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As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am doing my best to get my body (and my boyfriend’s) into the very best shape. Today, we got a quick reminder to stay on our healthy eating course when our friends invited us to the beach this weekend. I can’t even believe we will actually be wearing bathing suits in 48 hours.

tumblr_inline_mkpjd8rKVS1qz4rgpTrust me, I am not complaining! The great weather in Los Angeles comes with the sky high rent. What can be challenging is staying away from the ice cream section at the grocery store. Do I miss sugar? Do I miss having that big bowl of delicious creamy ice cream?

YESWho doesn’t want to eat sugar all day?! The thing is, we are all strong enough to just say NO! Let’s stick together and continue to inspire each other to look like our very own version of supermodels this Summer.

woman-body-beach-120724If you are not happy with the way you look, than maybe I can get you thinking about some alternative things to chow down on for dinner. A couple days ago, I posted some healthy meals (that actually taste really good!) as well as some information on where I buy my protein bars ( I totally get it, sometimes figuring out just what to make for dinner can be a real pain. I will continue to post pics of what I am eating during the week in case you feel the need to join me in my goal to get totally fit!


Filet Mignon, Mushrooms & Grilled Brussels Sprouts

We were getting really tired of chicken and needed a good dose of iron in our systems so these two pieces of meat were screamin our name along with these gorgeous shrooms and sprouts!

securedownload securedownload-1 crispy-mustard-brussels-sprouts-grilling-650447l2

Quest Nutrition Spaghetti With Peppers & Red Sauce

My boyfriend’s Italian Grandparent’s would lose their mind if they knew we were eating fake pasta but I must say that it turned out pretty damn good!

picgifs-the-godfather-3551067I added Quest Nutrition’s guilt free noodles to a low sodium red sauce along with a big helping of green and red peppers. Look how pretty all the colors look and I gotta tell ya, our stomachs were very happy.


Seasoned Chicken With Couscous, Tomatoes, & Asparagus 

Yep. I eventually had to go back to chicken but switched it up by adding a very small amount of couscous, grape tomatoes and fresh asparagus to the mix. This was one of our fave dishes of the week. It was also super handy to heat up for lunch the next day. A healthy meal on the go is the way to do it!!


Turkey Tacos With Chopped Veggies & Kale 

I literally just got done shoving these bad boys down my mouth and I’m feeling super satisfied. If you know we well, you know I am OBSESSED with tacos. I love the crunch, love the spicey meat flavor, cheese, and all the hotness combined. When I started this new “diet” I had to think of a taco alternative. Now, my new version does not have any cheese but it does have a big CRUNCH. I first cooked off some ground turkey (all white meat), added some seasoning, chopped carrots, radish, celery and a handful of plum tomatoes.


Next, I warmed up EZEKIEL 4:9 Sprouted Grain Tortillas (

securedownload-6 securedownload-5

Last but not least, I filled up the tortilla and topped it off with this surprisingly tasteful collection of kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, green cabbage and red cabbage from Trader Joe’s.

securedownload securedownload-1 securedownload-3I hope you enjoyed looking at my yummy bites! I am checking out of the kitchen for now!

matt jacobi

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