Two Healthy & Happy Meals

homer-dietA couple weeks ago I started my new diet or “lifestyle eating habit” as some of you like to call it. I am not a nutritionist but I have been around the Hollywood scene long enough to learn about all sorts of ways to get into the best shape possible. There are some diet plans that have caught my ear while living out here in Los Angeles that seem to be really starve-yourself-nuts-o but others actually seem to be good for your body. What I do know for sure is that LA is the place to be if you are looking to stay motivated and fit. The gorgeous weather is an obvious big plus but so is all the healthy food options, fresh juice stands, outdoor activities and did I mention the beautiful weather? Oh, right. I did.

tumblr_mbnlya3ZWJ1qfn4z2o1_5001119830_10152712758423538_1409962225_oNow, this is going to sound really annoying but I never use to watch what I ate. I was always the scrawny guy, who battled with being too skinny. I remember weighing 75lbs in 7th grade and struggling to gain any kind of muscle weight.

289274_10150276134663538_1917330_oEventually, I started seriously working out in my early twenties but still ate like shit (salty foods, dessert, fast food, pizza, you name it, I ate it!).

bubblin-pizza-time-lapsetumblr_lo4p0ksxMV1qjqxmoo1_500I remember my first year in Cali, I was working at E! News and I decided to give myself a goal to get really bulky and buff (like Ronnie from Jersey Shore style). It is something that I felt I needed to do (perhaps to prove to myself) since I was always the one in school that was picked on for being too wimpy. So, what did I do?


I hit the weights hard, started drinking protein shakes and eating lots of meat. I was 175lbs and felt like a beast.

6732_112261418537_8297700_nAs I have mentioned before, after seeing myself on the first reality show I starred in, I thought something needed to change. It was time to lean up and start eating cleaner. All the stress I had cooking in my life plus my sugar filled appetite were dragging me down. So, I took a hike and created a new way of living!

327716_10150309209923538_1867184705_oHere I am today, blogging about food and eating better. I never use to understand why people would post about what they ate but now I actually get  it (you feel forced to stay on the right path! Ha!).

Check out a couple meals I had so far this week and make sure to Instagram me (@MattJacobi) and tag me in some of your favorite healthy bites too.

Chicken and Broccoli 

Obviously, broccoli is healthy and is often on many lists of superfoods. I have to laugh a little because I literally prepare it as boring as possible. Green, colorful with a crisp-tender texture. Next, I cook off organic chicken tenders loaded with tons of spices. I love eating this so much, I made it my go-to lunch meal during the week. Look at all that chicken!

securedownload-8 securedownload-6 securedownload-7 securedownload-4 securedownload securedownload-1

Quest Spinach Fettuccine with Zucchini, Carrots and Mushrooms

Listen, my boyfriend and I love pasta (ALOT!) so we invested in these Quest Pasta packages. Pasta and bikinis (or board shorts in our case) don’t really go together because of all the carbohydrates, gluten and other junk. Thankfully,  Quest ( a pasta that has no active carbs and gluten free. It is slimy and kinda smells at first but after mixing in all the colorful vegetables and a little red sauce you will be good to go! Here is a picture of my own Quest Nutrition mixture!

securedownload-9 IMG_1202 IMG_blog5459 Roasted-Mushrooms-with-Thyme-from-Foodie-with-Family securedownload-3

I hope you get your healthy YUM on too!


The Other Hubby

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