Signs It’s Time To Breakup

Hello Gorgeous.

Yes. I am talkin’ to you. If you have been feeling the blues because your douche bag of a boyfriend has been draining your love tank than perhaps it is time we sit down and go over why it is time you dump his dumb ass.

tumblr_inline_mstopnwqrs1qz4rgpRelationships are a funny thing, they can make you feel like life is grand and there is no other place on Earth you would rather be than in the same room with your man. Unfortunately, when things start get rocky and arguments turn into month long fights, all you want to do is take a rocket ship and fly off to a more happier universe.

tumblr_mz22omlCBh1qcbrp0o1_500I am here to tell you that I understand. Shit happens. Life happens. Breakups happen. It may seem like the absolute worse thing that ever happened to you but in time you will realize it could be the very best thing into motivating you to be the very best YOU.

For those of you that are living in planet denial and need a little extra help, than perhaps some of these points will help open your eyes to the fresh atmosphere of relationship reality.


For starters, if your boyfriend starts to be nonexistent and has not spent anytime with you in weeks than it is safe to say that he is not making you or your relationship a priority. In order to be in a relationship, you have to actually be physical and interact with each other. So, if weeks go by and you can’t remember the last time you kissed than something else is brewing in his life. I am not saying it is another girl or that he is cheating on you, I am saying that he has consciously or subconsiously taken you off the top of his list. PS. You don’t deserve to be treated like that.


Next, if you start to catch your boyfriend in little white lies over and over again, than you can assume he is hiding something big. If your guy can’t tell you the truth about where he was on Saturday night or why he was four hours late home from work than what exactly can he be honest about? Don’t put up with any of that lying bullshit. Lying is a nasty disease that only gets worse in time. It will make you go crazy and we don’t want you going all Britney 2007 on us.


Alright, now lets talk about when you actually catch your man’s hand in the “other woman” cookie jar. When I think of a cheater, I immediately think of my dear friend Mandy who just ended her relationship with her now ex-boyfriend, Martin. Mandy and Martin were going strong for over a year, they had mutual friends, enjoyed the outdoors, loved to travel, and met each other’s families. Prior to Mandy dating Martin, her friends would constantly tell her what a tool bag Martin was as he had a reputation for dating girls and cheating on them.

more-merrierLove struck, Mandy did not pay any attention and was destined to prove to everyone that Martin could change and was actually a decent person deep in the depths of his soul. After six months of dating, the two love birds were stronger than ever and would post the cutest photos of them” being happy” on their Facebook pages. Mandy was so in love, content and believed she had found the monogamy key to Martin’s heart. As months went by, sex between the two started to die off. Coincidentally, Martin’s lack of passion began to drift away once he started to get busy with his work trips. Nights that Mandy would expect him to arrive home after a couple weeks away, she would get a bikini wax, buy a bottle of wine and make sure everything was perfect. After a few instances of Martin complaining he was too tired to have sex, Mandy started to wonder.

wtfI say this to all my gal pals, if you want to know what is going on in your boyfriend’s life than check his email. And that is exactly what Mandy did. She scanned Martin’s Hotmail account while he was in the bathroom and there it was in the subject line of one of his emails…


The son of a bitch was having an affair with one of his coworkers. Mandy chucked his laptop across the room and fell to the floor. All those warnings from her friends came racing back into her head. They were right.

The lesson to be learned for any girl who is dating a serial cheater or has been cheated on is to believe that he is never going to change. He has shown his true colors. Cheating is not something that a man is going to get out of his system over night. A man that cheats is a man that lacks respect for women and himself. If you suspect that your boyfriend is having an affair or actually caught him than do yourself a favor and move on.


Last but not least, if you boyfriend starts to talk to you disrespectfully, call you names or make fun of you in public than please pull the relationship plug. Your man should treat you like the jewel that you are and never treat you like one of the guys or a disgruntle employee of some sort.  Whatever inner anger or issues he has with himself should never be put on you. If his negative behavior turns into a constant than perhaps it is time you ship him and his dark energy off to sea.

cool-gif-cat-boat-standing-seaYou deserve nothing but the best so don’t ever settle for anything less.

I believe in you and so should you.


The Other Hubby

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