tumblr_mvuj0aSce31qapigqo1_500Just come down for a moment though and hear me out. I think I change your mind on why you should look forward to wonderful, fabulous, and at times unpredictable, Wednesday.

so-excited-gif3For starters, did you know that Wednesday represents the astrological sign of the planet Mercury? Mercury is the messenger of the heavens. It facilitates clear communication, and carries new information to our awareness in extremely precise and effective ways. Have I lost you? Think about it like this, Wednesday is the vital communications link to all other days – it’s like the network server of the week. The best tasks to tackle for Wednesdays include; communication, catching up on emails, thank you notes, letters, phone calls, etc. Wednesday is also a good day to sign contracts!

D6x5ie2 tumblr_loa3frfkyG1qmxv46o1_500 tumblr_msnwsfiQHe1shv6d5o1_500Secondly, what other day of the week can you call, “Hump Day?!”

tumblr_lxwqyiII491r431cho1_500 tumblr_mwqwgtJ4Ls1s5soz0o1_500Let me also remind you that it is a great night for TV! Hit shows like American Idol, Law & Order, Modern Family, Nashville and The Real World all air on Wednesday!

priscillaboobs nJoq9Dn tumblr_llh5pjq9Qq1qfdskco1_500Also, I heard that Wednesday is the best day to buy gas as stations tend to jack up the price for weekend travelers.

VIBE-Vixen-Beyonce-Gas-StationWednesday is typically a good gage to see how your week is going in general. You can basically tell if it is going to be a slam-dunk or continue to be more on the challenging side. Think of it as a stop in the road to evaluate how to take on Thursday and Friday.

gooooalLast but not least, all you single-tons should love Wednesday so much more because it is typically the day that people respond more often to dates for the weekend. What better day to plan a weekend date than in the middle of the week.


Happy Wednesday love-bugs!


The Other Hubby

Monday Motivation

tumblr_mf5x5skvBv1r5yiuao1_500 tumblr_mwsouhS98J1t0en0fo1_500 m_8064215_u1Diy3S2T0U6 o-QUOTE-facebook tumblr_lrdjj9ortr1qid9ybo1_500 tumblr_mvkiejDeTw1six5o1o1_500 tumblr_inline_moq6qmJdge1qz4rgp424295fb1a5e251dec118d424bcf52c7.jpg tumblr_mqi87pGpz51sqmmqgo1_500314207_547178755293329_941040803_n

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